Fantasy Author Sherrilyn Kenyon Alleges She Was Poisoned By Her Ex-Husband For Several Years!

This is wild!!!

Sherrilyn Kenyon, the author of the popular Dark-Hunters fantasy book series, just revealed in a January newsletter sent to her fans serious allegations that her now ex-husband had previously been poisoning her for YEARS!

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According to reports, police are apparently already investigating exactly what happened and who else may be involved with the poisoning.

Kenyon disclosed quite a bit of detail to her fans in the newsletter, writing (below):

“…it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses as I’m coping with the dissolution of my twenty-eight year marriage to a man I made the mistake of putting through law school by working three jobs so that he wouldn’t have to work any while he studied. A man who is now turning the skills I paid for against me as he ruthlessly lies about me and fights me for *MY* copyrights to characters, series and worlds that I had long before I ever met him (something he has admitted to on record time and again) and to books he knows he never helped to write or plot because he forbid me to even talk about my writing in front of him.

Books I finally sold after years of brutal rejections that you’ve all heard me talk about countless times in speeches, posts and workshops that he never refuted. Sales that came AFTER I was forced to steal a stamp from his wallet due to the fact that he was dead-set against my career choice because he had banned me from pursuing my dreams that I’ve had since my earliest childhood memories, another statement he never once denied.

Marriage should not give one person the right to steal a lifetime of work or the thoughts from another. Male or female. To lay claim to someone’s mind and to their creativity is wrong. Yet that is what he’s trying to do with the help of our court system. To enslave me to him for eternity so that he won’t have to work again for the rest of his life, even though he has a law degree I bought for him, and that he refuses to use, except to hurt me and our innocent children because he thinks he’s too good to work a job like the rest of us.”


She continues, speaking directly to the alleged poisoning (below):

“Again, as many of you know, one of the reasons I had to cut back on my appearances and stop doing my annual fan convention a couple of years ago was that out of the blue I was viciously and painfully struck down by a bevy of strange, inexplicable and baffling symptoms. This past spring and summer, after new rounds of testing, my doctor finally learned the cause of it all:

Someone close to me was tainting my food. And yes, you heard that correctly. I have now filed a lawsuit over that and other deliberate actions taken by my husband and his helpmates he paid for with my hard-earned money.

Rest assured, I am much better today as my symptoms have dramatically improved since this past March when it all came to light and the authorities were notified. Thankfully, I continue to get better every day. To grow stronger with my boys around me. But I and the authorities are still trying to determine who all had a hand in doing this to me as a number of people who handled my food then are all gone, and to find out what, if any damage might be permanent from what I unknowingly ingested while they were around. But as you can imagine, dealing with all this is quite time consuming, as is regaining my health.

And while I am laying rumors to rest, there are more being fueled that I wish to address that have been stirred by the woman my husband hired to be my children’s tutor whom he then moved into our home against my will while I was at the height of my mystery “illness.â€� Many of you know her as the two of them inserted her very rudely into my world that she was trying to take over even while I was fighting for my life and doing my best to expel her from it: Kerrie Ann Plump who posted as Millie or KAP on some of my social media sites.”

WTF?!?! Seriously, this is wild!!!

Read the rest of the drama in Kenyon’s newsletter, HERE.


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