Jennifer Aydin Gets Real with Mom About Gay Brother: It’s Who He Is!

This week, instead of a physical brawl, the Housewives treated viewers to what amounts to a very special episode.

Jennifer Aydin and her daughter talked to her mom about Jennifer’s gay brother, helping the conservative Turkish grandmother open up.

On this week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer is surprised when her daughter, Gabrielle, overhears that her uncle Steven is gay.

They have a brief if largely superfluous heart-to-heart about it.

Let’s be real — Gabriella is an American teen who’s met Ariana Grande. Her reaction wasn’t bigoted, she just wished that she’d known sooner.

But they both knew one family member who did not feel as open and warm about Steven’s sexuality — Jennifer’s grandmother, Nana.

“Nana, at church, the priest was talking about how God says to love everyone, but someone said the priests don’t support gays,” Gabriella said.

Continuing to prod her maternal grandmother for a response, she added: “I was like, don’t the priests love my uncle? ‘Cause Dayi Steven is gay.”

Jennifer was visibly proud of her daughter in the moment but remained silent, wanting to hear what her mother would say.

Unfortunately, Nana simply said “no,” then claimed that she didn’t know that Steven was gay, and very transparently tried to change the subject.

“I knew my mother didn’t like talking about Steven’s sexuality,” Jennifer told the camera, “but hearing her lying to her own granddaughter?”

“That really bothers me ’cause I grew up with my mom lying to keep up a facade,” she explained

“”That was my normal, and that’s not what I want my kids’ normal to be…” Jennifer expressed. “I’m so proud of Gaby for bringing this up to my mom.”

“My mom has to stop dancing around the issue. You need to face this, privately, publicly,” she said. “She doesn’t get how important that is to Steven.”

Jennifer attempted to broaden her mother’s horizons by taking her to a drag brunch at Margaret Josephs’ house.

Drag performers are generally (but not always) men, but Nana did not realize that this was the case until Dolores Catania explained it to her.

“Well, I’m very proud of you that you’ve lived through your first drag party,” Jennifer praised. “I feel like you’ve come a long way.”

Nana was very emotionally honest as an older Turkish woman, replying: “Honestly, a lot of things I see now, it wasn’t normal before to me.”

“Well, I just want you to know that the way that I’m raising my kids is to always be accepting of people,” Jennifer emphasized.

“You know, Gaby was just a little confused as to why you said you didn’t know [that Steven is gay].” she prompted, but Nana did not respond.

“It’s okay! We all know he’s not in the closet,” Jennifer expressed. “I feel like you’re the only one that still tries to hide it.”

“I know it’s hard for you to talk about,” she acknowledged, “but I just don’t want you to feel like it’s something that you need to hide, ever.”

“I’m not ashamed of my child,” Nana finally said. “It’s not his fault. If you have a sick child, you gonna throw them out?”

“But this is not a sickness,” Jennifer quickly corrected her mother, who was growing increasingly uncomfortable.

“Why do we have to keep talking about it?” Nana asked, then began to cry. “When I was in Turkey, I never know anything like this.”

“I still have problem with it because I’m old fashioned, but it’s his life,” she expressed. “If he’s happy, God be with him.”

Jennifer told her mom that Steven would be “so much happier” if she could bring herself to “acknowledge him in public.”

At this, realizing the way that she was hurting her son, Nana cried and admitted: “I know.”

“Like, ‘You’re out and proud? Good for you! Good for you that you’re not living a lie,'” Jennifer suggested.

“”I know you can do it,” she affirmed to Nana. “You’re a strong woman.”

Honestly, Nana’s response to the drag queens wasn’t really any worse than Vicki Gunvalson’s, which says a lot about both of them.

For the record, Turkey has a decidedly above-average history when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights.

Same-sex intercourse, legalized nationwide in the US just a couple of decades ago, was legalized in the Ottoman Empire in the mid-1800s.

It has been legal since Turkey’s inception as a nation. Legal rights aside, culturally, the nation’s views on the LGBTQ+ community trend conservative.

turkey in green on a map

Only during the past several years, under Erdogan’s increasingly tyrranical government, have events like Istanbul Pride been banned or met with state-sanctioned violence.

Nana’s struggles in accepting who her son is may have to do more with age than nation of origin.

We’re all learning and growing as human beings, and Nana is no exception.

This was an almost uncharacteristically heartwarming storyline for RHONJ.

Kelly Dodd: Shannon Beador is a Lying Drunk Who Ruined My Reputation!

The latest installment of the The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion special included so much more than Kelly’s private detective accusation.

We won’t see the dramatic conclusion to the Reunion until Thursday, December 26.

In the mean time, take a look at what the Housewives have said to and about each other.

This includes some damning claims that Kelly has made about Shannon and her fitness as a parent and a human being.

1. Reunions are full of drama

Gina kirschenheiter tamra judge and shannon beador on the couch
And this latest episode was absolutely no exception, as Kelly made a very serious accusation against Shannon Beador — the member of the Tres Amigas with whom she had once been the closest.

2. The first beef?

Braunwyn windham burke pic
Remember when Vicki called Braunwyn “boring-wind” to the dismay of both Tamra and Shannon? (Say what you will about Braunwyn, but she’s not boring) Well, apparently Vicki forgot all about it, because she denied it.

3. Tamra gives an update

Ryan vieth dresses in betsy ross cosplay
She thinks that her deeply troubled adult son, Ryan, is back with his baby mama. The two have had a toxic relationship in the past, so we sincerely hope that Ryan is in a better place in terms of his mental and emotional health these days.

4. On a lighter note

Tamra judge and sidney barney graduation 2017
Tamra says that things are better with her eldest daughter, Sidney Barney, from whom she has been famously estranged. Sidney has called out her mother in the past for using her and her siblings for storylines. In deference to her wishes, Tamra did not go into detail about Sidney. Hey, she’s learning!

5. Then comes the train rumor

Kelly dodd speaks at the season 14 reunion
Kelly has been grappling with this ridiculous rumor for most of the season. It’s not even an insult, it just doesn’t fit with Kelly’s brand or sexual history — she’s never even had a threesome, if you can imagine. Everyone but Shannon seems to agree that the origin of that rumor was not Vicki and not Tamra, but Shannon … even though Vicki was the one who kept hinting at it on screen and Tamra is the one who said it out loud.

6. That’s not the only bit of ugly business

Emily simpson at the season 14 reunion
Tamra had called Emily “Shrek” at one point, which is extremely awful. Tamra’s only “defense” was that Kelly Dodd had already called her “Fiona.” And Kelly? She said that at least she’d said that to Emily’s face. Sometimes the whole cast seems rotten in their souls.

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Kourtney Kardashian: I’m at My Breaking Point! I’m Quitting KUWTK!

Days ago, we showed you a sneak peek of the Kardashian family all ganging up on Kourtney, though Kim admitted that she’s been too harsh.

On Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the bullying got to Kourtney. Is she quitting the show?

Kuwtk dec8 2019 10

Last week, Kourtney was distressed and offended that Kim and Khloe were childishly stalking her while she tried to conduct business.

Kourtney wanted to draw some boundaries and have them respected.

In response, Kim suggested that Kourtney should be fired for holding back any part of her life.

Now, the family is still dealing with the fallout from that heated conflict.

Kuwtk wyoming therapy 02

On Sunday night’s episode, the family lays the groundwork for their therapeutic trip to the middle of nowhere.

“The reason I wanted you all to come is because I feel a little frustrated and anxious,” Kris Jenner tells her gathered brood.

Honestly? Agreeing to the trip makes sense, as the scene and trip would have been already planned.

But the way that these women all chime in with “I love Wyoming!” makes us wonder if the family is getting kickbacks from America’s least populous state.

Kuwtk wyoming therapy 01

First up was the scene that we showed you last week, in which Kris asked everyone which relationship most needed fixing.

Khloe singled out her bond with Kourtney, citing that they could “fizzle out” at times.

Kendall talked about hypocrisy in the family, but also pointed the finger specifically at Kourt.

And Kim, also, had a bone to pick with her eldest sibling, though she admitted that she herself could be very mean.

Kuwtk kourtney woods phone

Kourtney is still explaining why she needs space and firm boundaries at times.

“We all have our own way of what works best for us and how much we can handle,” Kourtney notes.

“It’s not OK that I feel like I’m at my breaking point and I need a break and I don’t want to film anymore,” she expresses.

Kourt reminds her loved ones: “Life is short. It’s not all about filming this show.”

“I hear Kourtney loud and clear. And I obviously want her to be really happy,” Kim emphasizes.

“But I think she’s really torn on, what should she do?” she characterizes.

Kim continues: “Should she stay on the show, or does she get off and live a different life that she claims she’s wanted for so long?”

“I hope that Kourtney finds clarity,” she expresses. “And whatever decision she chooses to make, I just want her to feel like she’s at peace.”

Khloe chimes in with a similar attitude, saying: “I never want my sisters to be sad or upset.”

“And I think everyone has to do what’s best for them in life,” she tells the confessional camera.

“So now, let’s move on, let’s heal,” Khloe suggests.

She continues: “And let’s get on to the next thing.”

Kuwtk kim fear of heights

Kim’s most relatable moment — maybe ever in her life — is when she breaks down into tears over her fear of heights.

Team-building exercises are some of the most miserable, hateful inventions in the world.

If they work at all, it’s not because of comradery, it’s becuase of trauma bonding, like people who survived being hostages in a bank.

This is where we see Kourtney and Khloe really snapping at each other as Khloe calls out Kourt’s behavior.

Kuwtk khloe shoulders

After this, the two hottest members of the family — by which we of course mean Kendall and Kourtney — have a tense conversation.

“Who are you leaving?” asks Kendall, who was already bummed out that Kylie pulled the billionaire card and passed on the family trip.

“Because I feel like, why would I want to be here,” Kendall replies, “with a bunch of people who, literally, they just pick on me.”

“We are sisters though, at the end of the day,” Kendall points out. “You have to remember that sometimes, sisters are just like that.”

Kuwtk kourtney kendall heart to heart

“I get that,” Kourt acknowledges. “But there’s also a way that we can be to be more helpful.”

She admits that the show is wearing her down in part because the fights with her siblings that they do for the camera are exhausting.

“I’m getting to the point where I’m not happy,” she confesses.

Kourtney reminds the world: “Everyone has their breaking point.”

That said, she did seem to enjoy the costume party. Is that enough to keep on on TV (if that was ever in doubt)?

Kourtney kardashian im at my breaking point im quitting kuwtk

Vicki Gunvalson Obviously Hospitalized After Kelly Dodd Feud Goes Nuclear in Miami

On this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd has been feuding with more or less everyone.

Yes, even more than usual.

But on this week’s episode, Kelly flipped out at Vicki after the OG crossed a major boundary. And Vicki flipped out right back.

Even as they had their heated argument, Vicki expressed physical fear that Kelly would hurt her.

Vicki ended up being rushed to the ER in an ambulance. See how it all played out below:

1. Vicki had QUITE the episode

Vicki gunvalson at the 2018 reunion special
Her feud with Kelly Dodd exploded, she made a startling admission to the camera, and she ended up being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Yikes.

2. The ladies went to Miami

Rhoc miami 01 shannon excited
And the Tres Amigas in particular had a grand old time, as you can tell by how excited Shannon is in this moment.

3. Alcohol was involved

Rhoc miami 02 cheers
The Housewives exchanged cheers and — this will be relevant soon — the alcohol was positively flowing.

4. Maybe too much alcohol

Rhoc miami 03 yelling
There are certain restaurants in the world where exclamations of excitement are acceptable, but they were straight up yelling.

5. And they didn’t stop there

Rhoc miami 04 vicki binge drinking
Most people didn’t even do this in college. Vicki is 57 years old. She is a grandmother. We’re not age-shaming her, just explaining why some feel that she should have known better than to go off the rails like this.

6. She paid for it immediately

Rhoc miami 05 vicki feels unwell
Drinking heavily makes you feel like you’re dying because it’s literally poison and your liver is rushing to process it.

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Kelly Dodd Blasts Tamra Judge: Act Your Age and Shut the Eff UP!!

Kelly Dodd may think that she’s only feuding with Vicki and Tamra, but it looks like she has half of the cast in her crosshairs.

On this week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly laid into Gina and Shannon over their hair, of all things.

At one point she crossed a line by giving Shannon’s hair a pull – once again touching her castmates without her consent.

But the 44-year-old’s biggest beef of all was with Tamra Judge, who felt betrayed after Kelly had offered her services …

… in a lawsuit against Tamra and Shannon.

The details are somewhat confusing, but what’s plain as day is that there’s no love lost between these two Bravolebrities.

And if you thought Kelly’s comments about Tamra acting her age were harsh, wait until you hear how the Judge responded.

1. Kelly had a bone to pick with everyone

Rhoc shannon kelly 01
On the Miami trip, Kelly laid into Gina Kirschenheiter over her blonde hair. We’re talking about a woman who had hooked up with her ex, but her HAIR was the bad choice that Kelly wanted to discuss.

2. She roasted her over it

Rhoc shannon kelly 02
To be fair, as Kelly has since pointed out, she did very much say these things to her face. Which is … better?

3. She also had words with Shannon

Rhoc shannon kelly 03
Kelly said that Shannon is “too old” to have long hair (that’s not how it works) and also that Shannon’s hair length was somehow making her look older.

4. Shannon was mad

Rhoc shannon kelly 04
In addition to yelling at Kelly to “stop it” at the time, Shannon couldn’t help but notice that Kelly once again made physical contact — pulling on her hair while telling her that it looked “like s–t.”

5. Here is that moment

Rhoc shannon kelly 05
As entertained as we are by this potential new meme format and Gina Kirschenheiter’s stance, this is definitely once again crossing a boundary. Kelly is again touching Shannon without consent, which shows that she learned nothing.

6. At least there’s no mallet this time?

Rhoc shannon kelly 06
Are we awarding people points for not using a weapon when they cross boundaries? I’m thinking no. Thankfully nobody went to the hospital this time, but don’t touch somebody’s hair without permission. (This goes one million times for people who want to touch a black woman’s hair, by the way)

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