Jenelle Evans: Getting Rich Off Hurricane Florence Devastation?

As you've no doubt heard by now, Hurricane Florence thrashed the Carolina coast over the weekend, claiming several lives and leaving utter devastation in its path.

As you may have also heard, Jenelle Evans decided not to evacuate ahead of the storm, despite the fact that local authorities implored everyone in her community to relocate to safer territory.

Because she's responsible for three young children, Jenelle was rightly chastised for this decision on social media.

And because her Russian roulette-like gamble didn't result in any deaths or serious injuries, she's currently doing a victory lap on Instagram.

Of course, this is Jenelle we're talking about, so that victory lap involves fake guns and blatant lies.

See what we mean in the gallery below ...

1. Hurricane Queen

Jenelle evans hearts hurricanes
She did it! Jenelle survived Hurricane Florence. So now, she can get back to doing what she does best -- being obnoxious on social media.

2. That'll Teach You to Be Compassionate!

Jenelle evans fake boobs
Jenelle went OFF on fans who dared to express their concerns for her family on social media. And now she's out to prove that not only did she survive, she did it with flair.

3. Saint Jenelle

Jenelle evans photoshopped ad
Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, have taken to social media claiming that they've set about cleaning up their community and helping their neighbors.

4. All Talk?

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
The only problem is, for all of David and Jenelle's talk about rescuing those in need, they don't seem to have actually done anything of value.

5. The Realization

Jenelle evans gaze
Jenelle was lucky in that her area wasn't hit terribly hard, but many in nearby towns experienced profound devastation.

6. Turns Out Hurricanes Are Serious

Turns out hurricanes are serious
Yes, eventually, even Jenelle came to realize that hurricanes are nothing to be trifled with. Ironically, she then began doling out safety tips, even though she had attacked others for doing the same just hours earlier.
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