Hannah Brown: My Life is Chaos and I’m Struggling

Hannah Brown is the first to admit that her life has been turned upside down. Her role as Bachelorette was not the journey she expected.

Instead, she’s living alone for the first time, and she’s being very honest with fans.

Hannah is struggling with where her life has brought her.

Hannah Brown posted a lengthy confessional essay on her Instagram.

“Honest policy: I’m struggling,” the beloved Bachelorette begins.

She acknowledges that “Life is so different.”

“Since last August, I’ve been a pageant queen, a bachelor contestant, and the Bachelorette,” Hannah notes.

“I’ve been in love with multiple people, I got engaged, I broke off an engagement,” she recalls. “And I shared it all with millions of people.”

“My faith has been questioned by thousands who don’t know my heart,” Hannah laments.

“And,” she continues. “My transparency with my decisions has labeled me promiscuous.”

None of her actions have deserved that label — though there is of course nothing wrong with promiscuity.

“Simultaneously,” Hannah writes. “I’ve become a role model for young women and started bigger conversations around faith, and sex.”

“I’m living on my own for the first time,” she adds. “And shuffling through this life of next steps with press, media, and opportunities galore.”

“I miss my friends and family that have watched my life explode,” Hannah expresses.

Living on your own for the first time is a big deal. That’s also a stark reminder of how young Hannah is.

“I feel guilty,” she admits. “Because I don’t have the time or emotional capacity to fill each of them in on my life right now.”

Hey, no judgment here.

“I can’t keep up with the people that matter most,” Hannah laments. “Because I can barely keep up with my own life right now.”

“I am not complaining about this past year of adventures,” Hannh clarifies.

In fact, she notes that there have been some very positive changes.

“The woman who has emerged would shock the mirror-image young girl from a year ago,” she says.

Hannah acknowledges: “I have so many blessings to be thankful for.”

“However,” she adds. “It’s uncharted territory for me, and it’s been hard to really process what the heck is going on.”

“Maybe I needed write this out to remind myself I’m human,” Hannah suggests. “And it’s okay to be overwhelmed.”

She adds: “And maybe, I just needed to remind you guys too.”

“Life is beautiful, but wild,” Hannah emphasizes. “I think it’s okay to be strong-to know you’re strong-but to still feel weak simultaneously.”

“I believe that’s when the magic happens,” she writes. “My spirit has opportunity to grow and blossom from this place.”

“Healing and restoration can happen,” Hannah affirms.

This is where Hannah begins to discuss her journey through the lens of her faith. She is a Christian.

“I can rest knowing that My Savior has compassion and wants to help and love me through this journey,” Hannah writes. “I’ve just got to let Him.”

“I don’t know if I have been lately,” she admits. “But I am now because honestly, I think I would give out if I didn’t.”

“So yeah,” Hannah continues. “I’m not going to struggle to disguise my weakness.”

“I’m just gonna give over the keys to my main man Jesus,” Hannah concludes. “And let him bless me through this ride.”

In times of doubt and troubles, leaning on your faith can be a powerful way to cope. Good for you, Hannah.

Hannah Brown: Here’s How I REALLY Feel About Tyler Cameron …

Last week, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron spent the night together. The hunky model was spotted leaving her home the next morning.

Now, after Tyler’s date with Gigi Hadid, Hannah is addressing that sleepover and comparing it to the fantasy suites.

She’s also weighing in on Tyler’s chances as the next Bachelor. Take a look:

Hannah brown gets bashful in an interview

Hannah is not denying that she and Tyler spent some quality time together.

“We definitely hung out and talked about everything and…” Hannah acknowledges in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

But she wants to clearify that her visit with Tyler was not at all like her windmill time earlier this year.

“I know nobody will believe me [about] just hanging out and actually talking,” she admits.

“But it was good to be able to catch up,” Hannah says. “We had a lot to talk about.”

Ogling tyler

She also admits that it’s totally weird to talk about any of this.

“We are trying to figure out how we feel,” Hannah admits.

“I have feelings,” she clarifies. “But I’m also single.”

“And he’s single,” Hannah notes. “And I wanna keep my options open.”

She of course makes it very clear: “and he can keep his options open.”

Tyler cameron gets dumped

“I don’t know where he’s at with wanting to be the Bachelor,” Hannah admits.

She speculates: “I think he has his options open as well,”

“And if the Bachelor is one of those options,” Hannah says. “Then I guess I’ll support him.”

She says that she’ll do so “if that’s what he wants to do.”

If she doesn’t sound terribly enthusiastic on that subject, consider that she’s also thinking of dating him.

With tyler

“I am single,” Hannah reminds the world. “And people slide into my DMs if they want to.”

“But,” she notes. “I just got out of an engagement and dating 30 men.”

Both of those sound exhausting under the best of circumstances. Considering the drama involved, Hannah’s circumstances were less than best.

“[Dating] is not really not my sole focus right now,” Hannah emphasizes.

That’s no real surprise. Sometimes, you need to take a step back after a serious relationship.

Hannah and tyler on the finale

“I’m working on Hannah and loving Hannah,” Hannah says.

Good for her! That’s totally the right thing to do.

“And so you know,” she tells the world. “If that means going to have a drink again with somebody else, then I’m all for it.”

In other words, the Bachelor Nation should not be too surprised if Hannah is spotted drinking or dining with another man.

It doesn’t mean that she’s boning him. It means that she’s talking to him.

Tyler c pic

Is Tyler really going to be the next Bachelor? He’s certainly a fan-favorite for the role.

But fans don’t get to make these decisions, or Peter Kraus would have been the leading man years ago.

And Chris Harrison says that Tyler won’t be the Bachelor because, get this, he’s going on dates.

Most people would see Tyler spending time with Hannah and then dating Gigi Hadid as part of his ongoing quest for love — what the franchise is all about.

But apparently Chris and some others on the show view it as a sign of Tyler’s “insincerety,” valuing the perks of fame over love.

Anybody involved with Arie Luyendyk Jr. being the Bachelor has a whole lot of nerve calling any candidate “insincere.”

Hannah brown heres how i really feel about tyler cameron

Tyler Cameron: Spotted on a Date with Gigi Hadid?!?

Last week, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron almost definitely boned during someting of a DIY overnight date.

The Bachelor Nation was so excited. So color us surprised at Sunday’s news.

Tyler was spotted out and about with another woman — no less than gorgeous supermodel Gigi Hadid.

“I’m at the Soho House in Brooklyn,” an alleged text message begins.

“And,” the text claims. “Gigi Hadid is here with Tyler from the Bachelorette.”

For context, the text adds: “They’re 20 feet away from me.”

These text messages appeared on social media, and were eventually shared by none other than Reality Steve.

Reality Steve did not confirm or deny the claims made by the texts, but he did make sure that fans were aware of the rumor.

Tyler Cameron Gigi Hadid rumor texts via Reality Steve

This apparently went down on Sunday, August 4.

That means that these two gorgeous twenty-something models were spotted side-by-side just days after Tyler’s “overnight” date with Hannah.

As The Bachelorette fans can hardly have forgotten, he was spotted leaving her home on Friday, August 2.

It appeared that he had stayed the night with Hannah after she invited him over for drinks.

Many fans had felt their hearts swell with joy at the idea of Hannah ending up with Tyler — handsomer and less shady than Jed.

But now he’s hanging out with Gigi Hadid? What are we supposed to think?

As you can imagine, after everything else, the Bachelor Nation is losing its collective mind.

“I have so many emotions right now”

“Tyler just spent the night with Hannah and is now supposedly on a date with Gigi Hadid in New York. WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS LEVEL OF MESSY ENTERTAINMENT LESS THEN A WEEK POST SHOW,” one fan tweeted, adding, “(but also like, Team Hannah all the way).”

“Maybe he and Hannah agreed to date around. It’s not a big deal yet,” another suggested. “If there are pictures of Tyler and Gigi outside of Her apartment tomorrow morning then we’ll have something to discuss.”

It’s worth noting that there were already rumors about Gigi and Tyler even before they were spotted at an exclusive club together.

See, last week, they suddenly began following each other on Instagram.

They’re both hot models, and like half of Instagram follow decisions are made based upon thirst, but the timing of it all had fans suspicious.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik called it quits earlier this year, so she’s free to date.

And it looks like, no matter what may have happened with Hannah last week, so is Tyler.

Are we living in the dawn of a new era for the Bachelor Nation?

Gigi is spending time with Tyler.

In the mean time, Demi Lovato is totally crushing on Mike Johnson. She has not been even a little bit subtle about that.

For years, people have appeared on the show for the wrong reasons — to get fame, to launch a career, to boost their brand.

We have to ask if some people may be going on the show these days to impress a hot celebrity member of the audience.

It’s a bit of a longshot, but it looks like not one but two of Hannah’s suitors has managed it.

To be clear, however, we don’t know for a fact that Gigi and Tyler met up for a date.

It is possible, we’re told, for a man and woman to spend time together without any sexual or romantic intentions.

Yes, even when they’re both exceptionally beautiful.

Only time will tell whether Tyler and Gigi hit it off and where Hannah’s ongoing quest for love will take her.

Hopefully to another windmill.

Jed Wyatt Trashes Ex-Girlfriend, Really is Such a Jerk Face

You know how Jed Wyatt came across like a total lying, rude douche canoe during his run on The Bachelorette?

Well… it turns out that he’s an even bigger lying, rude douche canoe than we previously believed.

It’s true!

The 25-year old singer spoke at length during the August 2 episode of Ali Fedotowsky and Rachel Lindsay’s “Bachelor Happy Hour,” discussing all that transpired this season between him, Hannah Brown and his pesky ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens.

Why has our opinion of Wyatt plummeted to even lower depths now than it was at before?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Ready for a Quick Refresher?

Jed w
Here we go: Wyatt was the final man standing for Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette Season 15. He proposed to her on the finale and she accepted.


Jed wyatt
… Brown then came across some articles and Internet posts that alleged Wyatt had left a woman behind when he left for Los Angeles and The Bachelorette. These reports claimed that Wyatt told this woman, Haley Stevens, that he loved her and was only going on the show to further his music career.

3. How Did Hannah React?

Jed on the bachelorette
She ended their engagement after just two days after Jed admitted that the articles were basically true. He did date Haley, he did sleep with her, he did tell her he loved her and he didn’t even formally end their relationship?

4. What? He Didn’t?!?

Jed wyatt picture
Nope. He admitted on air that he just assuemed Haley would get the message about the romance being over once she saw him on The Bachelorette.

5. Does He At Least Feel Bad About It?

Haley stevens and jed wyatt
We guess so. “The main thing is just how sorry I am. I really have had time to think about the things that have happened and how Hannah has felt. I’m very remorseful and ultimately just want to become a better person because of all of this.”

6. What Has He Now Said About Haley?

What has he now said about haley
“If you really do love someone, no matter how promising they’ve made it seem, if they’re going on a dating show, regardless of why they’re going on a dating show, why would you stay with them?” Wyatt actually said on Bachelor Happy Hour, basically trashing Haley for being an idiot and adding: “If I was in a relationship, I would not have gone onto a dating show. That’s just me. I’m not a cheater.”

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Tyler Cameron is Just So Incredibly Attractive: An Analysis

Tyler Cameron won the Internet long before he lost The Bachelorette.

The Florida native made quite an impression on viewers of this ABC franchise long before this week’s crazy finale, by being very nice, very considerate of star Hannah Brown…

… and also VERY attractive.

Let’s be honest here, right?

Alhough Tyler lost out on the final rose to Jed Wyatt, who proposed to Brown on the season finale, he remained a major fan favorite due to his sweet smile and positive attitude.

“That’s gonna hurt, but I’m still gonna be your biggest fan and rooting for you,” Cameron told Brown after she admitted she was in love with Wyatt. “And I’m wishing you and Jed nothing but success.”

Jed and Hannah, of course, failed miserably — the latter dumped the former for lying about having a girlfriend back home.

And then she ASKED TYLER OUT on the After the Final Rose special. Hooray!

Based on the photos below, we have one piece of advice for Brown as she gets to know Tyler even better on a casual basis: Lock that hottie up, girlfriend!

1. This Was the First Glimpse We Got of Tyler

Tyler c pic
ABC released this photo in March after Cameron was cast on The Bachelorette. It was clear early on that the guy had the goods.

2. Ouch!

Tyler cameron gets dumped
Even when Hannah broke his heart, Tyler took it well… and looked amazing while doing it.

3. He Looked Down on the After the Rose Special

Tyler cameron on the finale
And it tore us apart to see such a pretty smile turned upside down into this frown.

4. But Then He Looked Happy!

Hannah and tyler on the finale
When sitting alongside Hannah, as you can see here. We adore those pearly whites.

5. And Now We’re Gonna Make All of You Happy…

And now were gonna make all of you happy
… by sharing a number of random and handsome Tyler Cameron photos. You’re so very welcome!

6. What a Gorgeous View

What a gorgeous view
Ummm… we’re totally talking about the water here and now Tyler’s abdominal muscles.

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