Amber Baltierra Pens "Scary," Inappropriate Birthday Tribute to Carly

Last week, Tyler Baltierra penned a touching poem to honor 13-year-old Carly on her birthday.

He and Catelynn Lowell made the best choice for her that they could, but adoption is complicated and so are emotions.

Tyler’s troubled sister Amber, however, seems to be struggling with the carefully laid boundaries around Carly.

Amber made a post of her own, vowing to “have a relationship” with her niece.

Amber Baltierra’s very public social media post is getting a lot of attention.

“My niece is 13 today y’all,” she began.

“Happy birthday Carly,” Amber continued. So far, so good, right?

Amber Baltierra FB post for Carly birthday 2022

“I legit can’t wait to have a relationship with you,” Amber wrote.

“Make today the best one yet,” she added.

While that tribute was a public post and not a reply, it was not really the idea of Carly seeing it that angered fans — it was that she wrote it at all.

“That seems like she feels like she’s entitled to a relationship with her,” observed one commenter on Reddit.

“Pretty selfish and inappropriate,” the redditor described, “not to mention immature.”

The commenter added: “I wouldn’t want a relationship with Amber if I [were] Carly.”

Amber Baltierra 8

“Tyler’s family being inappropriate and creepy in regards to their relationship with Carly?” remarked another.

That commenter continued: “I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!”

That is, for the record, absolutely dripping with sarcasm.

Amber Baltierra 7

“It’s disgusting and inappropriate on so many levels,” another Reddit user wrote.

“Carly biologically is her niece,” the commenter acknowledged, “but that’s it.”

The redditor pointed out: “She’s never met her or spoken to her.”

Amber Baltierra 1

“Amber is a STRANGER to Carly,” a user wrote.

“And,” the redditor continued, “to have Carly potentially see this one day (in my opinion) would scare her.”

The commenter described: “This is borderline obsessive and stalker…”

Amber Baltierra 5

Others held more subdued opinions but were nonetheless unhappy.

Multiple commenters noted that Amber had very clearly “crossed some boundaries” both in the post and in her own mind.

Others felt for Brandon and Teresa Davis, feeling that Amber’s post was “disrespectful” to them as her adoptive parents.

Amber Baltierra 4

Amber has been troubled for some time.

It is no secret that Tyler’s family has had issues — and he has worked very hard to overcome his own share of emotional and psychological baggage.

Amber only recently regained custody of her own children, and fans have long worried that she may be once again under the influence.

Amber Baltierra 3

Her post, however, could be the simple result of a lack of boundaries.

You don’t need to drink (or anything else) to cross some lines, especially when it comes to family.

People have been trampling all over each other’s comfort zones by making tasteless statements about relatives for millennia.

But for an adopted child, or anyone else who has complicated childhood custody issues, knowing that there’s a relative out there with an imaginary relationship with you is … weird.

Carly is thirteen. She is certainly old enough that at least some of what is said about her likely trickles back to her.

Maybe Amber wasn’t thinking about that. Maybe that’s exactly what she was thinking. Either way, it’s not responsible or appropriate.

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Andrew Glennon Has Recording of Amber Portwood: She Threatened to Slit My Throat

No one is more proud of Amber Portwood’s growth and accomplishments than Amber herself.

As wonderful as that is, it does not erase the past — or make it any less relevant to how people view her, or to how the court rules on custody.

Amber’s violent past is not in question, but Andrew Glennon says that the court does not yet know the extent of it.

In court, he recalled an incident where Amber threatened to slit his throat in his sleep — and revealed that he has the audio to prove it.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon continue to duke it out in court.

Andrew hopes to move to California, where he has job offers on the table, and wants to take 3-year-old son James with him.

Amber is fighting that, hoping to keep James in Indiana where she lives.

The Sun reports that Andrew offered testimony to the judge about an alleged incident that took place months before Amber’s domestic violence arrest.

On April 15 of 2019, Amber allegedly threatened to do bodily harm to James in very explicit terms.

Andrew provided the court details … and offered up an audio recording.

“The audio ends with her saying ‘I’m going to f–king stab you,'” Andrew testified.

“She said she will slit my throat in my sleep,” he continued.

Those are extremely alarming and specific-sounding threats, if Andrew’s allegations are true.

Amber’s attorney hit back, demanding to know from Andrew if Amber had made these alleged threats after telling him to get away from her.

Andrew replied: “I don’t know.”

The attorney then suggested that Amber was “not aware she was being recorded,” prompting Andrew to say “no,” indicating that he believes that she knew.

That particular exchange at first appears to be about whether the recording is legal.

However, Indiana is a one-party consent state, meaning that if even one person in a conversation consents to being recorded, it is legal to do so.

We are not legal experts, but are unaware of any specifics in Indiana law or in Andrew and Amber’s situation that would make the recording inadmissible even if Amber didn’t know about it.

Andrew’s team asked that the audio evidence be played in court and entered into the record.

Amber’s side of course fought back, asking the court to refuse to admit the evidence.

The judge ruled that the audio will be “admitted over the objection of the mother,” indicating plans to “listen to the recoding after the conclusion of these proceedings.”

The judge clarified: “I will be listening to them outside of the record.”

The significance here, beyond the judge hearing it, is that Andrew’s attorney will be able to ask questions pertaining to the recording’s contents.

In turn, Amber’s legal team will be able to bring up the audio recording as well.

This matters because evidence must be admitted by the court in order for it to be fair game.

One cannot have one or both sides of a legal struggle constantly referring to something — a book, a recording, a piece of art — if the court has no frame of reference.

Assuming that Andrew’s description of the audio recording is accurate … this sounds very bad for Amber, and is a reminder that the attack before her July 2019 arrest was not an isolated incident.

Amber Portwood Completes Probation: That’s the LAST Time I Attack a Baby Daddy!

Teen Mom viewers are keenly aware of how troubled Amber Portwood’s history have been.

But even Gary Shirley has praised Amber’s transformation, noting that she’s a better person now than she was even a couple of years ago.

It looks like the courts agree.

Amber has successfully completed her probation following her 2019 attack on Andrew Glennon. Let’s hope that it sticks.

The Sun reports that Amber Portwood wrapped up her 906 days of probation last week.

The Teen Mom OG star has now been discharged by the court of Marion County, Indiana.

She was sentenced to probation in October of 2019, just three months after her domestic violence arrest.

Of course, considering the horror show that led to that arrest in July, Amber’s sentence involved more than simply waiting out the clock.

She had to fulfill the other terms of her sentence, which of course included completing substance abuse and mental health evaluations.

Amber also had to pay a $1,285 fine.

Amber has had to undergo random urine and breath examinations at least once a month since her October sentencing.

According to court records, she has obliged, submitting 21 negative drug tests without missing a single scheduled test or testing positive even once.

That doesn’t just mean no use of illegal drugs, but also no alcohol whatsoever.

There was more, and in some ways, this may have been the most important part of what was required.

Amber was instructed by the court to complete parenting classes and a Batterers’ Intervention Program.

Court records show that Amber complied — but that’s not all.

Amber actually reflected upon her experiences in the Batterers’ Intervention Program in her recent book, So, You’re Crazy Too?

“One program that has really helped me has been the Batterers’ Intervention Program,” she wrote in her book.

“Maybe it was the timing of it all,” Amber speculated.

“I was finally ready to accept responsibility for my actions,” Amber wrote, “and learn ways to keep the actions from happening again.”

She continued: “Whatever the reason, I learned a lot from this program.”

Amber explained: “They teach you the power of holding back and the value of walking away from conflict.”

Honestly, that part — the beginning — sounds like a generic I’ve learned my lesson line of dubious sincerity.

Then, however, it gets more personal.

Amber talks about her upbringing led her down a path to become an abuser herself.

“Where I grew up, it was a sign of weakness to walk away from conflict,” Amber explained.

She affirmed: “This program taught me that walking away from a potentially explosive situation is actually a sign of great inner strength.”

While no background or personal history could ever excuse abuse, it can explain behaviors and help people process their motivations and choose a better way.

It wasn’t just what she learned in the program, but her attitude going into it, that helped Amber to make changes.

“I was determined to fulfill my probation and eager to take anything I could get out of the classes I was mandated to attend,” she reflected in her book.

“I started to learn other ways of coping with fear and danger and intimidation through this program,” Amber added.

“Although I know this is a lifelong battle,” Amber acknowledged, “I am hopeful my days of mug shots and court appearances are behind me for good.”

We certainly hope so, too.

Nothing can make Amber’s past misdeeds go away, but she — and only she — has the power to make sure that history does not repeat itself.

Additionally, court records show that Amber did not violate the no-contact order that was in place to protect Andrew Glennon.

That order has now ended.

For a long time, now, Amber and Andrew’s direct contact has been exclusively about their son, James.

Amber’s charge of Domestic Battery has now been dismissed. (Hopefully, it will be her last)

Instead, the charge on her permanent record is an Alternative Misdemeanor Sentencing — a Level 6 Felony.

Long story short, it looks less bad in the long run when people do criminal background checks.

Gary Shirley Praises Amber Portwood in Court: She’s Not Dangerous Anymore!

Recently, there was a new twist in Amber Portwood’s ongoing legal battle with Andrew Glennon.

Andrew wants to move himself and his son across the country to his home state.

Amber is fighting to stop this from happening.

Now, her other baby daddy, Gary Shirley, is testifying in court — and despite their volatile past, he insists that she has changed.

As we previously reported, Andrew Glennon wants to move to California.

The 37-year-old father wants to bring his 3-year-old son, who resides with him, along when he moves.

Amber Portwood lives in Indiana and wishes to remain there, and called Gary to the stand to try to convince the court to forbid the move.

“Amber is a different person now than she was with me,” Gary testified in court, according to The Sun.

“And,” he claimed, “she is a different person than she was even a year and a half ago.”

We are rapidly approaching the three-year anniversary of when Amber attacked Andrew in their home while he held James, so one would hope so.

“I do notice more positive things,” Gary insisted. “Actually, I am very proud of her.”

Gary described: “It’s a great responsibility that she has.”

Sounding almost on the verge of tears, Gary commented: “It’s a different bond with James than she had with Leah.”

“Because when Leah was that age, she was in prison,” Gary recalled.

“And,” he acknowledged diplomatically, “some other things going on with her.”

Gary assessed: “and I think that the person she is today is not the person she was then.”

“I think that was a little hard for Leah,” Gary said, as if to explain why his teenage daughter is not close with Amber.

“That was a hard thing for Leah, seeing how well they get along,” Gary admitted of Amber’s bond with baby James.

Leah was five years old in December of 2013, when Amber was released after serving 17 months in prison.

Gary claimed that Amber makes repeated visits to his home every month, each time with James in tow, to see Leah.

He said that he has observed a positive relationship between his ex and the three-year-old.

“They cuddle, they’ve made cookies, they play with his toys,” Gary described. “In the summer, they go play outside.”

Gary praised James’ behavior.

He also had good things to say about Amber, noting that he had never witnessed her lose her temper with him.

(Of course, while well-behaved children are abused just like other children, we all know that parenting’s real tests don’t happen on good days)

“I’ve never seen her do anything to James that would concern me,” Gary stated.

“There’s nothing but love there,” he described.

Coming from the man whom Amber once scolded, many years ago, for not physically abusing their child, this is dramatic testimony.

Gary also spoke about his awareness of Amber’s diagnoses, describing her mental health as having improved drastically.

“I think a lot of it was she learned how to handle her herself,” Gary described. “I don’t think she was diagnosed properly for a long time.

He added: “I’m assuming there was a lot of trial and error to try to pinpoint the issue and taking the meds correctly.”

Gary also speculated that if James relocated to California with his father, it could severely impact the boy’s relationship with Leah.

That is certainly a ringing endorsement, but then, Gary and Amber are getting along these days. She barely even insults his wife anymore.

But the court will have to consider more than what Gary thinks when it comes to a decision like this.

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