Heather Locklear Ordered To Serve 30 Days In Mental Health Facility

Heather Locklear is hopefully going to be getting the help she so desperately needs — and all without going to jail to do it.

On Friday, the actress officially pled guilty to eight misdemeanors, including six charges involving battery on a police officer or EMT, according to TMZ. But instead of being remanded to prison to deal with the aftermath, a helpful judge has ordered to go to a residential mental health facility for the next month.

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The judge in her case stayed Locklear’s potential 120-day jail sentence over the misdemeanors, instead ordering the film star to a 30-day mandatory stay in an unnamed residential mental health facility in the area. Now it’s not jail, which is a good thing for the star, but it is mandatory; if Locklear is for some reason unable or unwilling to finish out her 30 days there, she could face the full jail sentence immediately.

Per the judge, the star-crossed star must enroll in the treatment program by September 6, or else she loses out on the opportunity and could go straight to jail, as well. And in addition to the mental health stay, Locklear will be on three years of informal (so, unsupervised) probation. It’s relatively low-grade stuff, but just enough of a check right now to allow her to get back on track without things being too punitive. The judge also ordered her NOT to possess any weapons, non-prescribed medications, or alcohol, in case y’all were wondering…

Heather Locklear Arrested, Placed In Psych Hold
Heather has already been arrested twice in 2019. / (c) WENN/Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

Still, this whole thing is turning out to be a huge break for Heather; sources close to the struggling celeb reveal that she finally is willing to take responsibility for what she did, and face the consequences like an adult. Furthermore, those same sources claim she actually wants to get help this time around, “so she avoids such trouble in the future.” That’s great!!

Locklear has been arrested twice thus far this year, so it’s clear help was in order — and change ought to be met with open arms here. In addition, her past history fighting mental illness as well as some substance abuse issues really just brings to light how much of an endless struggle addiction can be. She’s had experience in mental health facilities before, too, at one point having been placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold during one particularly difficult and expressive bout with addiction and mental health issues.

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Let’s just hope this is the right time for Heather to get fully back on track, and get her life straightened out. She’ll likely be battling these demons and living one day at a time for the rest of her life from here, anyways, but it’s refreshing to see what appears to be a nice support system forming around the star, to give her a shot to make something of herself.

Here’s hoping Heather can straighten some things out in the next 30 days — and beyond!

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