Heather Dubrow: WHY is Kelly Dodd So Obsessed With Me?!

It wasn’t too long ago that Kelly Dodd was suggesting that Bravo should fire Vicki Gunvalson (as if that’ll happen) and replace her with Heather Dubrow.

It was odd, because Kelly and Heather are old rivals, but some wondered if the two frenemies had made peace.

(Others believed that Kelly was simply looking for a new, Kelly-centered storyline)

Now, Kelly is shattering everyone’s theories with a bizarre video.

As you will see below, she filmed Heather in a parking lot without Heather’s knowledge.

Weirdly, Kelly was hiding from Heather.

Now, Heather has responded, and questioned whether she should feel flattered that Kelly seems obsessed with her.

Take a look:

1. First, here is Kelly’s video that started it all

Kelly dodd films heather dubrow in parking lot
It’s not a long video, but it sent ripples through social media after she shared it on her Instagram Story.

2. Kelly explains the context

Kelly dodd image
“Heather Dubrow is just sitting there,” Kelly says in the video. “I’m trying to avoid her at all costs, trying to get in my work out. And ugh, she won’t leave the area.”

3. She explains her thinking

Kelly dodd on rhoc
“Stop talking!” Kelly insists, as if trying to force Heather to leave from afar through sheer force of will. “I need to get my workout done. I don’t want to run into you”

4. Kelly’s pleas fall upon deaf ears

Kelly dodd on real housewives of orange county
“Come on, Heather Dubrow, leave,” Kelly pleads. “That b–ch won’t leave.”

5. Finally, Kelly works up the nerve

Kelly dodd is hot
“I’m going to have to face the music and run into her,” Kelly says with resignation. “There she is … won’t leave.”

6. Heather issued a response on her podcast

Heather dubrows malibu country face
“First of all, apparently we have a feud,” Heather says with surprise on her podcast. “Can you have a feud if only one of you is feuding? I think the only way you can have a feud by yourself is if you have multiple personalities. How can you have a feud if we aren’t feuding?”

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Shannon Beador SLAMMED by David’s Girlfriend in Scathing Callout

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador went through a messy, acrimonious divorce this year.

Her ex, David Beador, has been dating girlfriend Lesley Cook for almost one year.

(In fact, some believe that David and Lesley became engaged on their vacation to Greece)

In an appearance on part of this season’s reunion special, Shannon was clearly unhappy with David for how he had portrayed her during the divorce.

On Monday, December 10, Lesley rose to David’s defense and took to Instagram to put Shannon on blast.

She says that, when Shannon criticizes David, she does more harm than she realizes to innocent parties.

Does she have a point? Take a look:

1. Shannon Beador mentioned her ex at the reunion

Shannon beador and david beador picture
She slammed him for portraying her as a “crazy” alcoholic during their divorce. Their split was deeply contentious.

2. Lesley Cook rushed to David’s defense

David beador lesley cook
“Hate to go here but I am,” Lesley begins on Instagram. “My kids & I have been shown nothing but love by David for almost a year”

3. Lesley heaped praise on David

Lesley cook and david beador on a plane
“The man is so crazy kind and loving,” Lesley says. “He works his ass off and does everything he can to provide and take care of everyone in his family.”

4. She hates to see him insulted

Lesley cook
Lesley insists that “he doesn’t deserve to be bashed on national television over and over again.”

5. Lesley says Shannon should think of the children

Shannon beador debuts new look
“Children are involved and I couldn’t imagine bashing my children’s father ever,” Lesley says. “My ex and I have our differences but after all, he is and always will be their father.”

6. Lesley wants peace

Lesley cook photo
“Time to put egos to the side and move forward for everyone,” Lesley insists. “Children need a mom & dad.”

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Shannon Beador: CAUGHT Hiding a Secret Boyfriend!

At the reunion special for The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge claimed to have caught Shannon Beador in a lie.

Tamra claimed that Shannon had been seeing a boyfriend while filming the season, but kept him secret so she could “play the victim card.”

She lays out her claims in the shocking video that we have attached.

Shannon beador debuts new look

At the reunion, Tamra Judge lobbed a bombshell accusation at Shannon.

The former friends feuded on camera as Tamra claimed that Shannon had kept her secret boyfriend hidden.

She accused Shannon of hypocrisy, saying that she’d acted distraught over David dating so soon after their divorce but that she was, too.

In Tamra’s eyes, it looked like Shannon was trying to milk people were sympathy during her tumultuous divorce.

Also, as Gina pointed out, it looked like Shannon was hiding part of her personal life from the viewers and from Bravo.

Is this really the case? Did Shannon have a secret boyfriend?

Shannon beador and scot matteson

They can’t be talking about Scot Matteson.

Scot, whom Shannon began dating this summer, was still spotted everywhere with Shannon as recently as October.

There are photos of him with Shannon and with Andy Cohen, possibly as the filming of the reunion special.

Scot is a real estate developer and is known for being a family man.

At no point did it appear that Shannon was keeping him secret, with other Housewives speaking about him publicly over the summer.

So we’ll have to look a bit further back than this.

Shannon beador and boyfriend alex

What about Alex?

Shannon went on some dates with him during the Spring of 2018.

The two attended music events but, ultimately, things did not work out.

Some speculated that, since Scot may have been in the audience for Tamra’s accusations, that Shannon’s secret ex was Alex.

While it’s possible that Tamra was referring to him, Shannon didn’t really keep him secret.

She made it clear that she was keeping him off of the show, but she did share photos of the two of them together on Instagram.

The real housewives of orange county season 13 reunion

It looks like Shannon’s mystery man was probably not someone whom she’s shown on social media.

This is a guy whom she characterizes as having “treated her like crap,” even though she had fancied him at the time.

(It sounds like poor Shannon has a type)

Shannon objected to Tamra’s characterization of this dude as a “boyfriend.”

As some women learn to their chagrin, going on a couple of dates with a guy is not the same thing as being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shannon’s relationship, such as it was, fizzled out before it went anywhere.

David beador and lesley cook

Tamra was being kind of ridiculous.

The whole reason that this came up was because of the discussion of David Beador’s new girlfriend, Lesley Cook.

Lesley is reportedly pregnant (and David and Lesley may be engaged), which obviously came up at the reunion.

Shannon being upset at David finding a new love by New Years isn’t somehow hypocritical if she went on some dates earlier in the year.

There are different tiers of dating.

Putting a baby in someone on purpose and taking international vacations, which David has been doing, is not the same as going to a concert.

Tamra should know that.

Shannon beador on poker night

Gina Kirschenheiter, a newcomer to the franchise and a fan favorite, felt that Shannon was probably obligated to share her life with the show.

That’s true for some things — as Real Housewife of Atlanta Kenya Moore learned last year when she had a secret wedding.

But, as Vicki was quick to point out to Gina, you don’t have to share everything from your life.

A few dates with a guy is not the same as having a boyfriend, it’s not something that you have to put on camera.

Gina may have felt like she wasted her time with a matchmaker, and her feelings are valid, but Shannon wasn’t trying to trick her.

It’s said that Shannon and Tamra will make nice in the next installment of the reunion.

But we already know that this peace doesn’t last.

Shannon beador exposed having a secret boyfriend

Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson Feud Gets Even Uglier

The Real Housewives of Orange County doesn’t need to air new episodes for the drama to unfold.

That’s why we have interviews and social media.

When Vicky Gunvalson accused Kelly Dodd of doing cocaine and neglecting her daughter, she kicked a hornet’s nest.

What really got under Kelly’s skin was the attack on her parenting.

Kelly doesn’t need her fans to defend her though — her daughter, 12-year-old Jolie, is doing that for her.

But Jolie’s response to Vicki has some of Vicki’s fans convinced that Kelly’s doing a miserable job as a parent.

Take a look at how Kelly’s daughter got dragged into her mom’s feud.

1. Kelly Dodd’s daughter has entered her mom’s feud

Kelly dodd hugs daughter jolie
To be clear, 12-year-old Jolie is siding with her mom, not with Vicki Gunvalson. There’s a shocker.

2. Naturally, this all started with Vicki

Vicki gunvalson waves a knife
Kelly and Vicki have had trouble before, mind you, but this time, it’s Vicki stirring up rumors by accusing Kelly.

3. Vicki accused Kelly of doing cocaine

Vicki gunvalson is not impressed
She also, more hurtfully, accused Kelly of neglecting her daughter.

4. Kelly was visibly upset

Kelly dodd on rhoc
You want to accuse a fellow Housewife of doing drugs? That’s … fine-ish. Accuse someone of being a bad parent, and you’d better have some evidence to back it up.

5. We’d thought that Vicki had learned her lesson

Vicki gunvalson selfie pamper yourself
Remember when she was so apoogetic over the collapse of Shannon Beador’s marriage, and apologized if her unsubstantiated rumors about the couple had played a role? Well, apparently Vicki doesn’t.

6. Kelly was not amused

Kelly dodd is hot
And, given that the accusations involved her pre-teen daughter, she asked Jolie what SHE thinks about it now that the episode has aired.

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