Gigi Hadid & Tyler Cameron Spotted Together In Upstate New York — First Trip As A Couple?!

The couple that road trips together… stays together?!

Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron were spotted by some keen-eyed celeb watchers on Thursday in upstate New York, picking up a few iced coffee drinks at a Starbucks a couple hours north of the city. And since we can probably assume they didn’t drive an hour or two just to pick up coffee (um, we hope?), it sounds like the sexy two-some is now traveling together, too! Awww!

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Bachelor fan podcast appears to have been the first to post a blurry pic of the 24-year-old Hadid and her 26-year-old reality TV beau, shown lounging around at a Starbucks in Lake George — a small tourist town about four hours north of the Big Apple.

Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Already taking vacations together, indeed — or so it would seem!

But considering how often the Bachelorette runner-up and the super model have been spotted together down in NYC over the last few weeks, doesn’t this sort of feel like a natural, inevitable progression? Whether just a summer fling or something more serious, it makes sense these two have progressed on to the travel portion of whatever it is they’ve got going on. Enjoy some time away!

Hey, August is usually the time for celebs to lay low and relax in the sun, anyways, so have fun at the lake, y’all! Just make it back into the city before Labor Day… ya know, so Chris Harrison can end all the uncertainty and officially name Tyler as the next Bachelor like every woman in America (besides Gigi) wants! LOLz!!!

Meanwhile, On Insta…

Speaking of this six-pack sweetheart’s romantic engagements, here’s one little rumor we can snuff out in short order: aside from Hadid, Hannah Brown‘s reality runner-up is NOT simultaneously involved with Instagram influencer Violent Benson!

The 30-year-old online celeb made that fact very clear this week, taking to her IG Stories to dispel rumors about her alleged fling with the hunky male model.

Referencing a lunch she’d had with Cameron hours before he did his thing with Hannah Beast in that infamous evening tryst, the social media maven wrote (below):

“Love when things get taken out of context and quote things you never said! Glad Tyler and I got to have lunch, AS FRIENDS. He’s a great dude, nice friend and I wish him the best!!”

Well OK then! Bye bye, Benson… At least we can cross one girl off Tyler’s list of lovely ladies!

Where do you fall on all this budding love talk, Perezcious readers?? Also, Tyler & Gigi traveling together: big deal for the relationship, or just a low-key weekend out of the spotlight? How do you read this whole situation, y’all??

Share your opinions! We want to know what you think! Sound off in the comments (below)…

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