90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Finale: Who Got Married? Who Broke Up?

We have previously reported on many spoilers from this season’s 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All special.

But we could only work to fill in the gaps between what we had seen thus far and the end of the season to come.

Sunday night, the season finale aired on TLC.

Who got married? Who got engaged?

Who got DUMPED? Now we know.

There’s a lot to unpack here, that’s for sure. Take a look below and see where all of the Season 4 couples stand:

1. Yolanda Ballard and “Williams” are DONE

Yolanda on 90 day fiance
The season finale may have had plenty of twists and turns, but we didn’t get a real resolution from Yolanda.

2. That’s because he was a catfish

Williams to yolanda im so ready
Yes, 90 Day Fiance’s careful editing made David Murphey’s lady love, Lana, look like a catfish for the longest time.

3. But “Williams” was the real deal … in terms of being fake

Yolanda and williams
We have heard so much speculation about the mind — or minds — behind Williams, and the voice behind his “British” accent.

4. Soon, we’ll know more

Yolanda speaks to williams
Yolanda filmed the Tell All with a catfishing expert, so we will hopefully learn more about that whole situation … and maybe Yolanda will be better prepared for scammers in the future.

5. Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega are DONE

Rosemarie vega sits while big ed brown walks away crying
Ed was arguably this season’s biggest breakout star … and also one of this season’s villains. As had already been made clear, Ed and Rosemarie are over.

6. He is brokenhearted

Big ed
“It broke my heart. I spent a lot of time, a lot of money but I just wanted to be happy,” Ed expressed during the finale.

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Denise Richards: Why is Lisa Rinna Trying to DESTROY Me?!

In the aftermath of Kyle Richards’ meltdown last week, the ladies of Beverly Hills opted to take a break with a trip to Santa Barbara.

But tempers continued to flare, and Denise Richards fears that her friend of twenty years is suddenly out to get her. But why?

First of all, the only Housewife not taking part in the trip was Garcelle Beauvais.

It’s because she has to travel for work so she can’t make it but, yeah, the optics are unfortunate to say the least.

Instead, we see Garcelle gather up her boys and say goodbye, which was a very sweet if awkwardly staged moment.

She also takes the time to say that PTA moms who try to give her a hard time about traveling can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, so to speak.

Meanwhile, the Housewives discussed Denise’s hangups about how her kids may have heard some of a fairly adult discussion.

“Don’t we normally talk like that?” Lisa Rinna points out. “She took her husband to get a happy ending, she can’t get offended.”

Erika, using unfortunate terminology, points out: “They had a hooker at Thanksgiving!”

Dorit seems to be the only one who understands the nuance between Mom Denise’s boundaries and Denise when her kids aren’t there.

The chatter died down when Denise joined the ladies, but then it picked right up again.

Sutton Stracke had a suggestion for Denise to help her to avoid this complicated situation in the future.

“Maybe when it’s an adult party like that,” she recommended, “just don’t invite the kids.”

That sweetly phrased shade did not go over well with Denise.

Denise correctly asserted that it was her house, and her party.

“Of course it’s nothing they haven’t heard,” Denise acknowledged, in reference to normal teen conversations.

She explained: “I just didn’t want them to hear it from their mom and mom’s friends.”

Still, she said that she would be “mindful” of her kids being in earshot for future Housewife gatherings.

Erika, with whom Denise had previously discussed all of this, asked about Sami’s reaction after the fact.

Denise, however, decided to shut it down.

“We’re done,” she she announced.

Denise added: “I don’t want to talk about my kids right now.”

“But I don’t talk to my kids about a happy ending or my husband’s penis,” Denise later explained.

Now, Erika recalled when Denise had posted a deeply horny and frankly revealing photo of her husband, Aaron the sound wizard, on social media.

After all, anybody over 13 can be on social media. They could see that.

Denise acknowledged that she then removed the photo because it made her kids “uncomfortable.” We can imagine.

But as Erika explained, they were feeling that Denise wasn’t just setting a boundary — they felt judged by Denise.

“You can’t talk about the size of your husband’s penis and getting a happy ending and then we’re the bad moms,” Erika lamented.

“I think it’s a little convoluted for us,” Lisa told her friend.

“You have to f–king own it,” she added. “You can’t be a hypocrite about it.”

“Do you talk about the hookers with your kids, about the hookers Charlie brings around?” Lisa ended up asking Denise.

This came as a shock to Denise and to, frankly, everyone else. (Also, it’s not too much to ask to say sex workers; “hookers” is rude)

Lise added: “You’ve been quite free with us.”

“Privately, I’ve had private conversations with them,” Denise said.

“Wow, that’s my friend of 20 years,” Denise fumed in the confessional.

“She knows I’ve protected these kids all these years,” she added.

“I don’t know if she’s trying to embarrass me  or humiliate me,” Denise lamented. “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know what her agenda is,” Denise continued about Lisa.

“But whatever it is,” she expressed, “it’s f–king hurtful, really hurtful.”

Was Lisa really trying to hurt Denise? Was she trying to do her job?

Or … was she trying to give Denise a chance to delve into a sensitive topic to help everyone understand her perspective?

Denise richards why is lisa rinna trying to destroy me

David Murphey Tricks Lana Into Kissing Him on Awkward Second Date

Early this month, no one was more astonished than we were to report that David Murphey’s lady love Lana is a real person.

This week, we watched as the 90 Day Fiance star and his girlfriend met in person for the very first time.

On Sunday, May 24, viewers finally saw David Murphey’s first in-person meeting with Lana.

“After seven years of chatting online and four failed meeting attempts, I am finally with Lana,”

“I cannot believe she’s with me,” he marveled.

“And,” David added, “the fact that we are about to have our first date together in person is incredible.”

David Murphey and Lana stroll through the park at night

Incredible in the literal sense — just a few weeks ago, we would have all said that this was truly not credible.

Lana, on whom David had spent tens of thousands of dollars while chatting, was surely a catfish.

But she’s a real 27-year-old woman from Ukraine. And David could not stop marveling at her beauty.

“All the photos I saw before couldn’t prepare me for how beautiful she is in person,” the 60-year-old gushed.

Lana agreed to go on a date with David. They went to a coffee shop.

David was excited to finally get to shower her in gifts and chocolate.

That may seem like a lot, but it’s customary to give gifts when traveling.

Still, the date was not without its hiccups.

David did confess that he had gone to an address that she had given him and even hired a private investigator to try to track her down.

“I fired him,” he told her, “so none of that really matters anymore because our future starts now.”

Lana was understandably upset.

The entire reason to give a man a fake address is so that he doesn’t show up at your door … in this case, a very realistic fear on Lana’s part.

However, after some careful thought, Lana did decide to keep going with David.

They went on a bowling date, and he asked if she would give him a kiss if he bowled a strike. (What sitcom nonsense was that?)

Lana, having only recently met him in person, protested that it was a little too early in their relationship for kissing on the mouth.

But David was once a professional bowler and did land a strike. Lana, true to her word (thanks to the pressure of being filmed), did kiss him.

David also brought up the topic of getting engaged, noticing that his time in Ukraine is limited.

“I think a little more time is necessary,” Lana explained gently.”

“But I hope that I will be able to give you an answer before you return back home,” she added.

David invited Lana back to his hotel room, but Lana declined, saying: “I think it’s a bit early for that.”

Lana uses a translation app with David Murphey

Notably, though Lana understands English just fine, the two used a translation app in order to talk.

Given David’s confession, it is understandable that Lana is hesitant with him and is moving cautiously.

It seems like, in David’s mind, they’ve been in this relationship since they first began speaking to one another seven years ago.

In Lana’s mind, that was just talking, and now that they have met, the relationship has genuinely begun.

June Shannon Gets Family Stalked by Thugs Over Drug Debts!

June Shannon’s downward spiral was frightening to her loved ones, and not just because they feared that she would die.

In addition to selling off her family’s belongings to fuel her drug binges, June went into debt with the wrong people.

Family friend Big Mike sat down with Doe Doe, June’s sister, on the latest episode of Mama June: Family Crisis.

“I just heard through the grapevine that [June] owes the wrong people a lot of f–king money,” Big Mike warns.

“Back in the day,” he confides, “I ran with the wrong crowd and the wrong people.”

Mike shares that these are “the same people that, matter of fact, June and them mess with.”

‘I know some of these guys they’re f–king with and they’re gonna get them,” Mike fears.

‘I’m telling you,” he says to the camera, “you best pay up.”

Big Mike then recalls having been shot and stabbed multiple times and being beaten up with a baseball bat.

The implications are not good for June or for her family.

Assuming that neither Mike’s concerns nor the entire situation are cooked up for drama …

… Mike has a conspicuous swastika tattoo which is why his arms are always covered or blurred.

Was her previously affiliated with a gang of white neo-nazis? Such gangs are often a source of hard drugs in the rural South.

(By the way, there are charities that help people remove racist tattoos that Big Mike could go to … just saying)

Big Mike claims that he was concerned from the start of June’s romance with Geno that she might get into trouble.

Geno, he says, tends to act up and, when he does, it’s always a disaster.

Did he really warn June of that or is this just hindsight and reality TV drama talking?

Either way, he tells “June” (the camera) that he told her so.

They then talk about how June has lost everything but her life and her house itself.

(Fortunately, she is still alive, but the part about her home ownership has changed dramatically since this scene was filmed)

Mike predicts that these dangerous men will inevitably find a way to get to her — directly or indirectly.

Meanwhile, Doe Doe concludes that this is why June did not show up to court, out of fear that these men would follow her.

But June maintaining her own physical safety for the time being is not enough to free her family from the consequences of her actions.

They have barely had time to process the knowledge that June has sold some of their belongings.

Lauryn says that she has seen the same suspicious car outside of the driveway.

Coupled with the knowledge that June has gone into debt with the wrong people, they decide to play it safe.

Lauryn speaks to production and they determine that it may be safer for the time being to go to a hotel.

There seems to be a real fear of physical, violent retaliation in an effort to send a message to June.

Again, this storyline seems almost unbelievable to some of us, to the point where it seems like an invention of production to add drama.

But then … June’s life has been so different from most people’s. She grew up eating roadkill. This could be legit, right?

Vicious loan shark goons or not, if June misses her next court date, there will be a warrant out for her arrest.

Additionally, Alana enters Lauryn’s daughter into a child beauty pageant, because those are still unfortunately legal.

(It’s not Alana’s fault that she hasn’t fully processed how damaging that industry is on children. Most kids do not get rich and famous from it)

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lamb enters her own granddaughter into the pageant, with worse results. LOL.

June shannon goes into debt with dangerous people endangers fami

Big Ed Brown Despairs on 90 Day Fiance: Rosemarie Didn’t Even Say Goodbye!

Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is winding to a close, but there are still some major twists playing out on our screens.

Sunday’s episode was evidence of that.

We had already reported that David Murphey’s Lana is a real person, but seeing them meet up for the first time was still jarring.

Speaking of jarring, Geoffrey has now found himself in a “love” triangle, which is deeply alarming given Geoffrey’s horrific criminal history.

And Big Ed Brown has had to face the consequences of his actions, breaking down and weeping on screen.

Do you feel sorry for him?

1. Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega

Rosemarie vega sits while big ed brown walks away crying
After Ed confessed to Rose that he had been lying to her this whole time, she told him that he was a bad person and left while he went pacing around the hotel. Then, he decided that it was time to look for her.

2. Rose is gone, girl

Big ed brown is emotionally wounded
“She didn’t even say goodbye,” Ed complains while crying after he discovers that Rosemarie went to the airport already. “I failed. Again.”

3. Ed looks back

Big ed brown is shocked
“Raising my daughter is the one thing I’m most proud of, and that’s probably the one thing I threw away for me to be happy because I took a chance on love,” he semi-blubbers on camera.

4. He feels SO sorry for himself

Ed brown on the pig farm
“I really thought Rose was the one. I wanted to believe so badly that it was real,” he laments to the camera. “But I was wrong.”

5. David Murphey and … Lana?

David murphey at his laptop
We were all so, so sure that Lana was a product of a scammer’s imagination after she stood up David so many times, but, as we previously spoiled, she is a real human being who exists.

6. She even has a human face!

Varya is apparently real
David finally, finally gets to see her in person after years (and tens of thousands of dollars) spent talking to her.

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Denise Richards SLAMS Kyle Richards: Will You Just SHUT UP?!

Before this season began, Kyle Richards dragged Denise Richards as a quitter. But as the season unfolds, that is not the whole story.

Hostile sparks have been flying between these two Richards, and on this week’s RHOBH, the ladies exploded at each other.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, and that includes Kyle having a breakdown at Denise’s pizza party.

Though it was Lisa Rinna who prompted the emotional display, Kyle still found the time to call Denise a “ragamuffin.”

On this week’s episode, Denise chatted with Erika Jayne about that incident.

Erika tried to persuade Denise that this was simply the result of Kyle being under a lot of pressure.

Denise, however, wasn’t buying it.

“I am filming in Los Angeles, I got an ex-husband I’m dealing with, I got a kid with special needs, I gotta pay the bills,” Denise remarked.

“B–ch, we all have a lot going on,” she observed.

Denise assessed that “that’s not an excuse to be an asshole.”

Her conversation with Erika swiftly turned to Erika issuing an apology for the loud conversation about threesomes that the ladies had.

Specifically, Denise’s daughter Sami had overheard the chatter, though she stressed to her mom that it was no big deal.

That’s pretty standard in terms of reactions from 15-year-olds.

Some have never heard of threesomes, others have been part of one, but either way, they’re going to be chill when the topic comes up.

Even then, the Richards v Richards tensions reared their ugly head.

Denise could not help but notice that out of everyone in the group text that she sent to thank them for attending, only Kyle had failed to respond.

After Lisa’s daughters’ photoshoot (which was partially Lisa’s, to everyone’s amusement), Kyle suggested a celebration.

She pitched a weekend trip to Santa Barbara to celebrate wrapping up “Halloween Kills.”

“What does Kyle want? A f–king medal?” Denise complained in the confessional.

“I shoot about 10 episodes of Bold and the Beautiful a week,” she noted.

Soap operas famously film at a breakneck rate, which is why they look the way that they do. The actors are good, but they do not get reshoots.

“Want to know how I celebrate?” Denise said to the camera. “I cook dinner for my kids and I memorize my lines for next week.”

Lisa apologized to Kyle for hurting her feelings at the pizza party, and Kyle shared her suspicion that it was just an effort to smooth things over.

Then it was Kyle’s turn for an apology, apologizing to Denise for leaving in a weeping huff.

“I love Kyle’s half-assed apology, because she doesn’t give a shit what I have to f–king say,” Denise told the camera.

Denise said that Kyle “only cares about getting her point across, and I find that really f–king selfish.”

Following some drama with Sutton, Dorit stirred the pot by bringing up how Kyle had said that the rest of them were “fake ass b–ches.”

“I want to know, who is a fake ass bitch?” Denise very confrontationally asked Kyle.

Kyle protested, saying that she thinks “everyone has that potential,” which is decidedly not an answer.

“Even you Denise, who was down to earth, no makeup last year,” she continued.

Kyle accused Denise: “You’re all of a sudden getting glam and having a diamond ice sculpture at your house.”

“Everybody’s so full of s–t,” she commented.

“Who gives a s–t if I have a goddamn ice sculpture?” Denise demanded.

Kyle then opined: “It just seems like that’s not how you were before.”

At this point, Lisa Rinna chimes in to back up Denise’s claim that she’s not upping her ante just because it’s Season 2.

She confirms that, years ago, she rode on the back of a camel at Denise’s house.

The episode even played footage of that — dated to 2011.

So clearly, the ice sculpture is, if anything, a little understated for Denise’s tastes.

“Why am I fake because of that?” Denise demanded to know.

She then reminded her castmates: “I’ve been an actress in this business for a long time. I’ve done glam.”

“Half the time you guys see me,” Denise noted, “I’m coming from f–king set.”

This then leads Denise to making one of her best statements of the season so far.

“I am f–king Denise Richards, Kyle!” Denise declared.

“I don’t think these b–ches know,” she continued.

Denise observed: “I’ve been on every f–king magazine cover you could possibly imagine that they would want to be on.”

She’s not wrong. She is certainly and easily one of the most high-profile Real Housewives in the franchise’s history.

That was not the end of the confrontation at the table, however, as Denise then lectured Kyle about her apparent need to interrupt others.

“Do you realize you don’t let some people talk? You talk at us sometimes and not to us and you don’t listen,” She accused.

Kylie’s attempts to defend herself did not do her any favors.

“You need to be quiet!” Denise admonished. “Stop! Do you ever let people talk!” Only Lisa’s timely intervention cut the tension.

Denise richards slams kyle richards will you just shut up

Dorinda Medley Explodes at Tinsley Mortimer: Are You SCARED of Me, Bish?!

As Leah McSweeney keeps dealing with the fallout from Ramona Singer’s wild party, another feud has been boiling over.

Dorinda Medley thinks that Tinsley Mortimer is scared s–tless of her. Is she right?

On this week’s The Real Housewives of New York City, Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer decided to talk things out.

They both know that they have their differences but they want to handle it with franchise-defying maturity.

Unfortunately, they hit a roadblock before the talk could even begin.

Dorinda wanted to have Leah McSweeney as a sort of mediator there, but Tinsley did not see the need.

Leah (who is such a good addition to the cast, you guys) told Dorinda that she didn’t see it that way.

As you can see in the clip that we have included, she explained to Dorinda — who had been drinking — that the lattter can be “intimidating.”

Dorinda initially protested and then, on impulse, shared Leah’s words with Tinsley … and some creative additions of her own.

She told Tinsley: “Leah said you’re intimidated by me.”

Suddenly, instead of mediating a frank discussion of their differences, Leah was a witness — and unintentional instigator.

At Luan de Lesseps’ comedy show (my goodness, that woman loves to be on stage), alcohol and feuding created a perfect storm.

Dorinda and Tinsley devolved into a screaming match over layers of nothing more than an alcohol-fueled misunderstanding.

It’s hard to say if this is really any one person’s fault. It was almost inevitable.

These two have been having issues all season.

Dorinda previously speculated that Tinsley has not been entirely truthful with the group.

Of particular interest to Dorinda was Tinsley’s claims about her dating life.

Right now, it seems like they’re just clashing at every opportunity, and using any excuse to go off on each other.

The funniest part of that incident, by far, was when Ramona Singer popped over to ask if she was intimidating.

She received a firm but amused “no.”

Speaking of Ramona and of interpersonal conflicts, Leah explained to her that she’s still having issues with her mother.

Ramona suggested that the best way to make up would be a bouquet of her mom’s favorite flowers accompanied by an in-person apology.

But we don’t mean to dance around Luann’s comedy show.

There, she had teamed up with her ex, Jacques.

This turned deeply awkward when it came to Luann telling a joke about sleeping (or not sleeping) with a pirate years earlier.

Luann insisted that she “never f–ked the pirate” while dating Jacques, but that’s not what Sonja Morgan heard from the pirate himself.

Speaking of easily avoidable mistakes, Luann took one sip of Ramona’s vodka and decided that she can totally start drinking again.

Dorinda actually thought that this was a good idea, that it would relieve the pressure that Luann is experiencing over not drinking.

There are, for the record, lines of thought that say that 12-step forever-quitting programs do more harm than good and don’t work for everyone.

While some people who have struggled with alcoholism can later drink in moderation, not everyone felt that Luann was one of those people.

Rhony 12 elyse slaine claim

Elyse Slaine, the friend of the group who continues to have one of the best names that we have ever seen, begged to disagree.

She viewed Luann’s situation as black and white. Either she’s in AA or she’s not.

And, if Luann is in AA, then no, she cannot drink, not at all.

Dorinda basically told Elyse to stuff it.

Rhony 12 sonja morgan speaks

Then, poor Sonja Morgan got news that her fashion line isn’t doing as well as she would have hoped.

(She has reportedly been losing money on that for years, unfortunately)

She’s trying to stay positive and hoping that it will pick up in time. And hey, it could happen.

But her fashion show didn’t bring in the new sales that she had hoped to see. Poor Sonja.

Dorinda medley explodes at tinsley mortimer are you scared of me

Jersey Shore: So … Did JWoww and Pauly D Smush or No?

Did it really happen on Thursday night?!?

After weeks of build-up, speculation and hype, did JWoww and Pauly D really take their relationship to the next level?

Which is to say: Did these Jersey Shore: Family Vacation stalwarts finally smush?

Following her break-up from Zack Carpinello — after all that Angelina/Las Vegas drama — JWoww was single on the latest installment of this MTV reality show — and so ready to mingle.

While the entire clique celebrated Pivarnick’s bachelorette weekend in New Orleans, long-simmering feelings between Jenni and Pauly resurfaced … big time.

As the group of friends went out on the town, Angelina said the co-stars were “flirting,” and Snooki felt they were “vibing” — and The Situation agreed, saying he was getting “Season 1 vibes” from the duo.

In other words, a trip to Pound Town was inevitable, right?

When the party moved to a strip club, Pauly started asking how much Jenni charged for a lap dance.

“I would pay infinity for that lap dance … I’ll give you my routing number,” he quipped.

“If we’re gonna cheat, we’re gonna make it worth it,” Pauly also said to Jenni, as she emphasized that she was actually single.

Every single one of their colleagues – literally, every single one — wanted to see them hook up, yet it was Deena who put it best:

“I would love to see Pauly and Jenni do sex.”

lap dance?

After an evening of drinking and dancing, everyone went back to the hotel… except for Jenni and Snooki, who was totally passed out.

In a group confessional, Deena kept winning by stating very simply of Pauly: “He wants to f-ck Jenni,” to which the DJ responded:

“I do! Don’t tell her.”

From there, Pauly joined Jenni in bed, telling her how amazing she looked.

He also smelled his crush as they cuddled up with each other. (Snooki, naturally, was half-asleep and half-mumbling in the next bed over.)

As Jenni said she loved Pauly too much to hook up, he shot back:

“I would put it right in, though. I would take it out, put it back in, take it out and put it back in. This is the best day of my life. I’d put it right in, but I have too much respect for her.”

Yup, folks, he really said all this.

Everyone else, of course, was right outside the door during this exchange, chanting “F-CK HER! F-CK HER!”

Alas, it didn’t happen.

“I would never disrespect you. I would never make you do anything that would jeopardize anything,” Pauly told JWoww, prior to leaving the room.

While there was some snuggling and cheek-kissing, nothing else went down. Or, perhaps we should say more accurately, no one went down.

“When I get that green light, I’m going to f–k the shit out of you,” Pauly hilariously added as he walked out.

Why didn’t any porking take place?

Jenni told Angelina that Pauly previously turned her down after her divorce from Roger Mathews and she decided at that time she never wanted to try again.

Nor did she wanna ruin their friendship.

“I feel like, there actually would have to be substance there before I sleep with him,” she explained. “This isn’t 10 years ago.”

Pauly, though? He told Angelina he would have been DTF.

“I wanted to, but I didn’t know if I was supposed to cross that line or not,” he said, adding he also concerned she wasn’t totally done with Carpinello:

“If I got the green light that she was done with dude, yes. In my eyes, she’s not done with dude.”

The episode concluded with Jenni simply saying they’ll “wait and see” what happens next, realizing both of them would be going solo to Angelina’s wedding.

Lauryn Shannon Goes OFF on Alana Thompson for Pretending to Snort Cocaine

Late last summer, 14-year-old Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson pretended to snort cocaine while on Instagram Live.

On Mama June: Family Crisis, fans — and Alana — came face to face with the fallout and the real world consequences of that impulsive mistake.

Alana thompson says that it was just a joke

On Friday’s episode, we saw — and herard — Lauryn furiously scolding Alana after, on impulse, the high school freshman mimed snorting cocaine.

(We hope that this was dramatized for the cameras, as we’re sure that most of the episode was, because no one should yell … just about ever).

“Alana, seriously what the f–k possessed you to do that?” Lauryn demanded to know.

“All this stuff going on with Mama,” she lamented, “and you’re sitting here continuously f–king doing stuff!”

Alana thompson begs june shannon to come home

Lauryn did not buy into Alana’s protestatons that it was a joke, countering: “It’s not funny!”

But Alana was deeply distressed and felt cornered as people online and in real life gave her hell for it.

“It was a joke,” Alana protested. “Everyone is supposed to laugh about it. I mean, I wasn’t trying to make fun of Mama’s situation or anything.”

“It was just simply a joke, I mean it wasn’t even like that,” she continued. “Why can’t people just take a joke?”

Alana thompson makes a lot of sense

The reason was not just that it was a potential red flag in terms of how she was handling her mother’s arrest and downward spiral.

There were also some immediate, real-world downsides.

In a FaceTime chat with her management, Gina Rodriguez, Alana learned that she had done more than disappoint people.

Some of her business sponsorships, which have kept her financially stable despite her mother’s descent, were cutting ties with her.

Alana thompson feels ganged up upon

“This is ridiculous. What do you think you’re doing?” Gina admonished Alana.

“Why are you smiling?” she asked. “This is not funny!”

‘Some of your sponsorships have been calling us and emailing us trying to cancel with you,” Gina revealed.

She added: “We’ve been trying to put out fires all morning.”

Alana thompson and lauryn shannon see what joshua efird has to s

Josh Efird was the one to really drive the message home in an over-the-top, theatrical, made-for-TV kind of way.

He (and production) drove Alana out to a farm where she had to perform gross, manual labor on camera.

While we have no idea how this was not a violation of child labor laws, we do know that a lot of states have exceptions for farming (for no good reason).

However much or little Alana actually did, the point was to show her that her current reality gig is a sweetheart deal compared to other labor.

Alana thompson cries on the couch

Just in case that wasn’t enough to convince Alana to shape up, the family also staged an intervention of sorts, with Dr. Ish.

This was where Alana eventually broke down into tears as they gat to the heart of the issue.

That issue — her mother totally abandoning her for drugs and a man who reportedly threatened to kill her.

Eventually, Alana came to tearfully admit that she felt like a bit of a burden on her family, who assured her that this is not the case.

Alana thompson does not like what she is hearing

It is our sincere hope that Alana is also undergoing actual therapy, the kind that is not filmed.

We know that a healthy mental and emotional state is not always conducive to an entertaining reality star, but … she needs support.

It can be easy to forget that Alana is really going through this, on top of dealing with being a childhood star with a lot of early life trauma.

Seeing her storm away from her sit-down with a camera and producer should be enough to hammer home that some of the drama is very real.

Lauryn shannon goes off on alana thompson for pretending to snor

June Shannon Ghosts on Rehab in Heartbreaking Family Crisis Episode

On Mama June: Family Crisis, June Shannon’s family struggles to cope with her drug use and downward spiral.

This latest episode featured June acknowledging that she wanted rehab and was ready … which made things so much more heartbreaking.

Part of the most recent episode of Family Crisis dealt with Alana Thompson’s schooling plans.

She had been homeschooled by her mother, and there were questions about whether she technically qualified to be in her age group.

(Can you imagine her humiliation if she had to enter the school system a year behind in order to catch up?)

Fortunately, the school decided that she qualified as a high school freshman, and she was thrilled.

Mama june family crisis alana preps on first day of high school

But Alana was not the only one preparing to enter an institution that will improve her life.

June and Geno were infamously filmed after Geno, presumably under the influence, plowed the SUV into the garage door of June’s house.

The reality star came out of the house wearing a see-through gown and nothing else to coax him out of the car, with great difficulty.

The damage to the house is infamous, and can be seen repeatedly in the episode clip that we have included in this post.

Mama june family crisis garage door damage

While a story of a disaster of a man hitting a house with his car may sound innocuous if no one was injured, this was part of a pattern.

By the time that she sold her house for well below its value, the once-nice home was essentially trashed.

There were boarded up windows, broken windows, and other pieces of unexplained damage that are not part of natural wear on a home.

Eyewitnesses described having seen piles of garbage and what appeared to be discarded syringes sitting around in random piles around the house.

Mama june shannon tries to drag geno doak into the house

It does not help that the entire incident must have been humiliating to whatever degree of rational thought June had left in her at the time.

June eventually put on a shirt over her see-through gown, but not until after she had already been spotted and filmed by neighbors.

She then had to attempt to drag Geno, who was not fully clothed himself, into the house. June is, please remember, a tiny woman.

We’ve heard of women having to shoulder the “useless dead weight” of their boyfriends, but Geno made that very literal.

Geno doak bares his arms

(The good news is that Geno is now baring his arms and gaining weight, which may mean that he and June are really getting sober)

However, on the show, June was still well into her downward spiral.

For the family to learn about this incident while away from home was bad.

Seeing Doe Doe drive down the street where it happened and see children playing was a reminder of how serious this incident could have been.

June shannon shots

But that story almost had a happy ending, because June contacted production after ages of silence, and expressed her desire to go to rehab.

From Not To Hot production even made arrangements for June, and was prepared to drive her there.

We even see the process as production drives 

Then, the production coordinator emerges from the vehicle, knocks on June’s door, and waits.

Mama june family crisis the crew arrives to pick up june

The camera repeatedly looks to the window of June’s bedroom.

The view alternates between the window, the front door, and the busted garage door.

There is no sign of movement from within the house.

If June and Geno are even there, they were clearly hiding until production left and June had missed her flight.

Mama june family crisis junes house

Everyone had been consciously making an effort to limit their expectations.

Last time that June had entered rehab, Geno had signed her out days later, and the two were arrested a short time after.

But this time, June had been the one to reach out, indicating that she truly wanted to get batter.

And besides, rehab could help with her drug charges.

Mama june family crisis production knocks

So why in the world didn’t June, who wanted to go to rehab, go through with it?

Doe Doe, her sister, spells it out.

In her opinion, Geno was worried that a sober June would no longer fund his lifestyle — including drugs.

Worried about losing his meal ticket, Doe Doe theorizes, he must have talked her out of rehab.

Family crisis doe doe shannon opinion

June’s fear of losing Geno was also what stopped her from accepting rehab during her previous intervention.

This time, Lauryn reacts with frustration, scolding herself for getting her hopes up.

She is afraid to tell Alana because she will be crushed, but her husband, Joshua Effird, encourages her to tell the truth.

At the end, the family grappled with the scandal after Alana pretended to snort cocaine, with Lauryn fearing that she could lose custody.

June shannon ghosts on rehab promise in heartbreaking family cri

Erika Jayne Gets Real About Boning Her 80-Year-Old Husband

The intense drama over Denise Richards quitting isn’t the only storyline on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season.

Erika Jayne is getting real about her marriage to 80-year-old Thomas, and even detailing their sex life.

Garcelle Beauvais is new to RHOBH, and is the (long, long overdue) first black woman cast on the show.

She may be new, but she is not afraid to get right to the point with her castmates, including fellow actress Erika Jayne.

So when the two sat down with her, she asked about Erika and Erika’s husband, 80-year-old Thomas Girardi.

Speciically, she wanted to know what kind of sex life Erika has with a man 33 years her senior.

“It’s OK,” Erika replies, “You know, people always ask that.”

“They’re always like, ‘What’s going on?’” she acknowledges.

‘Is it 20-year-old f–king all day long?” she asks rhetorically.

Erike then answers her own question: “No.”

Erika follows that up by confirming that she’s not looking for an Olympic sex-machine, either.

She admits that she has “dealt” with questions and snide remarks about her marriage to Thomas since “forever.”

They married in 1999. And while she doesn’t begrudge Garcelle’s question, she’s tired of fielding the questions in general.

Erika acknowledges that she is “the younger woman that marries the wealthier, older man.”

Erika Jayne dines with husband Thomas Girardi

“I’m tired of having to justify my 20-year marriage,” Erika laments to the camera.

Again, she is not complaining about Garcelle, but about the way that the world views her and her relationship.

“Go get a 20-year marriage,” she invites her critics.

Erika continues, challenging them: “and then come f–king talk to me.”

This season, Erika’s confessional commentary is all filmed while she appears to be dressed as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

“Yeah I married a guy that’s 33 years older than me,” Erika acknowledges to the camera.

“And yeah,” she adds, “he’s got a lot of money.”

Thomas’ estimated net worth is in the area of $30 million.

“But you know what?” Erika asks.

Of Tom, she declares: “He’s a f–king good man.”

“And that is the most important thing,” Erika correctly expresses.

Notably, Thomas was very affirming to Erika’s son from her previous marriage when she married in 1999.

Erika’s general no-nonsense attitude has won her as many fans as her meme-worthy statements and her other ventures.

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, attitude can be everything.

If Erika were to mope and dodge questions about her husband’s age, it would come across as a bigger deal than it is.

Instead, she just tells it like it is, and anybody who doesn’t like that can effing deal with it.

It’s exactly that kind of approach that keeps Erika from making a rookie mistake like Denise Richards did.

Because she was so freaked out about discussing her alleged affair with Brandi Glanville on camera, Denise amplified the scandal considerably.

If Denise had taken Erika’s approach, she would have just said “yeah I fingerbanged Brandi; she has some killer tatas” or something similar.

Her alleged affair would have been a three-episode arc, instead of season-dominating storyline. She could learn a lot from Erika.