Farrah Abraham Body-Shamed for Being Too Thin: Is She OK?!

Remember what Farrah Abraham looked like during her television debut on 16 and Pregnant?

Hint: she looked a whole lot different, and not just because it was filmed nearly a decade ago.

Nope, Farrah has grown to be a big fan of plastic surgery and popping needles into her body for various reasons.

But she's also gotten super, super skinny.

Like, this video is a little shocking ...

1. Oh, Farrah

Farrah abraham hears but does not listen
Farrah gets a lot of attention for the way she looks, right?

2. Wow

Farrah abraham young
That's because she used to look like this ...

3. Dang

Farrah abraham in white shirt
... And now she looks like this.

4. SUCH a Transformation

Farrah photo
She's gotten a lot of work done over the years, including a nose job and a chin implant, which she later had removed.

5. Right, Right

Farrah abrahams new boob surgery
She's also gotten three boob jobs. You know, like one does.

6. Classic

Farrah abraham lips
There's no telling how many times she's gotten lip injections.
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