Jenelle Evans: I Got PTSD From Almost Shooting That Guy, Dude!

This season of Teen Mom 2 has been one wild ride, huh?

Especially for Jenelle Evans.

She's always brought the drama to the show, but this season, she really outdid herself.

Her husband got himself fired after going on a homophobic rant, she likely scarred her son for life when she got a case of road rage so bad that she pulled a gun on some guy ...

There was a whole, whole lot of bad stuff.

And during her segment on the reunion special, Dr. Drew tried his best to discuss those things with her.

It didn't go great.

1. Oh, Jenelle ...

Jenelle evans and a green screen
Jenelle is a mess. An absolute mess. She always has been, we fear she always will be, and it's a weird, sad situation.

2. Totally Normal

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
In addition to being a mess, she's also becoming a co-dependent shut-in, it seems, because she's been refusing to attend any MTV events without her creeper husband, David Eason.

3. A Problem

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Except MTV fired David for being homophobic garbage, so that's not exactly in the cards.

4. Ugh

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
We'll get into all that, but the point is that David was fired and banned from filming but Jenelle can't go anywhere without him, so instead of flying out to film the reunion with the rest of the cast, Dr. Drew flew down to her swamp and spoke to her there.

5. Lots to Discuss

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Dr. Drew sure had plenty of topics to discuss with Jenelle, since the girl was such a disaster this season.

6. Classic

Jenelle evans best picture
And you know Jenelle had plenty of dumb things to say to Dr. Drew.
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