Inside Karl Lagerfeld’s Ridiculous, Bougie AF Lifestyle!

Karl Lagerfeld is, truly, one of a kind!

In a recent, wide-ranging interview with The Cut, the Chanel and Fendi creative director opens up about his personal life… and it’s as fabulous and ridiculous as you would expect!

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How so?? Here are some of the highlights:

-Karl refuses to eat chicken or steak because he can “only eat what doesn’t look anymore like what it was when it was alive.”

-Because of the (above) fact, he “can only eat hamburgers.”

-The 85-year-old “read[s] every magazine and everything,” and says “there are very few people as informed as [he is].”

-Lagerfeld doesn’t have time for “the Internet” or “Facebook.”

-He also doesn’t know what Chanel’s Instagram looks like, or the fact that it has over 31 million followers.

-Karl has “never” voted.

-He is a “very bad driver” and caused “two accidents” because he “fell asleep.”

-The fashion designer also doesn’t “know how to cook” or “how to make a bed.”

But what’s the kicker??

He loves to fly private because his cat, Choupette, adores “private jets.” In fact, Lagerfeld hasn’t flown commercial in 20 years!

Karl explained:

“It’s awful these days, especially if you’re vaguely known, they photograph you with the iPhone and things like this. Oh, no, no, no.”

Despite his bougie AF lifestyle, he considers himself “working class,” adding that he “want[s] to work.”

Read his full Q&A HERE!

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