Kelly Dodd Snaps: I’m Being Canceled! My Black Friends Say I’m Not Racist! I’M BLACK!

Part Two of the The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion began with Braunwyn Windham-Burke breaking down and sobbing.

But when confronted with her past actions, she offered a tearful and complete apology.

Kelly Dodd does not take criticism well, at all.

When Kelly was confronted with her mistakes from months earlier, she lashed out at everyone and everything, desperately decrying “cancel culture.”

“Kelly, it was so disappointing to see you call protesters looters,” Andy Cohen read a gently worded critique from a fan at the Reunion special.

“As a Mexican-American,” the fan question asked, “don’t you think you have a responsibility to stand with your fellow marginalized communities?”

For the record, Kelly also went on Instagram to watch footage of the historic BLM protests and brand them as “terrorism in America.”

“Listen, I don’t have anything with protesting …Peaceful protests — I’m all about it,” Kelly claimed.

Remember, 93% of the Black Lives Matter protests from last summer were peaceful.

The minority that were violent were usually a direct response to police escalation. But that didn’t stop Kelly.

“But that was on a whole other level that I saw in New York,” Kelly claimed, echoing widely mocked statements by The View villain Meghan McCain.

“There was looting,” she whined. “There was burning down buildings and I don’t think that’s the way to protest.”

(Fun fact: protests escalating to property damage has a history going back millennia — and in 2020, some of those protests turned out to be the most effective and prompting real change)

They then delved into Kelly’s tasteless decision to wear a “Drunk Wives Matter” hat at her bridal shower.

The hat was a gift, it was a stupid pun, and Kelly could probably have apologized for choosing to share the photo and just moved on … if her entire year hadn’t been full of malice and blunders.

Kelly defended it, and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas suggested that it was an innocent gaffe.

But Kelly had to go on and play the victim, using one of the most obnoxious and meaningless phrases out there: “cancel culture.”

“I wasn’t being malicious and I get attacked by this cancel culture,” Kelly whined.

She bemoaned her critics “that’s a bunch of haters that would never have any voice and here they are getting together and [coming] after me.”

“It’s not just haters though,” Braunwyn Windham-Burke quietly and politely pointed out.

“It’s people who have been oppressed,” she explained, adding that many of them have been finding their voices.

Kelly did not want to listen, so she decided to reach for every racist’s favorite line — I’m not racist, I have Black friends.

“Four of my best friends are African-American and they didn’t take offense,” Kelly yelled. Yikes.

The entire cast made the most awkward faces, as you can see in the clip. She insisted: “It’s white people who did!”

Obviously, even if we believe Kelly’s claim about her friends, no one person — or four people — speak for an entire race.

And the hat thing was the least of her wrongdoings in 2020.

Other fans questioned why Kelly would have a wedding at all during a pandemic. Either get married privately or postpone until the pandemic ends.

As you can imagine, Kelly handled that like she handles all criticism: poorly.

“But it’s okay to protest?” Kelly interjected. “Everybody can have a protest and be amongst a billion people? But I can’t have a celebratory wedding?”

A couple of things about the BLM protests: One, they were outdoor and masked events, and none of them were superspreader events.

Two, protesting against violence, murder, injustice, and systemic racism is an essential activity. Weddings can be special events, but they are not essential activities.

At one point during the reunion, Kelly exclaimed “I’M BLACK.”

She later explained that she did 23andMe to learn that she — by her own account — has Black, Asian, Mexican, Spanish, and Native American ancestry.

As if to remind everyone, she said the toxic “I don’t see color” line, which massively misses the point every time. Typical Kelly.

But we suppose that congratulations are in order for Kelly getting four Black friends, since that’s a huge step up from five years ago.

In 2016, she infamously said on camera that she did not “like Black guys,” adding “I don’t even know any Black guys.”

It is no secret that people with Black ancestry can harbor anti-Black sentiments against others or even themselves. Racism is a horror. And Kelly is just being awful.

Kelly dodd snaps im being canceled my black friends say im not r

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Breaks Down: This is the Worst Thing I’ve EVER Done!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke has been sober for a long time, now.

Before that, however, she made catastrophic mistakes, some of which she can never take back.

At the Reunion, Shannon Beador accused Braunwyn of having offered her then-14-year-old daughter illicit substances.

Braunwyn broke down into tears and apologized, horrified at what she had done.

“When my daughter Stella was 14 years old at her very first beach barbecue,” Shannon recalled at the end of Part 1 of the Reunion.

Addressing Braunwyn, she continued: “You went up to her and said, ‘Stella, if you want the good stuff, text me.'”

It is clear that this story refers to an offer of some sort of illicit substance, one that a 14-year-old has no business acquiring.

“I would never do that sober,”  a clearly distressed Braunwyn affirmed.

She herself has no memory of the exchange, but was quick to emphasize that she has no idea what she might have said while her alcoholism was at its worst.

As the conversation continued, Braunwyn’s brave face fell and she burst into tears, calling herself “f–king disgusting.”

“I wasn’t pretty and I did a lot of things I was ashamed of,” Braunwyn acknowledged, repeatedly apologizing to Shannon.

“I can believe I did it,” she stated.

Braunwyn continued: “I did terrible things but I — Wow — I’m so sorry.”


“Okay. I appreciate that,” Shannon said.

Emily Simpson was willing to throw Braunwyn a bone.

“I don’t think Brauwyn owns a lot of things she does,” Emily began, “and she’s owning this.”

Shannon also spoke to her daughter, Stella, about the 2019 incident.

She was able to put Braunwyn’s alleged behavior into the proper context — alcoholism.

Braunwyn is of course now in recovery.

Kelly Dodd, harboring a grudge towards Braunwyn, expressed dismay at Shannon’s compassion.

“You understand?” she shouted. “If someone said that to my daughter, I would go nuts.”

That much, we do not doubt.

The conversation moved on, but Braunwyn, still in shock from hearing her own alleged words, broke down in tears later.

Shannon was among the Housewives who consoled her and provided words of comfort.

The mother of three reminded Braunwyn that this happened “a long time ago” and before her sobriety journey.

“I think out of all the things I’ve done, that may be the worst,” Braunwyn expressed.

She excused herself from the stage so that she could process and regain her composure.

It is good that she did, because her voice was much needed when it came to addressing the most controversial Housewife of 2020 — Kelly.

Kelly was called to account for her wrongdoings — and at every turn, she deflected and became defensive and even hostile.

She was apparently confused over why people were unhappy that she chose to have a pandemic wedding, and yet were okay with protests.

The historic Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 were an extremely essential activity and, being outdoor and masked events, were not superspreader events.

Fortunately, Kelly’s ill-advised wedding in October was not a superspread event like so many of 2020’s foolhardy weddings turned out to be.

But this did not stop Kelly from blasting her castmates and decrying “cancel culture” — the favorite complaint of people who don’t like being held accountable.

The Reunion is highlighting what viewers have known for weeks: the real MVP of this season was Gina Kirschenheiter.

Braunwyn windham burke cries this is the worst thing ive ever do

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Once Offered "The Good Stuff" to Shannon Beador’s 14-Year-Old Daughter

One of the weirdest moments of the RHOC Reunion special so far was Kelly Dodd getting defensive and attacking Andy Cohen.

Not surprising, just weird.

The most jaw-dropping moment, on the other hand, was when Shannon leveled her accusation at Braunwyn.

Did Braunwyn really offer drugs to Shannon’s 14-year-old daughter?

In Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s first season, Emily Simpson was the only one to suggest that she might have a real drinking problem.

At the time, Braunwyn was not ready to confront her alcoholism, and so she avoided Emily like the plague.

On the Season 15 premiere, Braunwyn apologized to Emily and told her on camera that she realized that she is an alcoholic, and was now sober.

At the Reunion special, Andy Cohen asked everyone if anyone besides Emily had harbored similar suspicions about Braunwyn.

Gina Kirschenheiter (a major MVP this season) was one of the first to admit that she “had no idea” about her castmate’s alcoholism.

But Shannon, who had previously foreshadowed that she had something to share about Braunwyn, spoke up.

“John and I spend a lot of time with Sean and Braunwyn,” Shannon opened up.

She clarified that they had spent time together, not in the summer of 2020, but in 2019.

“I [didn’t] know whether I was going to say this today, but as a mother, I’m going to,” Shannon announced.

“When my daughter Stella was 14 years old at her very first beach barbecue,” Shannon began.

Addressing Braunwyn, she said: “You went up to her and said, ‘Stella, if you want the good stuff, text me.’”

The implication behind those words is generally an offer of illicit substances like drugs, or at the very least, higher end liquor.

Stella and Adeline are twins shared by Shannon and her ex-husband, David.

The two teenage girls turned 16 in June of 2020.

The Beadors also have an 18-year-old daughter, Sophie. None of them are currently of legal drinking age, and they were not of drinking age in 2019.

Braunwyn had visibly braced herself, indicating that she knew that this was coming.

Before she could verbally reply to Shannon, the mother of seven burst into tears.

The episode ended before she could reply … but of course, Part 2 of the Reunion is sure to show more.

“I honestly have no idea [if I said that to Stella],” Braunwyn confided on social media recently when asked about this. “I was drinking at the time.”

“I’ve heard from her what happened and made amends,” she affirmed.

Braunwyn added: “I’ve since heard a very different version of what happened which isn’t at all what she said from someone I trust though.”

One of the perils of substance abuse isn’t about liver damage or missing out on milestones.

It’s about the things that you might say or do while under the influence.

For many people who struggle with addiction, their wake up call isn’t an intervention from a friend … it’s saying or doing something that they can never take back.

Whatever Braunwyn actually said to Stella on the beach that day, we are relieved that no one was actually harmed.

Who can say what was going through her then-under-the-influence mind when she spoke to Stella — it is even possible that Braunwyn hoped to keep Stella out of harm’s way, but her words came out garbled.

Perhaps she can explain on Part 2, but … well, let’s just say that we are all very glad that Braunwyn is now sober.

Braunwyn windham burke once offered the good stuff to shannon be

90 Day Fiance Recap: Stephanie Davison is a Crazy B–ch, Ryan Says

90 Day Fiance continues with Season 8, Episode 6.

We see Natalie and Mike adjusting to their new normal, but Natalie feels frustrated as an isolated “housewife.”

Rebecca is so excited to welcome Zied to America.

Unfortunately for her, she’ll be chaperoned.

Tarik introduces Hazel to his friends, but the most important introduction is between Hazel and his daughter.

Yara says goodbye to Jovi under less than ideal circumstances, then learns a lot about his past.

Andrew feels powerless to help Amira, and has to be the one to tell her father.

Stephanie is frustrated after Ryan ignores her calls. When he does talk to her, however, things get even worse.







1. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie mordovtseva you had such a long week
Natalie has a lot of misgivings about things — her isolation in the woods, Mike’s lengthy commute to work and long hours, and the realities of rural life. But she is giving it her best show, insisting on doing the dishes when Mike tries to help on the grounds that he has had a long week.

2. She is also preparing breakfast

Natalie mordovtseva shall i make a salad from fruit
No french toast today — Natalie is chopping fruit for Mike, and peppering him with compliments for going on with her demands that he adjust his diet.

3. She loved the waterfall trip

Natalie mordovtseva its like he cares for me
To her, this was a gesture of Mike’s love for her, something that she seems uncertain of at other times.

4. But she is still uneasy

Natalie mordovtseva i felt more comfortable not unpacking
Natalie confesses that she still has not unpacked. Part of that is insecurity — Mike hasn’t given her the engagement ring yet. The other part is that she wants a place to put her clothes, and … well, they get into that in a bit.

5. Breakfast goes well

Natalie mordovtseva i see that you are serious about the diet
Natalie had previously asked Mike if he would agree to modify his diet. Natalie rarely drinks alcohol and doesn’t eat meat (except for seafood), while Mike enjoys steak, wine, and beer. She wanted him to try her diet for a week at a time, and it looks like he has agreed.

6. Yikes

Natalie mordovtseva you need to lose some more weight
Natalie is from Ukraine, where the culture is clearly different, as it is considered extremely rude to tell others anything that they “need” to do to change their bodies in most of the US. Natalie says that she needs to gain weight and Mike needs to lose some. We’re not sure why in either case.

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Brandon Gibbs’ Parents ERUPT on 90 Day Fiance Over Hickey, Wedding Date: We Control You!

Brandon Gibbs’ parents mandated separate rooms, interrogated Julia about birth control, and set her to work on the farm.

That was just the beginning. A freakout over a small hickey turned into a meltdown over Brandon and Julia’s wedding date.

Brandon gibbs up at 4 30am

Before we get into what happened in the outrageous clip that we have included, we need to set the context.

There was an entire long, long day of nonsense that came before the awkward, divisive dinner.

It started at 4:30AM, when Brandon got up early in his own, unshared bedroom to head to work as an exterminator.

Julia trubkina i woke up today alone on the farm

Seven hours later, Julia awoke at a more sensible time for anyone not being paid to awaken in the pre-noon darkness.

She was all alone on a strange farm in total isolation.

And though she had never asked for them, she had chores to do.

Julie trubkina attempts to feed the chickens

Julia went out to feed the livestock … or try to.

She ended up trying to “bargain” with the chickens in exchange for eggs.

Betty’s tour of the farm and the list of the mandatory tasks that Julia would need to perform was a lot to take in; no wonder she forgot some of them.

Aspen shows julia trubkina how to collect eggs

Fortunately, the family friend Aspen came by to lend Julia a hand.

Of course, Aspen also judged her for “slacking” — for getting up at a normal time.

She told her that the animals need to be fed at 7AM … in the morning.

Julia trubkina morning

This was astonishing to Julia because, well, that’s a ridiculous time for a human to be awake for free.

If you’re being paid, sure. If you have kids, of course.

But on her own, she’s a professional nightclub dancer in her 20s. 7AM is a more reasonable bedtime than it is a viable time to wake up.

Julia trubkina and we need to leave

After once again feeding the livestock and especially dealing with the pigs, Julia has given this a very fair shake.

Despite approaching it with an open mind, she cannot see herself doing this.

It’s not just long term worries — she doesn’t want to keep doing this until she and Brandon marry, either. And who could blame her? This isn’t for everyone.

Julia trubkina today i all day stay at farm alone

When Brandon finally came home, however, he just … went to his room.

He didn’t stop by to give Julia a hug or a kiss.

Maybe it’s his post-work routine or maybe he just wanted to freshen up before saying hello, but Julia didn’t care for that.

Julia trubkina brandon came home and just went to his room

Instead, she went to see Brandon.

She told him in no uncertain terms that this is just not working out or making her happy.

It’s not about him — she loves Brandon. It’s the attached baggage that is making her absolutely miserable.

Julia trubkina i hate this

Brandon tries to get Julia to see this as an “opportunity.”

Translation: he doesn’t want to argue with his mother because she always wins.

It would be much more convenient if Julia could just go along with whatever Betty demands until the two of them are on their own.

Brandon gibbs wants julia to see farm labor as an opportunity

However, the two of them went to dinner.

This is where Julia first met Pop Pop, Brandon’s grandfather.

He was friendly — very friendly — with Julia, and was happy to see his grandson.

Julia trubkina meets pop pop

Of course, speaking to the camera, Pop Pop did share his concerns.

He seemed less worried about Julia being a scammer and more about it not ending well.

Producers were there asking him leading questions, so … we’ll take that with a grain of salt.

Pop pop warns of temptresses from russia

Julia has been wearing turtlenecks around the house for a couple of days to cover up a mild hickey.

Tonight, she is wearing a big fur trim coat to keep her neck hidden.

Somehow, Betty spots the hickey — shown here being deliberately exposed for the cameras, mystifying Julia as to how Betty could have spotted it.

Julia trubkina has a hickey

At this point, Betty and Ron begin scolding their son — a grown man — for, what, kissing his fiancee?

Pop Pop is totally weirded out by their over-the-top controlling behavior.

He asks them to stop, but Ron and Betty keep on. Awkward.

Pop pop defends brandon gibbs and julia trubkina

Then Brandon and Julia reveal, in response to Pop Pop’s question, that they’ve chosen a wedding date.

That’s great news … to Pop Pop.

Betty sounds taken aback — not only that they’ve chosen a date, but that they didn’t, what, seek her approval for it?

Julia trubkina yeah we have date for the wedding

“May 9,” they reveal, will be the wedding date. Why? It’s their anniversary.

Betty and Ron immediately say that this is not a good day, as Saturday, May 9 is on Mother’s Day Weekend.

They insist that this means that Brandon and Julia must pick a new wedding date.

Betty gibbs tries to demand a different wedding date

Brandon actually stands his ground on the wedding date, resulting in an immediately frustrated Betty, who must control everything at all times.

When Pop Pop goes to write down the date for him to remember, Betty tries to get him to stop, because that is how confident she is that she’s going to veto Brandon’s wedding plans.

It’s not clear how much his exterminator job is paying him, but Julia and Brandon need to get the hell out of there and never look back.

Brandon gibbs parents erupt over hickey wedding date we control

90 Day Fiance Recap: Stephanie Davison Boned Ryan Carr’s Cousin!

90 Day Fiance did not even pause for a breather over the holiday weekend.

On Season 8, Episode 4, we were introduced to this season’s final new couple — Stephanie and Ryan.

These two have a lot to deal with, from the age gap, the wealth gap, and Stephanie harboring a major secret that could scare away her cougar cub.

Brandon’s mother takes Julia on a tour of the farm … and a list of mandatory chores.

Rebecca gets good news about Zied’s visa, but his family finds the announcement bittersweet at best.

Natalie is cold and feels like Mike didn’t prepare for her at all. When he threatens to take her fishing, she wonders if he even knows her at all.

Andrew and Amira begin their plan to meet up in Mexico. The plan immediately backfires.

Yara and Jovi go furniture shopping together, but it all falls apart once Jovi starts putting his foot down about “his” apartment. Even the sales clerk is shocked by his behavior.

1. Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr

Stephanie davison hula hoops wearing uv glasses
Finally, four episodes into the season, we are introduced to Stephanie Davison, 52, and Ryan Carr, 27. Stephanie is a businesswoman from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ryan is from Ladytown, Belize. Here, we see Stephanie hula hooping, as she is training to beat the world record, while wearing UV glasses that she believes will help correct her circadian rhythm.

2. Beauty and youth are her business

Stephanie davison takes shots shots shots shots shots
She’s not just selling products, she’s a believer. She takes shots — literal injections — regularly, which she believes help keep her looking and feeling young.

3. She’s good at business but not in love

Stephanie davison explains why shes single bad dad
Stephanie is single, and she explains through tears that one thing that really impacted her was growing up in a toxic household. Her father has bipolar disorder, and she says that a childhood in which she woke up not knowing if her father would love her or hate her that day made her reluctant to have children of her own. Yeah, that’ll do it. But she IS looking for romance … and she has found it with a man a quarter of a century her junior.

4. She first saw Ryan on the beach

Ryan carr on the beach
She was instantly attracted to him when she spotted him on the beach in Belize, with his hair blowing in the wind. This was three years ago. For months, she kept things platonic, but then four months after they met, she returned to Belize with more romantic intentions.

5. From then on, they were dating

Stephanie davison and ryan carr throwback
Stephanie has flown to see him every few months (pre-pandemic). They also video chat regularly. Ryan was pre-approved for a K-1 visa, but then the pandemic hit and through everyone for a loop.

6. And yes, she knows that she’s a cougar

Stephanie davison is self aware
Stephanie owns the label, even referring to Ryan as her “cub.” Though she previously dated someone 20 years younger than she is, Ryan is her biggest age gap.

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Kelly Dodd Defends Monuments to White Supremacists (Obviously)

Recently, in the face of the intense RHOC boycott by people who want her fired, Kelly Dodd tried to walk back her abhorrent statements.

But this summer, she was filmed attacking Black Lives Matter activists as she faced off against her castmates. This week, that footage aired.

It started off with the usual — talking behind a castmate’s back.

Kelly Dodd and Elizabeth Lynn Vargas stepped away from the other ladies and gossiped about Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s participation in this summer’s historic Black Lives Matter protests.

Kelly, not being able to fathom why anyone would do something good for its own reasons, seemed to think that Braunwyn was just doing it for PR.

“Be for the cause but don’t have a professional photo out there,” Kelly demanded, as if the participation of famous people did not help raise awareness.

“Everything’s about her image,” she accused, “and she’s full of s–t.”

“If you’re truly invested in it,” she added, “you don’t go around into a protest and have a professional photog taking photos of you. That just defeats the whole purpose of the protest.”

Later, things became more heated as they ladies discussed Rick Leventhal, Kelly’s then-fiance, now-husband who works for noted engine of societal collapse Fox News.

Kelly insisted that Rick wasn’t actually conservative, merely interested in “facts,” a claim that didn’t hold any water, and which Gina openly chided as absurd.

Kelly did very quickly confess that her claim wasn’t true, if not in so many words, by saying that Rick “doesn’t believe in tearing down history.”

Kelly whined about the push to remove a photo of one of history’s greatest monsters, describing Christopher Columbus as someone “who has been there since 1886.”

(Fun fact: Christopher Columbus’ crimes against Native Americans were considered so vile in his own time that he was later imprisoned in Spain by the people who started the Inquisition — that’s how bad he was)

Braunwyn, as you can see in this clip, very succinctly explained why it’s important to listen to marginalized communities when they raise their voices.

Kelly, like a thousand clowns before her this summer, exclaimed: “You can’t rewrite history!”

“I don’t think anyone’s trying to rewrite it,” Braunwyn replied. That makes sense, given that monuments glorify — they’re not where history is stored.

Kelly only became more unhinged and absurd as the talk continued.

“Are you gonna tear down Rome?” Kelly demanded. “You are gonna tear down the Coliseum? You have to learn from history so it doesn’t repeat itself!”

Well, there is no actual evidence that slave labor was used under Vespasian when the Flavian Amphitheater was constructed, but we’ll let that slide.

Because the real point is that Ancient Roman monuments do not reflect atrocities committed just a few generations ago or policies under which people continue to suffer.

And again, monuments aren’t where you learn history. That’s books.

Which is sort of funny, because Kelly is the one who tried to bring up Braunwyn’s lack of a college degree as if this made her less informed on this particular issue.

Kelly’s real goal was of course to silence her, which did not work, which is likely while Kelly’s outrageous statements became more frantic … and began to include more audible racist dogwhistles.

 “You can’t go and destroy and loot and destroy things,” Kelly whined, as if what little looting there was this summer wasn’t part of a tradition spanning thousands of years.

Looking is the language of the unheard, and this was true millennia before the Roman Empire came into being.

“They shouldn’t ruin it, they should get together and vote on it. We’re a democracy,” she complained, ignoring that gerrymandered legislators often block locak governments from democratically doing just that.

Braunwyn countered that “hundreds of years of being nice” has clearly not done much good.

Millions of Black and Indigenous Americans are tired of driving to work by statues glorifying people who murdered, tortured, and enslaved people who look like them.

“You don’t destroy history by taking down a statue,” Braunwyn explained to her. “A statue does not educate, a statue sits there and pigeons s–t on it.”

Kelly’s jab that Braunwyn is “not college educated” did not really amount to much.

Braunwyn countered that she has “never seen anyone go to Arizona State who thinks they are a Mensa member, besides Kelly Dodd.”

Kelly also tried to deflect by pointing out her Mexican heritage, but Braunwyn again noted that this is not the same.

“When you go to the grocery store in a hoodie, you’re not worried about being shot. None of us here are,” Braunwyn pointed out.

“Black people are being killed disproportionally by cops,” she correctly noted.

“There’s bad cops! I know,” Kelly yelled in response. “You’re not going to fix it by destroying things!” (Really? Because a lot of the communities with the biggest improvements were places where protesting was the most intense)

Gina recalled her DUI arrest from last year and, like so many of us with white privilege, explained how that resonates in her mind now.

“I was scared because I f–ked up, I was scared of the consequences,” Gina said, adding that “never once was I scared of the police officers that were arresting me.”

Even Elizabeth chimed in that she’s learning about her own white privilege this year. Kelly, unable to win outside of a conservative bubble, went to plate the salmon for dinner.

Kelly dodd defends monuments to slavers and white supremacists a

Tarik Myers: Hazel Wanted to Be a Throuple With My Ex!

On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance Season 8, fans were reintroduced to Tarik Myers.

Hazel isn’t there in the US with him yet. But when she arrives, their story will have more to it than just getting married.

Tarik is a fan-favorite, from his original season with Hazel to his reign on Pillow Talk alongside Dean Hashim (the brothers have since had a falling out).

So now, Hazel Cagalitan is preparing to join him in the US on Season 8.

Episode 2 of this season gave Tarik the chance to address, by speaking to the camera and to hsi friend, to bring them up to spead.

Tarik recaps his history, including his relationship to his fiance, Hazel.

He has a young autistic daughter and he’s hoping that she adjusts well to having Hazel in her life because she’s everything to him.

Hazel also has a young son who does not live with her, but Tarik hopes that one day that can change and they can all live as a family.

Of course, when he recaps all of this, he describes his love for Thailand by mentioning that he imported a Thai sword.

The tool that he swings around and also uses to slice cilantro appears to be a katana, even if it was made in Thailand, rather than a traditional dhaab.

Point is, the producers obviously goaded him into goofing around with his sword on camera. 

Also, he’s passionate about rap, as we all recall from his rap-proposal. However, Tarik shared that he and Hazel had temporarily broken up at one point over a misunderstanding.

Hazel had received inconsistent results from a pregnancy test, causing Tarik to jump to conclusions that she had gotten pregnant and had an abortion.

Though affirming her right to choose, he simply felt betrayed that she hadn’t spoken to him, while she obviously felt hurt that he had made assumptions.

During tha time apart, Tarik began speaking with a woman named Misty.

While he says that he did not fell in love, he did catch himself falling “in like” with Misty.

But he and Hazel did end up reconciling.

Hazel is bi — part of the shockingly small community of LGBTQ+ 90 Day Fiance stars.

Her bisexuality is not news to those who follow her and Tarik on social media, but was not something that they disclosed earlier on the show. Hazel has been closeted for all of her life.

But now that she is no longer living in a conservative area, she feels comfortable coming out and would even like a girlfriend.

She and Tarik are going to be looking for another woman to include in their relationship. It’s not that most bi people are also polyamorous but, obviously, some are.

When three people are in a polyamorous relationship (not a one-time hookup; that’s just a threesome) it is often called a “throuple,” a portmanteau of “three” and “couple.”

This will be an exciting if somewhat daunting task — looking for a second partner isn’t any easier than looking for that first one. In fact, it’s often harder.

While that big adventure is coming when Hazel arrives in the US, they already had something of an adventure … dipping their toes into the throuple waters.

When Tarik told Hazel all about Misty, Hazel wanted to “holler at her.”

In other words, the two of them reached out to Misty … and for a short time, the three of them were all in a relationship.

But being polyamorous doesn’t magically mean that all relationships work out any more than being monogamous does.

About two and a half days into things, Hazel slammed on the brakes and put a stop to it, worried that Misty was really just there for another shot with Tarik.

Throuples only work if everyone has good intentions. So Hazel asked Tarik to not contact Misty again.

The twist? Tarik confesses to the camera that he did, in fact, reach out to Misty, just to check in when COVID-19 was ravaging Thailand.

Misty responded with a barrage of friendly texts … and now he has to tell Hazel, who will not like hearing that.

Despite the impending drama, we are excited by this show’s first polyamorous storyline. We hope that there are more to come!

Tarik myers hazel wanted to be a throuple with my ex