Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Slams Dad’s Dating Rumors: ‘Leave My Father Alone’

Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s daughter is doing whatever it takes to defend her dad, and we can’t blame her for this one!

Bonnie Chapman took to Instagram on Sunday night to debunk rumors about her father supposedly dating other women just weeks after the death of his beloved wife (and 20-year-old Bonnie’s mom), Beth Chapman.

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Things all started over the weekend, when paparazzi photogs spotted the reality TV star out for dinner in El Lay on Saturday night with an unknown woman. Rumors started flying around about how he was supposedly dating, and some fans started questioning how he could move forward like that so soon after Beth’s death.

Recognizing the whole thing as bulls**t, Bonnie opted to clear things up very quickly (and very forcefully!) with a series of posts on her Instagram Stories late Sunday night.

Debunking the rumors about the family’s patriarch supposedly “dating” again, she posted the following message, meant for the family’s fans and the media (below):

“Pissed on my father’s behalf that he can’t go on a business dinner without someone speculating he’s on a date. Leave our family alone please. Leave my father alone, let him try to continue our business in peace.”


And she quickly added a second message providing more specifics about the dinner itself, too (below):

“If you really wanna know who she is, she’s a member of our crew, and dad was out with 8 other people at that dinner.”

Well then! There’s your answer!

Knowing how much Dog loved Beth, we were super skeptical about the rumors about him moving on to begin with, but it’s nice hearing Bonnie clear it up, anyways. Obviously, the bounty hunter has made things abundantly clear recently about the hole left in his life after his beloved wife’s passing.

And we know he’s been struggling a lot in the last few weeks without her by his side, so it wouldn’t exactly make sense for him to be dating again so soon, anyways.

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Hell, Dog has even said he’s never going to date again — like, for the rest of his life — so no wonder the rumors this weekend didn’t seem to make any sense!

What do U think about this whole controversy, Perezcious readers?! Gotta give props to Bonnie here for shutting down the rumors so quickly and telling off the gossip machine, right??

Sound OFF with your opinion about it all in the comments (below)…

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