Hannah Brown Hasn’t Spoken To Tyler Cameron Since The Infamous Sleepover

Hannah Brown hasn’t been shy about her recent struggles after she walked away single from the most recent season of The Bachelorette — and the hits just keep on coming!

The likable southern belle appeared to have (finally) picked the right guy a couple weeks ago when, after dumping show winner (and huuuuuuge loserJed Wyatt, she had a sexy overnight date with runner-up Tyler Cameron. But the 26-year-old male model has since been spending pretty much every waking moment by Gigi Hadid‘s side, leaving Hannah Beast in the proverbial dust…

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Of course, Hannah Alabama is a former pageant queen, and she knows how to subdue stress with a smile — at least when it comes to being out in public. But still, she’s made it very clear she’s been struggling with some things behind the scenes, too!

On Monday night in an interview with Extra, the now-former reality TV leading lady dished all about her most recent letdowns — notably revealing she hasn’t even spoken to Tyler since their infamous night together! That’s not good!

The single 24-year-old explained more about the situation (below):

“I think he’s been so busy. I’ve been so busy. I’m focusing on what’s next for me and trying to get my bearings around this new city that I’m living in [Los Angeles]. I wish him well. And I know that he does the same for me.”

Yeah… so, “busy” is one way to put it. “Falling for Gigi Hadid” would be another. Just saying!!!

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Hannah is right about life changing quickly, though. It’s all a lot to take in, moving full-time to LA, and now being in the public spotlight after her well-received run on one of the country’s most popular reality TV shows.

The former dancer and pageant princess opened up about the associated struggle as she continues to grapple with her newfound fame, too (below):

“Oh, my life is completely changed. And with that comes struggle… I’ve had so many blessings too, but I’m a real human, and humans have real emotions and lots of different emotions, and still, people enjoy my journey. I enjoyed my journey, because I was real and true, and was honest. And I just want to continue to be that.”

Gotta hand it to her, y’all: even when Hannah Beast is losing, she stays winning! Publicly (and quickly) dump the trash-ass Bachelorette winner, then lose out on the runner-up to a super model, and yet there’s still something so likable about her! She’ll land on her feet!

Speaking of which, her new gig may be lining up as you read this! The sexy southerner played it coy during the same Extra interview when asked about a potential spot on Dancing with the Stars, as you can see (below):

Anything to keep moving forward in the entertainment industry, right?? Just keep puttin’ one foot in front of the other, girl… you’ll find your place!

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What do y’all think about Hannah B.’s recent setbacks and potential comebacks, Perezcious readers?! Did she miss a great opportunity with Tyler C.?? No shame in losing out to Gigi, though, right?? What about DWTS?!

Sound OFF about everything in the comment section (below)!!!

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