Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Mesmerizes The Internet With His Rugged AF Hands!

Stop what you’re doing and give Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s hand a hand!

The Jumanji: The Next Level star got Instagram’s attention this week when he posted an up-close-and-choke-us picture of his meaty mitt holding a comparably tiny lizard.

The WWE icon joked about eating the fun-sized reptile in his caption, writing:

Here’s the deal with these things. a) they’re very cute. c) they taste great. #lightsnack”


But followers weren’t very concerned with The Rock’s unconventional meal plan (save for TV adventurer Bear Grylls, who cheekily wrote: “Protein! 😉”) — most were too busy gawking at his massive paw!

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Fans wrote the following in the comments section:

“A slap in the face with that hand will format your memory.”

“Dat hand doe.”

All I see are some rugged ass hands! Do you lift? 😜”

“Hands made of steel”

Others jokingly dragged the 47-year-old for his weathered palms, writing:

“Your hands are gross”

“Rich as f**k but can’t buy lotion”


Meanwhile, many responders pointed out the Rock’s hands showed the years of hard work and dedication he’s put into himself and his prolific career.

These more supportive comments included: 

“Those are hands of a WORKING MAN, FATHER, and A BIG HEARTED SOUL….”

“Those are called hard working hands, much respect. 💕”

“Those are the hands of a man who knows how to work!! Grind on Rock.”

They ain’t wrong: DTRJ is always hustling.

Last month, he landed the top spot on Forbes‘ list of the highest-paid actors in 2019. According to the publication, the former pro wrestler raked in a whopping $89.4 million between June 1, 2018 and June 1, 2019.

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A large percentage of his earnings come from his HBO dramedy Ballers, for which Johnson earns $700,000 per episode. He’s also set to collect an upfront salary of up to $23.5 million for the next Jumanji film, which is scheduled to be released this December.

In 2018, The Rock revealed he inherited his determination and the “will to succeed” from his father, telling Esquire:

“My dad is the baddest of badasses – one of the most incredible human beings I know. He had a tough upbringing – and I mean real tough. His own father died when he was 13 years old, and just a few months later his mum moved her new boyfriend in. At Christmas that year the boyfriend got drunk and started acting up, so my Dad—who was still only 13 at the time—gave him a warning. Unfortunately, he didn’t listen, so, bang! my dad knocked him clean out. Long story short, the cops came and it resulted in him being homeless at just 13. So, yeah, he’s not a man you mess with.”

We’re sure the Rock Sr. couldn’t be prouder of the hands he helped raise!

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