David Eason Reportedly Seeking Anger Management Program As Animal Cruelty Investigation Begins…

David Eason is reportedly searching for help… at least, that’s what sources say as the aftermath of his brutal killing of wife Jenelle Evans‘ dog wears off and he begins to realize exactly what he did.

The Teen Mom star’s husband is reportedly well aware of the fact that he has anger issues, according to a new report out Saturday morning in TMZ, and he’s intent on doing something about it now — before further problems ruin his marriage, and potentially, take away his freedom.

Though we were initially skeptical about whether Eason may face charges in the brutal death of Nugget, the French bulldog, media reports now content that he is officially under investigation in the incident. That, at least, is a welcome development in this disgusting case; but maybe Eason could help himself a bit along the way, too.

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Sources close to Eason now claim that the man is “on the hunt” (interesting choice of words…) for “a program or therapist to administer anger management.” The former reality TV star has apparently realized that he has temper problems (really?!) and he’s starting to become aware of how much of a strain it’s becoming on his marriage.

It’s not just about Jenelle, either — Eason apparently “truly understands” that his anger is a danger to his children, the rest of his family, and other friends and loved ones around him, too.

Now that he’s officially under investigation for animal cruelty, too, there’s a chance he could help himself with any future charges or prosecution by heading off some of the issues through an anger management program.

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Ironically, his temper was on fully display AGAIN on Friday outside a courthouse in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he threatened a reporter who asked him about Nugget. (Eason had been in court to pay back child support to an ex-girlfriend, where he allegedly had to pawn some personal items at the last minute to come up with the $5,187 he owed her.)

We’ll see if anything comes of this reported redemption story with anger management classes, or whatever, but it sure sounds like a convenient way for Eason to claim he’s been reformed after a brutal and unnecessary death of an innocent, tiny dog.

Here’s hoping serious consequences come from the animal cruelty investigation, because nobody should ever do to any dog anything like what it appears Eason did to Nugget! PERIOD!

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