Jenelle Evans Gets Fired By Clothing Company, Goes Nuts on Instagram

Let this be a lesson to any companies considering endorsement deals with Jenelle Evans.

Not only is she not the kind of person you want representing your brand, when the whole thing inevitably goes south, she'll publicly trash talk you.

This is a lesson that the online clothing retailer PatPat learned the hard way this week.

They decided to give Jenelle some free clothes for her kids in exchange for a shout-out on social media.

Sounds simple enough, but this is Jenelle we're talking about -- which means the whole thing quickly backfired in spectacular fashion.

Take a look:

1. On Her Grind

Jenelle and ensley at disney
Jenelle is laser-focused on making money these days, and it's not hard to see why.

2. Land Troubles

Jenelle and david on the lot
Jenelle has three kids, two stepchildren, a sinking house, and an unemployed husband.

3. Supplementing Her Income

David eason and jenelle evans in love
Sure, she makes six figures from her role on Teen Mom 2, but in her current position $300,000 a year doesn't actually go that far.

4. Sponsored Content

Jenelle evans back on fit tea
The easiest way for pseudo-celebs like Jenelle to bring in some extra cash, of course, is by posting sponsored content on social media.

5. Making It Work

Jenelle evans photoshopped ad
There was a time when Jenelle was able to tame her more destructive impulses long enough to shill for waist trainers and weight loss teas, but those days are done.

6. The PatPat Disaster

Jenelle evans tongue
PatPat is an online clothing retailer, and the company made the mistake of thinking Jenelle would make a fine spokesperson.
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