Jenelle Evans: I’ll Do ANYthing to Keep My Job!

Jenelle Evans is desperate.

She'll do anything. She'll go anywhere.

She just doesn't want to lose her job.

In the wake of David Eason killing his family's dog last week (a sentence we still can't believe we've been writing over and over), chatter of Evans getting fired from Teen Mom 2 has been more prominent than ever.

Here's the thing, though:

This chatter isn't really new.

Jenelle has been concerned about her job status for a very long time now, sources tell Radar Online, and has been pleading with producers to keep her around.

How so? What has she offered to do or way? And what does her future actually look like?

Scroll down for the answer:

1. What's been the issue here?

Jenelle evans sort of smirks
Eason was fired way back in early 2018 due to his many homophobic remarks. And he didn't exactly calm down or suddenly become sensitive to other people in the months since.

2. As a result?

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
MTV simply will not include Eason in any filming... which has been an ongoing problem for Evans because she's married to this loser and her screen time as been cut as a result.

3. She's therefore been left all alone

Jenelle evans in a hat
“No one was filming with Jenelle in North Carolina because they were too afraid of David,� a show source told Radar, meaning Evans hasn't had any real storylines of late.

4. And no interesting storylines are the kiss of death

Jenelle evans and child
Jenelle is well-versed enough in the ways of reality TV to realize she needs to do something in order to be kept around. She needs to help the show bring in ratings.

5. A solution!

Jenelle with briana
Evans "begged MTV to let her film with Briana again in Florida," Radar writes, explaining that Jenelle only really has one friend left on the program (Briana DeJesus) and maybe they could stir up some drama together. But "they shut her down," this same report adds.

6. Sorry, but not really sorry

Jenelle evans and nugget
“Jenelle was told that MTV would not pay for her to go to Florida and they weren’t filming her with Briana," the insider states.
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