David Eason: Armed, Dangerous, and TRYING TO KILL JENELLE’S OTHER DOG?!?!

So in case you haven't been paying attention to celebrity gossip at all for the past week, you should know that David Eason is the absolute worst.

Well, we've known that for a while now, but seriously, it's bad this time.

It feels like all we've been hearing about lately has been the cruel, untimely death of poor little Nugget, a precious French bulldog puppy who was beaten and shot by David.

And if you feel the same way, well, sorry, because you're going to be hearing about it for a little while longer.

Because it looks like David hasn't got the dog murdering out of his system just yet ...

1. Here We Go Again ...

David kissing nugget
We have to know where we've been to know where we're going, right? That's a thing people say?

2. And So ...

David with nugget
If that's the case, then we should probably recount the facts real quick about Nugget's death.

3. Questionable

David eason and little ensley
Last Monday, Nugget allegedly bit Ensley, Jenelle and David's two-year-old daughter, and David thought that grabbing the dog, beating it, and shooting it with a shotgun was the right thing to do in this situation.

4. Nope

Ensley dog bite photo
This was clearly wrong -- as you can see from the photo he shared of Ensley's "injuries," Nugget didn't even break the skin, and the issue could have easily been resolved by training the dog, or teaching Ensley how to respect its space. They could have even re-homed it.

5. Alas

David easons new shirt
Instead, David allegedly beat the dog so much that when he came back inside from shooting it, he was "covered in blood." Jenelle herself confirmed that he hit the dog.

6. What Next?

Jenelle evans bikini and cowboy boots
As you can imagine, things quickly went downhill after that.
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