Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Meredith, Alex, and Richard Get FIRED

Thursday’s season finale of Grey’s Anatomy was a wild episode that picked up in the immediate aftermath of DeLuca taking the fall for Meredith’s insurance fraud. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you know that Meredith and Alex were inside a chamber with very little oxygen to save their patient. 

For that reason, Mer could not run after the cops to tell them it was her who made the dumb decision to doctor the insurance documents.

Meredith didn’t get much time to speak about her issues because Alex wanted to know the truth about Jo. 

Surely Meredith would allow Jo to tell him in her own time, right?


Meredith filled in all the blanks, and Alex got progressively madder with every beat of the story. 

But Meredith told Alex that neither of them could give Jo the support she needs, and that’s why she agreed to get some help. 

Meredith rushed to the conference room with Bailey and Catherine, telling them that she was the one who should be arrested. 

Alex and Richard appeared to say that they were all part of the con and that’s when things got gnarly. 

“What can I do? You’re fired,� Bailey said. “All three of you. You’re fired.�

Meredith rushed home and told her kids that she had to go do something, but she would be back soon. Was this her saying goodbye to them?

It certainly seemed that way. 

Mer found herself visiting DeLuca in jail, telling him that she needed to clean up the stuff she caused. 

“As much as this terrifies me, I love you too,� Meredith said as she walked away, presumably to tell the cops the truth. 

Meanwhile, the fog was causing chaos for the staff and patients on their way to the hospital. 

Owen was stuck in a traffic jam with the blood donor, and only Levi could calm her down. 

An ambulance crew stepped in to save the day, and all of them made it to the hospital to save the patients’ life. 

Then there was Jackson and Maggie. The pair were on their camping trip, but realized they needed to get to safety. 

Jackson ultimately told Maggie he would be back in ten minutes, but he never returned, prompting Maggie to go after him. 

What the heck happened?

Teddy started the hour off in labor, and ended it with a child and back in a relationship with Owen. Poor Tom was at home building all the baby furniture. 

Yeah, he’s going to find himself without a girlfriend in the fall. 

Yikes, right?!

Love was also in the air. Amelia confirmed to Link that she was not getting straight into a relationship after ditching Owen. 

The reason?

She wanted to find out who she was out of a relationship. 

It’s a fair reason, and Link was happy because Amelia said she was not ruling anything out. 

The other relationship that flourished involved Levi and Nico. 

Nico realized he was acting like an ass, and set out to get his man back. It was easy, and Levi closed the hour coming out to his mom. 

What did YOU think of the season finale? Did it hit you right in the feels?

Hit the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of New York Recap: Bethenny Frankel Lashes Out at LuAnn de Lesseps!

Bethenny Frankel has had enough. 

Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City found her confronting someone she helped save not too long ago. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you know that Bethenny was instrumental in helping co-star Luann de Lesseps realize she needed to seek help for alcohol abuse. 

Bethenny revealed during the new installment that she thought Luann was being obnoxious, and not caring about any of the other ladies. She also took aim at her cabaret show. 

Bethenny was not impressed to learn that Luann was bashing her for leaving her cabaret show early. The show in question went ahead hours late, and Luann did not tell her co-stars about it being late. 

To everyone, Bethenny showed up for as long as she could. Luann, on the other hand, could not say a nice word about Bethenny. 

Luann said that she wished Bethenny would have stayed for the show. 

“I mean, I love you, but I was there for three hours. I had to let my babysitter go,” Frankel replied said, before going for the jugular.

“[Dorinda] told me you said, ‘Why is she leaving to go home and watch Bryn sleep?'”

“Well, because I imagine a child at 8 years old by 11:30 is sleeping,” Luann shot back.

“Right, but then guess what? Tomorrow’s school,” Bethenny added.

“So I would like to watch her wake up. And also, I don’t have a nanny. I have a housekeeper that I have babysit, so I don’t like to keep her there until 1 o’clock in the morning if she has to be there the next day.”

Luann went on to say that Bethenny was there for her when she needed it, in her sad times, but she also wanted her to be there during the happy times. 

“Luann, I’m a mother of an 8-year-old in third grade. It’s Halloween. I was trick-or-treating after school,” Bethenny said.  “Really, hear me. I need you to actually receive this. I’m a mom, I come home…”

“I know that. I’m a mom, too. Don’t talk to me like I’m not a mom! I know what it is,” Luann yelled. 

Bethenny wanted Luann to understand that her kids were not 8, but Luann said they once were. 

“You told me when we were in Miami for Art Basel that I should just get somebody to take care of my kid at night when I don’t wanna do that,” Bethenny fired back.

“Well, yeah,” Luann complained. “When you wanna go out, sure.”

“But I don’t wanna go out at 11:30 at night!” Bethenny said, completely shocked at the way Luann was acting. “I wouldn’t go see Madonna at 11:30 at night!”

“You always say you have to get home for Bryn. At 11 o’clock at night, the child is sleeping!” Lu continued.

“But I have to wake up with her to make her breakfast and take her to school!” B shouted.

“This is my life. You’re doing your cabaret and your life, and I respect that. I was there supporting that. I’m living my life, and you’re not supporting it by saying to somebody, ‘She left to watch her daughter sleep.’ This is my life the way that I’m living it right now.”

“Who do you think you are?!” Bethenny screamed in a confessional. “This is how I’m choosing to do this as a single mom, and I don’t like to be f–ked with on it — at all!”

Ugh. That was wild. 

What are your thoughts on the argument?

RHONY continues Wednesdays on Bravo. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Will a Lie Detector Vindicate Lisa Vanderpump?!

Lisa Vanderpump has been M.I.A. from many events on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. 

The reason for that is that she’s had a severe falling out with her co-stars. She’s on talking terms with new addition, Denise Richards. 

Beyond that, she’s kept herself away from the other women following PuppyGate. 

Tuesday’s episode found Lisa sharing the screen with Camille Grammer, once again, and the two women chatted about recent events, and a lie detector test came up somewhere in the conversation. 

Lisa couldn’t contain her excitement at the size of Camille’s engagement ring, saying that diamonds are sometimes “better friends than your friends.”

“You know, those girls can be…” Camille said before Lisa butted in, “Yeah. They’ve been horrible. Horrible. And I don’t want to include you in that at all. Not at all.”

The conversation shifted to Camille’s looming wedding. 

“If you were to come to my wedding — which, you know that I would love for you to be there — I would want you to feel comfortable within the group,” Camille said. “Of course I want you there, so will you come?”

Lisa was at a loss because she did not want to spend any time with the others, and that’s why she had to decline the invitation. 

“I’ve always cared about you, you know that,” she said. “I just — I can’t make the wedding.”

Camille was not impressed by the decision, but she understood her stance, noting that she would hate for her to feel “all this pressure from the ladies” at an event that be happy. 

“Well, you can invite me and cancel everyone else!” Lisa laughed. 

“As much as I want to see Camille get married, I’m not gonna put myself in that situation with them all against me,” LVP dished in a confessional.

“Let the Real Bitches of Beverly Hills go on their own.”

Lisa then realized that Camille was mad with the girls. 

“You’re upset with the girls? What do you mean?” LVP quickly asked, prompting Camille to open up about her fraught relationship with Teddi. 

“There’s a lot of love between you and a lot of these girls,” Camille added. “Especially Kyle.”

Lisa felt like the other ladies planned on making her feel like a “terrible person” and that was not good. 

“What am I supposed to do? Take a lie-detector test? Is that what they want me to do?” she wondered.

Camille admitted that were something off with Kyle ever since the argument and that they should fix things. 

“How she was when she came around here when she said, ‘I believe them and I don’t believe you’re a good friend and I believe you’re more concerned about your image than your friends,’ I was just like, ‘You might as well have hit me around the face,'” Lisa said.

“And I was like, ‘Get out,’ but I also actually meant, ‘Get out of my life.'”

“I’ve been there,” Camille said in a confessional.

“I’ve had to sit there and have people call me delusional, a liar — and maybe I have more strength than she has because she runs away from it.”

“Lisa’s never been a victim,” she continued.

“She doesn’t live her life like a victim, but she’s behaving like she is one. It’s sad to see. This is not the Lisa that I knew.”

“The Lisa that I knew would show up. What she’s doing is she’s running from everybody. It’s almost like this immature girl hiding from the truth. Lisa Vanderpump talks the talk, but I wanna see her walk the walk.”

Camille wanted Lisa to remember how strong her connection with Kyle once was. 

“I think Kyle Richards just enjoyed throwing me under the bus a little too much, and unless she changed her position and apologized, I’ve got no intention of seeing her again,” Lisa countered.

The wild episode concluded with a preview for next week’s episode which showed LVP hooked up to a lie detector to reveal the truth about what happened. 

“Have you ever given a story to Radar Online?” the administrator asks as Lisa replies, “This is quite tight, this blood pressure thing, isn’t it?”

This is going to be good!

RHOBH continues Tuesdays on Bravo. 

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Free Larissa, Chantel, and Nicole!!

We already covered how Larissa Lima felt betrayed by her husband, Colt Johnson, over what he told the police after her arrest.

But Sunday night’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was packed full of drama.

Some fans are increasingly convinced that Chantel is being conned or scammed or something by Pedro.

At the same time, Nicole and Elizabeth are both having issues with their respective families.

Poor Azan may have the most awkward meeting with his future father-in-law that a person could imagine.

And Ashley has found the perfect way to exact emotional revenge upon Jay for his Tinder cheating scandal.

1. Larissa and Colt

Colt johnson and larissa lima face off
We did a pretty thorough rundown of Larissa’s drama (and linked to that above), but her domestic violence arrest (all three of them, actually) is a pretty big deal.

2. Viewers wanted to see how the trial went down

Larissa lima is back on instagram
As it turned out, the charges were dismissed, so there was less courtroom drama and more Larissa feeling that Coltee had betrayed her by, she says, lying to the police and claiming that she had attacked him.

3. Can she even trust him?

Larissa lima is unhappy
Larissa admitted that she is not sure if she can ever truly forgive Colt for telling the police that she “lunged at” and “scratched” him.

4. What was really interesting was the development with Debbie

Debbie is right about colt and larissa
Remember, Debbie cried after she met Larissa for the first time. These two have not gotten along. But after the trial, they both intended to be nicer to the other.

5. Seeing her play housewife was ild

Larissa and colt for 90 day fiance happily ever after
Larissa washed the dishes in a leather skirt, which is both goofy and Extremely Reality Television.

6. Colt wasn’t actually there for the court drama

Larissa lima and colt johnson in therapy
But he did come home with roses to celebrate the news. So Larissa finally got her flowers — but they were just bought from some random grocery store on his way home from work because he knew that there would be cameras there. What a prince!

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians Rekap: Khloe Praises Jordyn Woods

Much more went down on Sunday’s new Keeping Up With The Kardashians that Kris Jenner’s collaboration with Ariana Grande.

Unfortunately, some of it was very serious, including a raging wildfire and talk of prison reform.

But a clear highlight was a scene of Khloe piling praises onto Jordyn Woods, whom she would later blast as a home-wrecking “liar.”

Khloe kardashian gives a toast

Hindsight is 20/20, which makes one scene from Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians so entertaining.

“I did wanna say,” Khloe announces at a party. “I’m just so proud of both Kylie and Jordyn.”

“Kylie,” she says. “I know how hard you have worked on your company and everything.”

“And,” Khloe continues, gushing: “You’re so generous to share that with me and Kourtney and Jordyn.”

“And it’s such a blessing because you don’t have to share your blessings with us,” she says, adding: “But you kind of do.”

Khloe kardashian speaks to kylie and jordyn woods

“Jordyn, for you to be turning 21,” Khloe continues.

“I’ve known you forever,” she says. “I’m so proud of you and the woman that you’re growing into.”

“And to see you guys just stick together and be best friends through thick and thin,” Khloe adds.

Yes, Kylie and Jordyn had an inseparable bond — the kind that only a temper tantrum from one of Kylie’s flesh-and-blood sisters could ruin.

“It’s just such a blessing,” Khloe continues. “Congratulations on everything, and this will be a huge success.”

Khloe praising Jordyn is dramatic irony at its best.

Jordyn woods with a lightly cursed image of kylie jenner

So remember when the 2018 Woolsey fire, which devastated swaths of southern California, made its way to Calabasas?

That happened.

It resulted in some truly bizarre drama when Rob refused to evacuate.

His reason was both bizarre and touching: he didn’t want to miss out on a balloon delivery the next morning, for Dream’s second birthday.

That’s super sweet … but Khloe was pissed that he would endanger his life.

You can’t throw your daughter a party if you die. And yes, people died in that fire. Thankfully, Rob did not.

Woolsey fire on kuwtk

Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney rented a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Though the hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, keep in mind that this was months before Brunei instituted the death penalty for gay people.

The Kardashians weren’t ignoring a boycott or shrugging at murder — because this was filmed last year.

The three worried mothers watched live coverage of the raging inferno as it encroached upon their property.

“This has probably been the longest night of my life,” Khloe admitted.

Kris jenner knows all

Khloe later reflected upon the people who had lost everything in the fire, saying: “it breaks my soul.”

Notably, the episode made no mention of Kim and Kanye’s controversial choice to hire private firefighters to defend their neighborhood.

Everyone understands the desire to protect one’s home, but it really highlights how insulated the rich can be from the climate crisis.

Kris Jenner actually recognized that economic divide and vocally acknowledged it.

“There’s a lot of people who can’t afford to stay in a hotel,” Kris pointed out. “People died in their cars.”

Kim kardashian listens to prison reform talk

The episode also featured Kim’s panel with Van Jones as she discussed her political activism for justice reform.

She spoke about studying the law and about the First Step Act.

Kim then very diplomatically spoke about appealing to the orange menace, Donald Trump, to grant clemency.

“I did consider the fact that I would get a lot of backlash if I went to the White House,” Kim admitted.

Kim kardashian and donald trump

“People talk s–t about me all day long. I didn’t really care,” she said dismissively.

Here, she is hinting at a larger problem where stars can’t differentiate between trolls and actual criticism so they dismiss it all as “hate.”

But Kim then points out that it doesn’t really matter, because inmates “don’t care who signs that clemency paper.”

That … yeah, that’s absolutely right.

Keeping up with the kardashians rekap khloe praises jordyn woods

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Take THIS, MerLuca Haters!

Ever since Grey’s Anatomy paired Meredith with DeLuca, fans have been complaining about it being the most random pairing in the history of the series. 

Thursday’s penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 just showed how much DeLuca cared about his woman, and it should help the haters get on board with the pairing. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you know that Meredith risked it all to operate on a patient without insurance. 

She went as far as committing insurance fraud by saying the patient’s name was Ellis Grey, her daughter’s.This allowed her own insurance to cover the life-saving surgery. 

Richard realized what Mer did, yelled at her a little, and joined in the plan with his own two cents about how Mer could get out of her pickle. 

It turns out, her hot Italian boyfriend was ready to take the fall! 

Yes, really. 

Bailey and Catherine spent much of the intense installment in meetings. DeLuca was later hauled in to answer questions. 

“It has come to light that Dr. Meredith Grey submitted her own daughter’s name to pay for Gabriella’s surgery and care, which is both fraud and a felony,� Catherine said to a stunned DeLuca. 

Catherine and DeLuca later went to find Meredith, and DeLuca dropped the bombshell. 

“Your patient, Gabby Rivera — I lied to you,” he said.

“She didn’t have insurance, and she shouldn’t have been admitted, but I wanted her to get the surgery very badly, so I didn’t tell anybody, so I put another name down on the paperwork. Your daughter’s name, Ellis.â€�

That was a pretty great way to his love to Mer, right?

In any case, DeLuca is headed for some jail time. There’s no way he gets away with this. 

Unless Grey’s is planning on offing another one of Mer’s lovers. That would suck. 

Elsewhere, Meredith tried to help Jo through her difficult time. It’s crazy how far these two have come. 

Meredith said that she could understand what Jo was going through because all of the trauma she’s been through over the years. 

This prompted Jo to lash out. 

“Was your mother raped by your father? Is that why you exist? Do you look like a rapist? Do you wear his face?� Jo yelled. “Okay then. I don’t think you do get this, so please go home.�

Meredith refused to leave, and Jo ultimately told her the full story. Meredith was adamant that Jo did not have to be defined by her past. 

“You have an enormous will, and an enormous heart, and an enormous capacity for survival,� Meredith said.

“You’ve taken all this darkness and used it to help people who are walking through the same.”

“You lined that hallway with women to help that woman who was hurting badly just hurt a little bit less,” she continued.

“You’ve taken your darkest experiences that life gave you, and you turned it around and turned it into light.”

“And if the woman who gave birth to you doesn’t want to see that, then that’s on her.â€�

Meredith then told Jo to get a shower because they were going to the hospital to speak to Alex and Bailey to get her some time off work to get her life back in order. 

Yay, right?

Looking ahead to next week, we have the fog on the horizon. Yes, really. Our heroes will have to contend with fog. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

Hit the comments!

The Real Housewives of New York Recap: Was That the Most Embarrassing Episode Ever?

There was a lot of drama on Wednesday’s The Real Housewives of New York City, but all of that was overshadowed by Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer, and Sonja Morgan making fools of themselves. 

The trio attended a charity event for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and it was only a matter of time before they said something they should not have. 

Ramona spearheaded the event with the CEO of NY Loves Kids Bridie Farrell. Together, they threw an auction benefitting the organization. 

They wanted to raise more awareness to the group to eliminate the statute of limitations for victims to report abuse. 

Things got off to a less than stellar start when Ramona could not even say Bridie’s name correctly. 

It was super awkward. Sonja then told Bridie to “just exploit us.” Yes, really. 

“I do children, you do sexual abuse,” Ramona sneered as she failed to realize how horrible her words sounded. 

“We might not be the most eloquent, but we’re passionate,” Singer later added. 

At the event, the ladies started bickering over a dinner party being thrown for Ramona’s upcoming birthday. 

Ramona said she had no control over the guest list, and that the women planning it would deal with it. 

We got a flashback from Ramona telling these other friends not to invite Sonja. 

Ramona, Dorinda, and Sonja followed that argument up with a speech. Bridia dragged Ramona for not pronouncing her name correctly, and Sonja kept laughing. 

“Everyone knows you can cry on a dime,” Sonja laughed.

“Sonja, why are you doing this to me?” asked Ramona. “Her name is Bridie by the way, you called her Birdie,” Sonja fired back.

“I’m bad with names,” Ramona said. “When people are sexually abused as a child, you say is it my fault, did I do something wrong, you’re afraid to come forward,” she continued.

Dorinda then joined in, shouting at Ramona because she felt she missed something out.

“It was a friend of the family! You can finish, but I’m adding something, it was a friend of the family!”

“Let’s hear it from the who … horse’s mouth,” Sonja then added, referring to Bridie. “Not the whore’s mouth. I’m sorry.”

Birdie appeared to tell her own story, and Dorinda and Ramona couln’t help but chime in. 

Dorinda wanted Bridie to say her attacker was still out there, and it made for an awkward scene. 

What did you think of the way that played out?

RHONY continues Wednesdays on Bravo. 

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Chantel’s Mom Threatens Pedro!

It turns out that the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? sneak peek in which Larissa threatens Colt with divorce was just the tip of the iceberg.

On Sunday night’s new episode, the drama was relentless.

After Pedro refuses an invitation to have Thanksgiving with The Family Chantel, she goes alone — and you’ll see why she’s relieved that she did.

Jay wants a visa so that he can work, but Ashley is hesitant for some very understandable reasons.

As Larissa’s trial date approaches, Debbie is just hoping that Larissa gets sent back to Brazil, while Larissa feels betrayed.

Paola’s pregnancy might bring her closer to Russ’ family, and Russ is harboring a secret.

Andrei, of all people, actually extends an olive branch to Elizabeth’s family.

And Nicole gets real about some of her worries about Azan.

1. Chantel is still torn

Chantel addresses the camera
On the one hand, she loves Pedro. On the other hand, her entire family feels very differently.

2. Yes, there is still drama with Chantel’s family

Chantel and pedro for 90 day fiance happily ever after
Remember, Chantel and Pedro’s big family drama is so intense that they’re getting their very own spinoff.

3. Mostly, it’s the aftermath of this

Pedro fights with the family chantel
A physical fight broke out between Pedro and Chantel’s family — initially between Pedro and her brother, River. It became a melee, and even producers rushed out from behind cameras to end the violence.

4. Now, Pedro is invited to Thanksgiving

Pedro and chantel
“That’s so weird because last time I saw her [mom], she tried to call immigration to send me back to my country,â€� Pedro expresses. “Hell, no, I don’t want to do Thanksgiving.”

5. That may be for the best

Chantel meets shocky
Chantel’s mom (who loves being on TV more than life itself and I CANNOT get enough of this woman) pulls out a taser, whom she has named “Shocky,” and ignites it for dramatic effect, vowing that she’ll protect her family no matter what.

6. Chantel’s glad that she came alone

Chantel on season 4
“If my mom would’ve pulled out that taser in front of my husband I would’ve been pissed,â€� Chantel admits. “I guess I’m glad he didn’t come.” Yep.

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Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Did Meredith Get Fired?!

Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured Meredith Grey risking it all, and it could cost her not only her job but also her freedom. 

But what pushed the hero to make a risky decision?

A patient without insurance, of course!

The patient, Gabby, and her father arrived at the hospital and turned to Meredith and Alex. 

They came to the United States with the aim of getting her care, but things were not working out. 

All of their resources were depleted, and insurance wasn’t working out for them. 

Mer and Alex found a mass in the girl’s colon, meaning that it was time to operate. 

The father struggled to get coverage from the state, prompting Meredith to say that she would find a way to sort things out. 

What did Meredith do to get the surgery completed?

She put Ellis’ name on the paperwork, meaning her insurance could be used because it covered family members. 

Richard found out about it, and he was pissed. 

“The system failed him. The system is broken,� she yelled at him. “We know it is. So what does that say about us if we don’t fix it?�

Richard struggled to contain his fury, primarily because he didn’t want anyone to learn about it. 

He had a risky plan to save Meredith’s career. If they could make the patient appear to be sicker, keep her in hospital for 30 days, then a new state program would activate. 

That would mean the patient would be covered, wouldn’t be deported and would be entitled to help. 

Meredith was upset, but knew what she did was the right thing to do. She turned to DeLuca, expecting him to be furious at her. 

But he took her by surprise, dropping the L-bomb on her because it reiterated that he knew she was a good person. 

“I’m in awe of what you did today,� he said. “I was afraid if I opened my mouth, the only thing that was going to come out was if I loved you.�

“Well, okay,� Meredith replied. “Glad we cleared that up.�

Elsewhere, Jo started to return to her old ways, and that was good news for her friends and loved one. 

She helped Alex get good news for one of his patients in the form of getting a donor … or so she thought. 

In a wild moment, she realized that she had found someone who needed a donor, not someone willing to give up an organ. 

Jo desperately turned to Teddy for assistance, but there was nothing that could be done. Teddy went on to tell the patient’s mother the truth. 

Jo self-destructed in front of the patient, and Alex walked in. He had no idea how he could help his wife with this one. 

What did you think of all the action?

Hit the comments below. 

Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 

The Real Housewives of New York Recap: SO. MANY. TEARS.

Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City was a tear-filled affair as two of the cast members broke down on camera. 

Tinsley Mortimer’s breakup with Scott Kluth recently played out on camera, but that didn’t mean she got to spend some time in hiding as she got over the split. 

Instead, she pressed on with her hosting duties at the Big Apple Circus. Mortimer got a little drunk during the event, an found herself embroiled in a war of words with her mother Dale by the time the show was over. 

Yikes, right?

Tinsley felt like she was always looking for her mother’s approval, but her mother tried to reiterate to her daughter that she already had it. 

“I realized I couldn’t be more depressed. I couldn’t be sadder,” Tinsley revealed in a confessional.

Dale told her daughter that she’s feeling a flurry of emotions because of her breakup. 

“It’s not about me, Tinsley, it’s about your boyfriend, so stop it,” her mom complained.

I’m doing these things I feel like I would be really happy about and I’m not happy,” Tinsley confirmed. “I’m miserable. I’m literally f–king miserable. I’m miserable.”

Dale worried that Tins was wallowing too much in the past and said that she should be looking to the future. 

“I think you should be finished with the whole Scott thing,” Dale pleaded, “You need to move on.”

“I worked hard to be in a place where I feel like I just wanted somebody to share it with me,” Tinsley said, not taking her mother’s advice. “And I’m sharing with you and I love you but I don’t want to just share it with you.”

Tinsley said she wanted to tell Scott about the event and have him there, “but he couldn’t do it.” 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you know that Tinsley recently revealed she was unhappy in the relationship. 

Elsewhere, Bethenny Frankel was also struggling with her emotions as her custody battle with ex-husband Jason Hoppy continued. 

Hoppy allegedly used Dennis Shields’ drug overdose in the case, and tried to haul Bethenny to court to complete a drugs test.

“Sadly, I’m used to going to court and I really deal with this alone,” she told the cameras. “It’s bad, it’s really bad.”

Frankel was concerned that this battle could cost her jobs. 

“There’s a clause that says I get fired if I violate anything,” she explained. “If I do anything inappropriate, if I abuse alcohol or drugs.”

The good news is that Hoppy’s request was denied, and he was ordered to hoppy the eff out of New York. (We wish!)

Frankel confirmed in the aftermath that she definitely “needs a break.”

“It’s too much, all of it’s been too much,” she complained, “I need to let some air out of the tires, we need to do this. It’s too much.”

Frankel went on to say that everything is just starting to catch up with her. She’s been doing too much, 

“All of the seeds I planted years ago didn’t factor in for divorce and custody battle, a relief effort that I took on, a death,” she said in a confessional.

“I’ve been approached by several people who are interested in buying the Skinny Girl brand. I’m not looking to exit, I’m looking for ways to take the pressure off.”

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments. 

RHONY continues Wednesdays on Bravo.