Diddy’s Surprising Reaction To Ex Cassie Getting Pregnant With New Man So Soon!

Everyone is congratulating Cassie on her pregnancy. And of course they are! It’s beautiful, wonderful news!

Unless you happen to be the guy she was dating just EIGHT MONTHS ago.

Yeah, for Sean “Diddy” Combs we’re thinking maybe the news is a little tougher to hear.

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Just last year Diddy was talking about wanting to have children with the singer himself! It’s not like he’s missing out on that aspect of his life completely — he has six yung’uns already — but still. They were together, off and on, for like a decade. And less than a year after they break up she’s pregnant with another man’s child?

A man who Diddy was paying no less!

From what we’ve heard, the All About The Benjamins rapper believes Cassie and her celebrity trainer boyfriend Alex Fine were getting together before they even broke up! And since Diddy was the one paying for the training at the time, that’s kind of a double betrayal.

So when Cassie made her happy announcement on Instagram Wednesday night, how did it make Diddy feel?

More betrayed? Regretful it wasn’t him?

Well, a lot can happen in eight months. Because according to a source close to Diddy, he actually is really happy for Cassie! The insider told E! News:

“Diddy wants happiness for Cassie and her new chapter. He wants to be neutral with her, and she will always have a place in his heart.”

Per the source, while he “didn’t think it would happen this fast,” Diddy ultimately “was not surprised” Cassie had gotten pregnant.

“Cassie always wanted to have kids, and adored Diddy’s children like they were her own.”

Hmm. Maybe Diddy was being less serious about wanting to have kids with Cassie than he implied.

In any case, it’s good to hear he’s so chill about the whole thing. Sounds like he really has changed!

According to the insider, it was one event in particular which changed how Diddy felt about his breakup:

“Diddy has changed his perspective on life since the passing of Kim Porter and truly wants everyone to be happy.”

Diddy and Kim Porter dated for most of the ’90s and 2000s. She was the mother of his children. Despite the fact they were no longer a couple, they were still close friends and coparents.

So when she died of pneumonia in November, he was completely devastated.

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Understandably, the 49-year-old’s priorities got rearranged by the sudden, shocking loss.

Maybe the more evolved Diddy can even be friends with Cassie and Alex?

What do YOU think of his response??

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