Demi Moore’s Juicy Tell-All Did NOT Shake Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis’ ‘Strong Bond’!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis remain stronger than ever, and no juicy tell-all book is going to change that!

As we reported, the power couple were said to be having a “hard” time dealing with Demi Moore’s bombshell memoir Inside Out, in which she detailed allegations of cheating and threesomes during her eight-year union to The Ranch star. 

A source previously claimed all the “unwanted attention” had taken a bit of a toll on the couple, who were said to have “no interest in being dragged into the spotlight or reliving the past.”

But despite Demi’s shocking revelations — which include Ashton allegedly pushing the actress to break her sobriety after two decades because he apparently didn’t think alcoholism was “real” at the time — the couple’s relationship is rock solid.

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An entertainment source close to Kunis told People:

“Mila and Ashton are very much in love and have a strong and committed relationship. Neither is in favor of adverse publicity, but the book and Demi’s TV promotions didn’t do anything to shake their strong bond and love for each other and their children.”

We’d sure hope not!

Sure, Moore painted her ex-husband as a pretty huge douche canoe — but that was then! During their marriage, Kutch was a guy in his late 20s with questionable philosophies about love and addiction.

But now? He’s an empathetic father-of-two who exercises restraint when he wants to tweet something “snarky” about his ex. He’s come a long way, y’all!

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An industry source close to the 41-year-old said he has already moved on from the tell-all drama, dishing to the outlet:

“Ashton is not going to let someone else’s personal issues or remarks about him get in the way of his life. Ashton has enough on his plate. He has a great life now. That is what counts.”

Kutcher’s living his best life, and he wants everyone to know it!

Over the weekend, he and Kunis took their kiddos — daughter Wyatt, four, and son Dimitri, two — to Disneyland in Anaheim following the publishing of the memoir. Ashton shared a selfie of himself and his wife smiling at the happiest place on Earth, with the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background:

Sounds (and looks) like they are truly unbothered by Demi sharing her truth!

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