Chris Lopez: Will He Appear on Teen Mom 2 or Not?!?

Chris Lopez may or may not love Kailyn Lowry at the moment.

The status of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend remains unclear.

According to a new report, however, one thing is very evident right now: 

Chris Lopez does NOT love the idea of appearing on Teen Mom 2.

With rumors surfacing that Lopez may soon be added to the cast of this MTV reality show, we're here with some inside information on this exciting possibility.

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1. He's a Good Guy Again!

Chris lopez as dad
Lopez was slammed by Lowry as a "deadbeat" for awhile there, but he and his baby mama are on good terms again. He's out of the doghouse and, as you can see here, is spending a lot of time with son Lux.

2. And with Kailyn as Well

Kailyn and her family
Lopez and Lowry made headlines for celebrating their son's one-year old birthday together back in August.

3. What Does This Mean for His Future on MTV?

Chris lopez with baby lux
It would only be natural for Lopez to have a role on Teen Mom 2 in this case, right? If he's such a big part of Kailyn's life?

4. Jo Rivera Made Many Appearances

Kailyn lowry jo rivera image
Rivera is the father of Lowry's son, Isaac, and was a pretty big part of the show back in the day.

5. Then There's Javi Marroquin, Of Course

Javi marroquin and kailyn lowry kiss
Javi and Kailyn were married for about four years and share custody of son Lincoln. Marroquin still makes the occasional cameo on Teen Mom.

6. Heck, Lauren Comeau is Coming on Board!

Lauren comeau chills with javi
We just learned that Lauren Comeau, Marroquin's new girlfriend and second baby mama, will soon be on Teen Mom 2.
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