Jenelle Evans: Back with David Eason Just Days After He Murdered Her Dog?!

If you've been keeping up with all the news about Jenelle Evans and David Eason this week ...

Well, we don't really have to say "if," do we?

There really hasn't been a way to avoid it.

But just to be absolutely certain we're all on the same page, today we're going to be talking about the fact that David killed Jenelle's dog on Monday, and everything that's happened since.

And how it really, really looks like she's already made the choice to take divorce off the table.

1. Poor Nugget

Jenelle evans and nugget
On Monday, David beat and then shot Jenelle's dog, Nugget. We've heard so reports about all that went down, but let's start with the facts.

2. The "Proof"

Ensley dog bite photo
David said that he did it because Nugget bit Ensley, and he shared this photo as proof, but as we all can see, the dog didn't even break the skin.

3. Also This

Jenelle evans and david eason pic
Besides, even if the dog did bite the kid, there are many solutions that would be better than shooting it in the backyard. They could have re-homed it, they could have done some training, they could have taught their kids how to interact with animals.

4. Just Terrible

Jenelle evans and child
In texts with a friend that Jenelle shared, she said that David hit the dog before he shot it, and that he used a shotgun, which is just insane.

5. Now for the Reports

David easons new shirt
Reliable news sites have said that sources claim David viciously beat Nugget before getting the gun, and that when he came back inside he was "covered in blood."

6. Good

Jenelles chicks
Jenelle seemed absolutely devastated by the whole thing, and understandably so, and she's been making statements about how she's considering divorce.
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