Jenelle Evans: Co-Stars React to David Eason Dog Murder!

It's been one full week since David Eason killed his wife's dog.

Accounts vary with regard to the details, and new information is still rolling in every day.

David says he had no choice in the matter, as the dog presented a threat to his 2-year-old daughter Ensley.

Fans find that hard to believe, as the late Nugget was a 7-pound French bulldog with no history of aggressive behavior.

Now, Jenelle's Teen Mom colleagues are speaking out on the matter, and it seems they share in the public's disgust.

Take a look:

1. TV's LEAST Favorite Couple

Jenelle and david eason
Jenelle and David have never been fan favorites, but their reputations sank to new lows last week when the world learned of Eason's shocking act of violence.

2. The Backlash

Jenelle and david hiking
In the days since the public learned that David executed his wife's dog, seemingly without cause, Teen Mom 2 fans have demanded that Eason be imprisoned and that Jenelle be fired from the show.

3. Off the Hook?

Jenelle and david on the lot
David is currently under investigation, but authorities may be unable to act unless Jenelle presses charges -- which seems unlikely.

4. Back Together?

David and jenelle eason photo
Jenelle initially separated from David after the shooting, but now it looks as though the couple may be back together.

5. Speaking Out

David with nugget
And the people who have spent the past decade working with Jenelle are condemning David in the way that they probably hoped she would.

6. Nathan Is Worried

Nathan griffith jenelle evans selfie pic
Among those voicing concerns is Nathan Griffith, who told The Ashley's Reality Roundup, “I am very concerned for Kaiser and Jenelle. The day the story broke [on Tuesday], I was frantic."
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