Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Aren’t Done! They’re ‘Still Attempting’ To Fix Marriage!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott aren’t ready to stop fighting for their family! It’s no secret the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and her husband have been “going through a rough patch” lately, but that doesn’t mean they’ve reached the end of the road. A source opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the struggling couple, and […]

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Tori Spelling Ices Out Dean McDermott From New Years Trip with Kids

These days, it sounds like the only thing keeping Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott from divorcing is that divorce is expensive.

Considering how Tori snubbed Dean on his birthday, people had already guessed how the holidays might go.

They were right.

Tori had a holly, jolly Christmas and New Year’s with her kids … but Dean was nowhere in the picture. Literally.

While many — hopefully most — Americans spent most of the holidays at home given the latest miserable surge of COVID-19, Tori Spelling was looking for something different.

She took her five kids on a winter vacation.

14-year-old Liam, 13-year-old Stella, 10-year-old Hattie, 9-year-old Finn, and 4-year-old Beau went with their mother to Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa.

“Happy New Year’s Eve 2021,” Tori captioned on Instagram alongside a festive family photo.

“The kiddos and I were so excited to continue our family tradition,” she explained.

Tori detailed that this vacation has been a habit “since my oldest were babies.”

“Love you @lakearrowheadresortandspa!” Tori captioned a photo, featuring her and four of her five children.

The photo went up on Friday, December 31.

She explained that this fun family tradition did not begin with her.

“My parents used to bring my brother and I here growing up,” Tori shared.

“I wanted my kids to continue that tradition,” she expressed.

Tori then wrote: “I can’t wait for my kids to bring their kids here one day!”

Tori then divulged the identity of her photographer — her son, Liam.

“Thx @liammcdermott2007 for taking an awesome pic,” she credited her son.

In addition to being a sweet shoutout, that was also confirmation that Dean was not simply hidden behind the lens.

The next day, Tori shared a not-too-uncommon confession.

While it is traditional to be conscious and ring in the New Year at midnight, Tori did not remain awake long enough to witness Miley’s wardrobe malfunction.

“In full disclosure I was in bed asleep by 10 pm last night,” Tori admitted. “I know total party animal.”

So where was Dean McDermott while his children (and, technically, his wife) were off vacationing?

He spent the holiday in bed, and we don’t mean toasting the New Year with a side piece or two.

Instead, he revealed that he is “sick as a dog” right now.

“I am not going to let that dampen my spirits,” Dean vowed to his Instagram followers.

“2022 is going to be awesome,” he affirmed, as if willing this unlikely statement into being.

Dean then added: “2022, we’re going to get through.”

“Wishing everybody much much love and happiness and success in the new year,” Dean told his fans and followers.

“Health, wealth, and prosperity,” he added.

In his caption, Dean clarified that he was sick with pneumonia. We of course wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Tori and Dean spent most of 2021 fanning the flames of extremely believable divorce rumors.

First of all, neither of them have been spotted wearing their wedding rings in public or in private since the first round of vaccinations.

Then there have been sightings of Dean exuding major divorced dad energy, Tori visiting an attorney, and the two squabbling in public.

Reports from insiders and snoops have confirmed all of this and more.

Apparently, the usual disagreements — money and how it’s spent — helped to tear them apart.

Early last year, Dean returned home from an extended work trip and they both seemed kind of done with being married.

So why haven’t they gone for it? For one thing, Tori and Dean can’t even degree on divorce.

Reports say that they have different reasons for wanting to drag this out, some of which are financial.

Divorce is a lengthy and expensive process. They have five children to consider.

Tori Spelling Spent New Year’s Without Husband Dean McDermott Amid Divorce Speculation

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott rang in the new year – separately. In case you didn’t know, there have been rumors for a while now that the couple has been struggling with their marriage. It all started when the paparazzi caught the 48-year-old not wearing her wedding ring back in March. Then, she later admitted […]

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Tori Spelling Posts Christmas Card Without Dean McDermott Amid Divorce Rumors!

Dean McDermott missed the family Christmas card… AGAIN? Tori Spelling posted the finished product from her annual holiday photo shoot on Monday, featuring her five kids (Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau), a handful of farm animals, and noticeably, no dad. His absence comes amid ongoing divorce rumors, fueled by the fact that both had […]

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Tori Spelling Is ‘Finally Addressing’ Her Expired Breast Implants!

Tori Spelling is ready to tune up her ta-tas! The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday to tell fans that she’s finally addressing her “expired and recalled” breast implants! Related: Tori ‘Trapped’ In Marriage After ‘Really Serious’ Fight With Dean McDermott! Explaining that she stopped by plastic surgeon Dr. […]

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Dean McDermott Snubbed by Tori Spelling: At Least My Kids Remembered My Birthday!

There’s such a thing as a marriage so dysfunctional that the partners can’t even agree on divorce.

By all accounts, that’s where Tori Speling and Dean McDermott are these days — living together in the ashes of their marriage.

Dean’s birthday was on Tuesday, November 16. He is now 55.

His kids showered him with love and gifts. But if Tori wished him a happy birthday, they’re both keeping it a secret.

Two days after Dean’s birthday, he took to Instagram to share a series of videos.

In those videos, which we have compiled for you in this article, he was showing off his gifts.

Dean also included a caption for context.

“Posting this a little late,” Dean began apologetically.

“I was having so much fun on my 55th birthday,” he explained.

Dean admitted: “I just put my phone away and lived in the moment.”

“I had the best birthday ever!!” Dean raved.

“The Fam made me feel so special,” he gushed, “and made me laugh with their awesome gifts.”

Dean concluded: “I have the most amazing kids and life. I’m so grateful. Happy Birthday to me!!! #happybirthday #55”

“It is my 55th birthday today and I am starting to open presents,” Dean announced in his Instagram video.

“Got one here from Hattie Cat for dad,” he shared, “and it says ‘For dad. I love you so much. You are so kind.'”

Dean continued to read: “‘You are so loving and I am so happy to be your kid. You are the best dad I could ask for.'”

Dean went on to proudly show off her original artwork from the devoted horror fan.

He held up two canvas paintings of his daughter’s work, showing art clearly inspired by the genre.

Art, especially from your own children, can be such a meaningful gift.

Dean also opened a card, which was signed by all of his children.

“We love you so much. We couldn’t have dreamed of a more amazing dad. Happy 55th,” he read.

Dean continued: “They crossed it out – 25th birthday. We love you old man.” 

Dean commented: “Needless to say my kids have a sense of humor.”

He was sure to flaunt more gifts, including glow-in-the-dark golf balls — which allow him to play at night.

There were also ice cube trays designed to freeze water into the shape of golf balls.

Dean also received a golf club head cover.

There was also a towel, which Dean proudly put on display.

The towel read: “I use this towel to wash my balls.” Very funy.

No mention of Tori factored into this, in the caption or the video.

There was no sign that she had given him a gift or signed a card for him.

If she did anything of the sort, then neither she nor Dean are sharing it … which seems unlikely.

Tori has not been inactive on social media this week.

She posted a product endorsement (multiple times). She posted to scold photographers for snapping her pic visiting her child’s school.

Tori at one point posted a photo that appeared to be of a celebratory dinner, but tagged several friends … and not Dean.

We have offered thorough coverage of the current state of their marriage.

They have not been sharing a bed. They have not been seen wearing their wedding rings in many months.

Tori was spotted outside an attorney’s office, but right now, concerns over their kids and their finances seem to be keeping them from taking the next step.

We should note, however, that it’s possible that Tori still helped with this.

It is something of a tradition for moms to coordinate gift-giving for their husbands without taking credit for it.

But no matter what may have happened behind the scenes for Dean’s big day, there are no indications that their marriage is on the mend.

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