Khloe Kardashian Pranks Kris Jenner to Tears on KUWTK Premiere

The KUWTK previews for Season 19 promised a lot, and this season is already delivering, albeit slowly.

The elaborate pranking of Kris went exactly as planned … but is the family prepared for the momager’s revenge?

On Thursday night, Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered.

Season 19 is the landmark series’ penultimate season.

While the show’s age was apparent in the season premiere, it was also a keen reminder of why it will be missed.

Obviously, the horrors of the devastatingly deadly COVID-19 pandemic haven’t yet struck the peaceful and affluent suburbs of Calabasas.

Instead, we saw Kourtney brainstorming Poosh content.

She opted for hug therapy, which for Kourt involved hugging everyone in her vicinity, from family to her employees.

A lot of the drama at the premiere centered upon Malika Haqq, Khloe’s bestie who is grappling with a complex situation.

See, she and her initially undisclosed baby daddy do not have the best relationship.

Malika is trying to accommodate everyone else’s wishes for her baby shower … at the expense of her own mental and emotional well-being.

For example, over the phone, Malika tells Khloe and Khadijah that she doesn’t want many people at her baby shower.

The cap that she suggests for the invitation list is … 50-55, which sure sounds like a crowd to just about everyone.

A frustrated Malika explains that she can’t go with a cap like 30 because her baby’s paternal grandmother will be coming and Malika is letting her invite guests … and she has, like, six sisters.

Most of the stress that is driving Malika to tears is over her relationship with the baby daddy, rapper O.T. Genasis, whose real name is Odis Flores.

Ultimately, however, Khloe throws Malika a shower that she thoroughly enjoys. Though she and O.T. are now exes, their baby, Ace, was born healthy and showered with love.

Malika gives a speech, identifies the father, and Khloe showers her with giant teddy bears.

The biggest moment of the episode was, of course, when Khloe and Scott pranked Kris, a moment teased months ago.

Even those of us who think that pranks should result in court-ordered counseling 

In this case, absolutely everyone but Kris was in on this elaborate prank.

Corey Gamble, Kim, Kris’ publicist, Kris’ assistant, and more aided and abetted this deception.

As you can see in the video, it all hinged upon Khloe pulling off a picture-perfect Kris cosplay (kosplay?).

So long as she didn’t stand too close to anything, their four-inch height difference could not be detected from the photos.

So the plan was to get Kris drunk, going out drinking together but secretly drinking water to remain clear-headed while Kris got sloshed.

Once Kris was home, her assistant had to snatch up her clothing and jewelry from the evening and rush them to Khloe.

Fully made up and wigged for the role, Khloe pretended to be Kris on a bender.

The next day, Kris’ publicist claimed that TMZ had gotten photos of Kris drunk doing things that Kris did not remember.

Kris was in a panic, knowing that she had gotten tipsy but not realizing that she had blacked out like that.

Whether she was onto them or not, she put on a good performance of fear, even expressing concern that she might need rehab.

This is where the prank could have turned into gaslighting if they had not pulled the plug.

They came clean to Kris, who vowed revenge … specifically, against Kim.

We have to imagine that the non-family, like her assistant and publicist, were taken to a private island somewhere and Kris hunted them for their pelts.

Khloe kardashian pranks kris jenner to tears on kuwtk premiere

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Is Andrei Castravet Going To Beat Up Charlie Potthast in Moldova?

Last week, the world finally learned why, in his own words, Andrei Castravet had to leave Moldova.

But this season, he has been back in his own country.

Things have been turbulent, but everything has led up to this moment — his wedding to Elizabeth.

Things are going so well until Charlie, once again drunk, tries to ruin the day.

Will Andrei let him get away with it, or has he finally had enough?

Below, we have included a clip of this explosive drama.

Plus, Kalani and Asuelu’s families meet to talk, Angela marries Michael, and Colt is rethinking is life.

Paul and Karine leave for Brazil and Larissa goes in for surgery. Season 5, Episode 14 was a doozy!

1. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Asuelu pulaa things were being better after we went to the thera
Asuelu is the first to admit that, despite his earlier misgivings, going to couples counseling has been a boon to their rocky marriage.

2. But now, mom has come to visit

Asuelu pulaa mom wheres kalani and the kids
Asuelu picks up his mom and one of his sisters and takes them to their hotel. His other sister, Tammy — the one who previously lunged at Kalani — is not there. Rose is nice. Asuelu’s mom … is Asuelu’s mom.

3. Tell us how you REALLY feel

Asuelu pulaa mom im not here for kalani
Lesina tells the camera, point blank, that she is there for her son, not for her daughter in law. This is not a healthy attitude.

4. Her complaint is not surprising

Asuelu pulaa mom she didnt want to send money
Again, we can recognize cultural differences playing a role while also pointing out that some traditions are toxic. The cycle of paying vast sums to your elders until you qualify as an elder is a pyramid scheme and the losers are all young people — and any elders who don’t have kids.

5. Asuelu has a problem with his mother’s words

Asuelu pulaa you dont love our kids your grandkids
Remember, the episode two weeks ago showed Lesina say “I don’t care about the kids,” disregarding her own grandchildren. Sickening.

6. She needs to apologize

Asuelu pulaa apologize to kalani for what you said
What’s more is that Asuelu is standing up for his wife and kids and telling his mom that she needs to apologize.

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Tinsley Mortimer: THIS is Why Dorinda Medley Hates My Friggen Guts!

Before Dorinda Medley was fired from RHONY, she and her former castmate Tinsley Mortimer duked it out at the Reunion.

There, Tinsley revealed the real reason that she and Dorinda don’t get along — and the audience saw unseen footage for the first time.

There was so much at the The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion on Thursday night.

One highlight was Leah McSweeney wearily trying to explain to Ramona Singer how virus safety guidelines work during a pandemic. It was like talking to a wall.

At one point, Ramona began chanting “I don’t have the virus” repeatedly, like a magical incantation to ward off viruses and critics alike. It doesn’t work like that.

But after that (and a lot of talk about alcohol), the focus shifted to Tinsley — who has left the show but who did show up for the Reunion.

“Scott did not make me choose between him and the show,” Tinsley clarified.

Famously, she quit the show to move to Chicago with Scott Kluth, to whom she became engaged last November.

“I knew that the show was definitely an issue for him,” Tinsley acknowledged.

She recalled: “I knew that when we got back together it was a decision that I had to make.”

“I chose him over being here with everybody,” Tinsley emphasized.

“I didn’t want to put him in the mix of all this,” Tinsley stated.

She explained “because it could be toxic and it could be bad for my relationship.”

Infamously, a lot of relationships feel extra pressure and scrutiny when they are featured on reality television.

Andy asked if Tinsley and Dorinda have spoken since Tinsley’s departure from the show.

“No, of course not,” Tinsley replied.

Meanwhile, Dorinda stated that it was her understanding that Tinsley had only spoken to Leah since leaving.

“We were actually friends at one point,” Tinsley recalled with a tone of bitterness.

But she made it clear that that is no longer the case (obviously), and even brought up a major sticking point for her.

“The vile turkey baster comment,” Tinsley accused, “when women cannot get pregnant and the infertility …”

For what it’s worth, Dorinda did apologize for the comment, which she characterized as a bad joke.

“Are you having a problem getting pregnant?” asked an incredulous Dorinda.

“No,” Tinsley fired back, “but I am shamed for wanting a child.”

“I’m surprised you don’t have one already,” Dorinda jabbed, “You’ve been talking about getting pregnant for so long.”

Andy asked Dorinda directly: “What is your issue with Tinsley?”

“I believe half of what I hear in life and all of what I see,” Dorinda replied. “You guys saw just what was on the show. There was a lot of stuff that went on.”

“What happened was, after [Scott and I] had broken up, when we were in Miami — this was season 11,” Tinsley explained.

She recalled: “you and I got in this horrific fight that was not on camera.”

Tinsley explained that the fight was “because I had told you that Scott had generously given John [Mahdessian] (Dorinda’s ex-boyfriend) some money that you did not know about.”

“I don’t know why we’re talking about John,” Dorinda replied.

“The betrayal that you felt for John manifested to anger towards me,” Tinsley theorized. “You took it out on me. You called John screaming.”

Dorinda countered: “It’s just not true.”

“The producers did not want me to stay in the house that night because you were going so crazy,” Tinsley claimed. “They were worried for my safety.”

She accused: “You turned on me that moment when you found out John had that money.”

“No,” Dorinda assured Andy and the audience about Tinsley’s theory, “I didn’t even know about that.”

At this point, viewers were treated to some intense footage of Dorinda on the phone with John.

The venom in her tone was fairly palpable.

You can see this previously unseen footage and more of their discussion in the clip that we have included with this article.

“I did nothing to you to make you hate me the way that you do,” Tinsley insisted. “Your jealousy, your hatred, your obsession with my relationship.”

“Hey, girl, I’m engaged. We’re getting married …” Tinsley began.

“With no financial security,” Dorinda quickly interrupted. “Tinsley, I’d hate your life.”

Tinsley mortimer this is why dorinda medley hates my friggen gut

Denise Richards Defends Lying about Brandi: You’re All So VICIOUS!

As the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion began, Lisa Rinna accused Denise Richards of lying.

In part two, Denise is defending her wildly inconsistent statements. Meanwhile, everyone is asking where Brandi is.

The ladies confronted Denise about her many versions of events.

As everyone recalls, she said that she and Brandi were friends at BravoCon, then said that she barely knew her in Rome.

When Brandi pulled out their lengthy texting history, however, most of the Housewives decided that Denise could no longer be believed on her word alone.

“Every 10 text messages that were sent to me from Brandi, I would respond,” Denise claimed.

“She would always contact me about going to dinner, this and that,” she characterized, “and I never did.”

“It was a very, I would call acquaintance exchange,” Denise insisted, “but I was always nice to her. I had no reason not to.”

Lisa Rinna still didn’t understand why Denise didn’t call Brandi then and there to talk this out in Rome after she first heard what was being said.

Denise claimed that she didn’t reach out to her “because she’s not a friend of mine.”

“You can’t keep lying,” Lisa warned her friend. “You can’t.”

“Lisa, you can’t keep playing this card either,” Denise retorted.

She insisted: “I’m telling you right now, I’m telling the truth, I am not friends with Brandi.”

“Well, not now,” Kyle pointed out with a laugh.

As you can see in the clip that we included with this article, Andy then played the BravoCon panel clip where Denise said that she was friends with Brandi.

“I truly meant it because, at that point, I had no reason to say anything negative about Brandi,” Denise claimed.

Andy pointed out that Brandi’s story is, objectively, not consistent … and she didn’t like that at all.

“I feel like you’re trying to discredit this and that’s not cool,” Denise complained.

Andy fired back: “I’m showing all sides. I’m showing every side.”

“Except Brandi’s side,” Erika Jayne pointed out, which caused multiple other Housewives to chime in, asking why Brandi wasn’t part of this Reunion.

“This is bullshit, why isn’t Brandi here to do this with you?” Lisa asked.

Her obvious implication was that perhaps Denise had threatened to not do the Reunion if Brandi took part in it.

Instead of admitting to that, Denise decided to say that Brandi wasn’t really “part of the show” even though she was central to the drama and had appeared on it this season.

Denise very nearly tattled on herself, saying “I was not going to give her the satisfaction to come on.”

It was Erika who openly wondered if Denise had been the one to block Brandi from appearing.

Andy, however, provided an explanation — or perhaps a cover story — for the decision.

“I would like to add that the conversation with Bravo was,” Andy spoke up.

He said that Bravo decided “that after saying, ‘I licked her c–t,’ there really was nowhere else to go.”

“We’ve kind of heard enough and what more can we add to the conversation,” Andy alleged. Sure, Jan.

Dorit emphasized that she believed Denise, which was … very charitable of Dorit.

Meanwhile, Denise’s difficulty keeping her story straight continued to work against her.

Teddi called out Denise for admitting to the confessional camera that she had said worse things about Teddi than calling her a “s–t-stirrer.”

“According to who?” Denise asked, as if she had just tuned out as that clip was replayed. Also as if she doesn’t know the difference between “who” and “whom.”

All of her castmates replied “You!” Literally, they had just heard her admit to it, but maybe Denise had forgotten about how honest she was to the camera.

Denise got the last wrod of the night, saying “You guys are so vicious.”

Denise richards defends lying about brandi youre all so vicious

90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Sumit’s Parents Tell All!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way just aired their midseason finale for Season 2.

The show is on a break for a few weeks, but you can see the trailer for the drama that has yet to come at the end of this recap.

First up, Ariela and Biniyam have their first real argument on the show, and it’s not pretty.

Kenneth says goodbye to his girls just before he and Armando embark upon a tense but important road trip.

Brittany has to abruptly fly home to America to handle her divorce … but she didn’t tell Yazan that.

Deavan says goodbye to Elicia, who worries that Deavan and Jihoon are headed for a disaster.

Melyza’s cold reaction to Tim’s struggles to get a job in Columbia lead to conflict … but one of them is hiding something.

And for the first time, we hear how Jenny deflowered Sumit right before Sumit’s parents make their debut — and tell their side of the story.

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Biniyam shibre does laundry by hand
These two ended up having their first real confrontation and easily one of the most dramatic storylines in the episode … but the tension slowly built. Their segment started with Biniyam doing laundry by hand.

2. He asks what’s wrong

Ariela weinberg explains her misgivings
Ariela explains that she’s not sad, but that her resting face just looks that way. That’s not really the truth, though. She does have some misgivings. Her mom has just left and this is all feeling so “real.”

3. He wants her to be honest

Biniyam shibre if youre not happy just tell me
Ariela explains that she has a lot of concerns about staying in Ethiopia. Some things get lost in translation, because if you miss the “if” in a sentence, it sounds exactly like she’s announcing her departure.

4. Life takes getting used to

Ariela weinberg hears you need patience for living here
Biniyam hopes that Ariela will, with some patience, adapt to the unthinkably lower standard of living that he thinks of as “normal.” (Again, it is NOT Biniyam’s fault or even Ethiopia’s that the standard of living is what it is; centuries of exploitation and European colonialism inflicted this upon many parts of Africa)

5. He reminds her of why she’s there

Biniyam shibre start life with me
They’re going to have a baby together and, he hopes, start a life together.

6. Biniyam is emotional about this

Biniyam shibre for this family you stay here
Remember, his ex-wife was an American who had his baby, married him, and then divorced him. He is very afraid of doing that again. His family also fears that it will happen.

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