Jen Harley: Arrested! Again! WTH Happened Now?!?

Jen Harley is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The mother of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's cute daughter and the on-again/off-again/sometimes violent girlfriend of this Jersey Shore star was arrested early Thursday morning at her home in Las Vegas.

This should not come as stunning news to anyone who has been following Harley and/or her relationship with Ronnie.

The only real surprise here is that Harley didn't do anything new to allegedly break the law.

So, why was she taken into custody?

And what did Ronnie have to say about it?

Scroll down for the latest developments...

1. These Two Crazy Kids, Huh?

Jen and ronnie out and about
And we do mean CRAZY. Ronnie and Jen welcomed a daughter named Ariana in April of 2018. They seemed pretty happy together at the time.

2. But Just a Few Weeks Later?

Ronnie and jen in puerto rico
Wow. They engaged in one of the ugliest social media fights we've ever seen. Really. We're not exaggerating here.

3. How Bad Could It Have Been?

Jen offered followers some advice, for starters, telling folls not to try and turn a coke head into a responsible father.

4. And Then Ronnie Clapped Back as Follows:

See what we mean? Drugs and sex tapes have already been brought up.

5. Can't Turn a Hoe Into a Housewife

Ronnie fightpic
Again, we weren't kidding. These two got as personal as possible... mere weeks after becoming parents.

6. Yet, Somehow, It Got Worse

Ronnie ortiz magro accuses
A friend of Ronnie's at the time accused Jen of cheating and called her a "c-m dumpster," something Ronnie then shared with the world.
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