Jenelle Evans Doxxes Animal Rights Activist; Could She Face Criminal Charges?

For months now, Jenelle Evans has been at war with animal rights activists.

The point of contention, of course, is that Jenelle allowed David Eason to shoot and kill her 11-pound French bulldog with a shotgun after determining that the animal prosed such a threat to the health and safety of his family that simply could not be permitted to live.

What a guy.

Jenelle has made every attempt to sweep the incident under the carpet, but fortunately, she's still being held accountable by people who still care about the violent death of poor Nugget, and who feel she's evaded justice far too many times.

Over the weekend, the situation got even uglier, as Evans violated the law and the rules of common decency as she went on the attack against a woman who's fighting for what's right.

Take a look:

1. Justice For Nugget

Jenelle evans and nugget
Back in April, life changed abruptly for Jenelle and her family, when David shot and killed Nugget during one of his infamous tantrums.

2. Bad Call

Jenelle evans is sad
Evans chose to stand by David after he shot her dog and traumatized her children, and the decision very nearly cost her everything.

3. Hard Times

Jenelle and david cuddles
The incident led MTV to fire Jenelle from Teen Mom 2, and it prompted a CPS investigation that cost her custody of her children.

4. Road to Redemption?

Jenelle in leggings
Evans has since regained custody of most of her kids, but clearly, she still feels that she shouldn't be forced to get a real job.

5. Good Luck With That

Jenelle evans in commercial
That's how we wound up with JE Cosmetics, the makeup line that Evans has been promising for years, and that's finally received a launch date now that Jenelle is desperate for cash.

6. The Problem

Jenelle is missing teeth
Of course, Evans remains one of the most widely-disliked reality stars in the history of the genre, which means she hasn't exactly built the most marketable brand for herself.
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