Jesse Palmer Replaces Kaitlyn Bristowe, Tayshia Adams as ABC Seeks "Chris Harrison Style" Host

ABC stunned the Bachelor Nation by selecting Jesse Palmer as a new host.

He seemed like a random name pulled out of a hat and a total blast from the past.

Reports say that co-hosts Kaitlyn and Tayshia were aware in advance that he, not they, would host Season 26.

Tayshia might return some day, but Kaitlyn confirms that she’s “not coming back” after being underpaid.

An inside source assured Us Weekly that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams were both “part of the conversation” about the next host.

“Kaitlyn and Tayshia had a little bit of a heads up,” the insider shared.

The source emphasized that the pair “did not learn about them not returning as cohosts on the live [Bachelor] finale.”

That would have been an odd and potentially upsetting time to learn that Jesse Palmer would be taking their place.

The finale aired on Tuesday, March 15.

In addition to blindsiding them had they not been forewarned, the selection was reported on in the early autumn of 2021.

Some viewers, however, were surprised that 43-year-old Jesse would be hosting.

He confirmed the news, reported months ago, during the After The Final Rose special.

When it’s time for Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey to appear on Season 19 as co-Bachelorettes, he’ll be in front of the camera.

The source detailed that Jesse’s selection “wasn’t a surprise” for Kaitlyn and Tayshia.

The network reportedly knew that they both “needed to know in advance” for, among other things, “contractual reasons.”

For that reason, they were told about things some time “prior to the announcement.”

The insider expressed that they are both “rooting for Gabby and Rachel from afar.”

Chris may seem like a random selection to many, given that he appeared on Season 5 way back in 2004.

However, the network had its reasons.

“The decision came at some point throughout this past season that Jesse was a safe choice for the next Bachelorette season,” the source explained.

“They’re still testing him out for a more permanent role,” the insider characterized.

The source pointed out that this was “just like they tested out Tayshia and Kaitlyn for two seasons.”

According to the insider, ABC is actively “trying to get back to more of the Chris Harrison style” of hosting.

That may sound ominous to many of us, perhaps even cowardly.

But it’s possible that this source is simply referring to age in relation to most of the show’s leads. Maybe.

However, the insider added that the “doors aren’t closed for good” for Kaitlyn and Tayshia to return to the franchise in some capacity.

Tayshia, in particular, has maintained a “cordial relationship” with ABC.

As such, the source noted, “the bridge is not burned.”

“She’s been exploring a lot of different avenues and meeting with different people in the industry,” the insider said of Tayshia.

The source added: She’s looking to continue expanding her career outside of Bachelor Nation.”

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn has been “more outspoken” because of being given different titles — and pay — than Jesse.

Kaitlyn and Tayshia were listed as “special guests” on the show, while Jesse is getting the “host” title.

“The only resentment that seems to come out of it is their titles and contracts,” the insider said of Kaitlyn.

The source noted that it “all comes down to pay,” with the women (as is too often the case) making less than men with the same job.

Kaitlyn actually touched on this topic on her podcast, Off The Vine.

“I saw at the end of the finale, Jesse was announcing the two Bachelorettes, and he said he was going to be by their side for that,” she recalled this week.

“So, I guess spoiler alert,” Kaitlyn summarized, “I’m not coming back.”

Kaitlyn admitted to feeling a very natural degree of fear-of-missing-out, but noted that she had a “wild year” and could use the down time ahead of marrying Jason Tartick.

“I want to support Gabby and Rachel and be there for them so bad,” she expressed.

“I think it makes sense to have a woman being there for them,” Kaitlyn pointed out.

“But I also do want to prioritize being at home with Jason,” Kaitlyn acknowledged.

“And,” she added, “start planning my wedding and catch up on my businesses.”

Kailtyn decided to look on the bright side, viewing being sidelined as a “blessing in disguise.”

“I will be sad though,” Kaitlyn admitted. “I want to be there to support them, but that’s the update.”

“I think Jesse’s amazing,” she emphasized.

Kaitlyn praised: “He’ll be a great host and I hope he helps Gabby and Rachael in any way that he can.”