Paul Wesley: Here’s EXACTLY When The Vampire Diaries Jumped the Shark

In the aftermath of The Vampire Diaries, a number of stars have opened up on their experiences filming the polarizing series.

We now know that Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev hated each other, at least for the first several months of filming.

In a new interview on Watch What Happens Live, Paul is addressing the show itself.

He’s talking about whether viewers might ever see his character, Stefan Salvatore, on a spinoff like Legacies.

He’s sharing the one huge thing that he would have changed about the series finale.

Finally, Paul reveals the exact point at which he feels that The Vampire Diaries jumped the shark.

1. Paul Wesley was on WWHL

Paul wesley speaks on wwhl
Ian Somerhalder has moved on to a new show (still about Vampires — V Wars premieres on Wednesday, December 5), but Paul is still getting asked about The Vampire Diaries. To be fair, he’s best known for that show, and so is just about everyone who was on it. It was a big deal.

2. Fans got to ask questions

Stefan on tvd
The first question was fairly simple: does he intend to reprise his role (or would he be interested in reprising his role) as Stefan Salvatore on Legacies?

3. Legacies …

Alaric knows trouble is brewing on the vampire diaries
Legacies is the second spinoff from The Vampire Diaries. While The Originals followed Klaus, Elijah, and Rebecca to New Orleans, Legacies shows Alaric — who has been dead and also been an unkillable super-vampire but is now neither — running a school for magical youths. Notably, Paul has directed some episodes.

4. So, will Stefan make a comeback?

Stefan versus damon
“Oooo … no,” Paul replies. Andy notes that Stefan died, as much as that can possibly mean on a show like The Vampire Diaries where resurrections are fairly commonplace.

5. Paul does not want to revive Stefan

Stefan on season 8
“I was very happy that he died,” Paul shares. “And I had actually requested that he die.”

6. Why is that?

Stefan and damon on christmas
“He did a lot of bad things, and I felt like he deserved death,” Paul says accurately of Stefan, who would periodically go on binges during his 150 years of vampiric life in which he would massacre entire groups of people, earning him the nickname of “Ripper.” It’s true, and Paul should say it.

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Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley Troll Everyone After She Said They ‘Despised Each Other’ During ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley may not have gotten a happy ending on The Vampire Diaries, but they got one IRL, though it wasn’t without a few bumps in the road! Miz Dobrev recently revealed she and her on-screen love turned off-screen BFF actually didn’t get along too well at […]

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The Vampire Diaries: 28 Secrets from the Set… REVEALED!

It’s hard to believe it, but The Vampire Diaries is officially a decade old. 

While that may seem like a short amount of time for some of the vampires who have been alive on the show for centuries, it’s a significant amount of time for us humans who still obsess over the show. 

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the premiere, The Hollywood Gossip is here to talk all about the series, and the things that went down behind the scenes. 

Oh yes, we’re totally going there. There’s a wealth of secrets to unpack, so we hope you have time. 

Scroll down for all the juicy details. 

1. Kevin Williamson Almost Wasn’t Involved

Ian somerhalder nina dobrev and paul wesley 2010 monte carlo tel
Kevin Williamson, who is well known for writing I Know What You Did Last Summer and some of the Scream movies, and for creating Dawson’s Creek almost wasn’t part of the series.

2. The Reason?

Delena forever
“In the beginning when I read it, I didn’t want to be involved with it because I felt it was a sort of Twilight rip-off, no matter which came first,” He admitted to The Independent.

“The premise was exactly the same: girl falls in love with vampire, and I felt that it had been done and that nobody was going to do another vampire story. But then Julie kept telling me to keep reading the books and then I began to realise that it was a story about a small town, about that town’s underbelly and about what lurks under the surface.”

3. The Elena That Almost Wasn’t

Elena cant recall
Fans of the book series were livid when they learned that Nina Dobrev landed the role of Elena Gilbert. But the truth is that Dobrev didn’t impress the showrunners with her audition.

“The funniest story about the first impression of Nina is that she didn’t make an impression,” Julie explained to EW. “None of us remembered seeing her for the first time. And then she, through her agents and the casting directors, said, ‘Hey, listen—I was sick that day, I didn’t do my best work, I really really want this part.” [She] put herself on tape, which then got sent to us and it was so magical and so perfect that she basically had the job from that minute forward.”

4. Ashlee Simpson Almost Played Elena

Ashlee simpson at the bmas
The network wanted to be in business with Ashlee Simpson.

Said co-executive producer and director Marcos Siega at a SAG event shortly after the series’ debut :

“We couldn’t find the girl we wanted. The network wanted us to hire Ashlee Simpson. …But Nina sent this DVD back and we all were home looking, searching, and we came in the next day saying, ‘We should look at Nina again.’ We showed it to Peter Roth, and Peter only saw her on that tape and he said, ‘That’s her’.”

5. Ashley Tisdale Was Reportedly in Talks for the Role

Ashley tisdale at oscars party close up
Ashley was riding a wave thanks to the success of High School Musical, and there have been many rumors that she was offered the role. However, she is said to have declined to star in the one-and-done Hellcats.

Yup, it seems the producers have a thing for the Ashleys.

6. Many People Wanted the Role of Elena Gilbert

Nina dobrev at 2019 grammys
“Half of Hollywood I think went out for the role, for all our roles,” Nina told E! News of the difficulty in getting the role. “I guess I did something right, here I am. We had to discover and find our characters. Every episode we learned something more and something more, and eventually we created and molded these amazing, awesome characters.”

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13 Partners in TV Crime: Choose Your Favorite!

TV is filled with characters who like to get into a little mischief now and again. 

These 13 duos come together whether they’re on the right side of the law … or not. 

Not all of them are in a relationship, but when they work together, they get $hit done. 

Have a look below. 

1. Sherlock & Joan – Elementary

Sherlock and joan elementary
Sherlock and Joan solve crimes on the CBS procedural drama, and they do it very well. They’re probably one of the best partners in crime on the small screen.

2. Lucious and Cookie – Empire

Lucious and cookie argue on empire season 3 episode 3
These two hate each other most of the time, but the moment their family or company is in peril, they will get themselves into lots of trouble just to keep everyone close to them safe.

3. Veronica and Keith – Veronica Mars

Veronica and keith veronica mars
This father and daughter duo solve crimes in the terrible town of Neptune, and they’re very good at it. They always get into scary situations, but somehow come out the other side in one piece.

4. Murphy and Emori – The 100

Murphy and emori the 100
Murphy and Emori could be fighting one minute and then helping each other the next. It’s tiring, but it shows that they can have fun … even at the end of the world.

5. Raj and Howard – The Big Bang Theory

Raj and howard the big bang theory
These friends get into some of the craziest situations, but their friendship is always stronger when they save themselves.

6. Jessica and Trish – Jessica Jones

Jessica and trish jessica jones
They were best friends, they argued a lot of the time, but one thing is for certain: They were perfect when it came to solving mysteries.

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13 Hottest ‘Ships in TV History

Many watch shows for the clever plot twists and fine acting. 

Others, however, watch these same shows because there’s a couple that they’re so invested in that they can’t imagine watching without them. 

However, some couples are just better than others, it really is that simple… and we’ve rounded them up below. 

Did your favorite TV couple make the cut?  You’ll need to scroll down to find out. 

1. Jon and Daenerys – Game of Thrones

Jon and daenerys game of thrones
While it seemed like fire and ice was making something nice, it later became apparent that fire and fire were coming together to make something deadly. The early days of this ‘Ship were smoldering hot. It’s a shame how things turned out later.

2. Josie and Penelope – Legacies

Josie and penelope legacies
Alaric and Caroline’s daughters were all grown up on this The Vampire Diaries spinoff, and Josie was getting hot and heavy with a fellow student. They were both opposites, and they do say those attract.

3. Nicholas and Sabrina – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Nicholas and sabrina chilling adventures of sabrina
Harvey who? Sabrina continued to get closer to Nicholas during the second season of the show, and he was much more appealing as a partner for our favorite teenage witch. Just look above!

4. Archie and Josie – Riverdale

Archie and josie riverdale
The pairing of Archie and Josie came out of nowhere, and they were hot AF together. In those few episodes they were together, they were leaps and bounds better than Archie and Veronica. Shot. Fired.

5. Joe and Beck – You

Joe and beck you
Yes, we know Joe turned all Norman Bates in the end, but you can’t deny that these two were not attracted to each other.

6. FP and Alice – Riverdale

Fp and alice riverdale
Is it possible for a supporting ‘Ship to become the best one on the show? That’s sort of what FP and Alice did. From the beginning, it was clear there was an attraction between them. They can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves when they’re sharing the screen.

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Nina Dobrev or Kristen Stewart: A Vampire Crush Conundrum

Okay, okay, Robert Pattinson fans. You win. We’ll stop comparing other young actors to this Twilight hunk.

In a pair of recent polls, readers have strongly supported Pattinson when asked if he was the hottest actor in Hollywood to portray a vampire on screen.

But what about Robert’s rumored girlfriend? Is Kristen Stewart the prettiest actress to play the object of a bloodsucker’s affection?

Best known for her role as Bella Swan in the movie version of Stephenie Meyer’s book series, Stewart might wanna keep an eye on Nina Dobrev. This 20-year old has landed the role of Elena Gilbert on the upcoming CW series The Vampire Diaries.

Like Bella, Elena is totally crushed on by a vampire (actually, two vampires), prompting us to wonder: Which actress would you prefer to sink your teeth into? Let us know below!

As Elena GilbertAs Bella Swan

Which star is the cuter vampire crush?

document.getElementById(‘mut_516’).value = readCookie(‘mut’);

Nina Dobrev
Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson vs. Ian Somerhalder: A Draconian Dispute!

By an overwhelming margin – when we tried to make the case that he’s no longer the best looking fake vampire in Hollywood – Robert Pattinson fans let us know how they felt about the man that plays Edward Cullen.

Indeed, Paul Wesley got smoked in a poll that compared him to Pattinson.

But will Wesley’s new co-star in The Vampire Diaries go down as easily?

In the new CW series, premiering this fall, Ian Somerhalder plays Damon Salvatore, the bloodsucking brother of Wesley’s character, Stefan. Each of these vampires is in love with a high school student named Elena.

The setup may sound like a carbon copy of a certain popular franchise, but the books on which The Vampire Diaries are based were actually released years before Twilight. So take that, Stephenie Meyer!

And take this, Robert Pattinson? You tell us. Vote in the poll below.

Edward Cullen ActorIan Somerhalder Photo

Who is the hotter fake vampire?

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Robert Pattinson
Ian Somerhalder

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