Jenelle Evans: I’m Finally Launching My Makeup Line, Dude!

Well, let it not be said that we here at The Hollywood Gossip can't admit when we're wrong.

For years, Jenelle Evans has been talking about her makeup line, and for years, we've been saying it'll probably never happen.

Well, it looks like we were mistaken.

Multiple sources are now indicating that Evans and her team have selected a launch date for JE Cosmetics.

But will the products actually wind up in stores this time, or will this launch date quietly come and go, like so many others over the years?

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Finally

Jenelle takes a selfie
Yes, folks, it's all happening! Jenelle Evans is finally launching her makeup line! But some fans are still skeptical that the products will actually be made available to the public.

2. Looking Back

Jenelle in leggings
Jenelle, of course, has been teasing the release of her makeup line for YEARS now, and a pattern has emerged in her promotional efforts.

3. Makeup Shake-Ups

Jenelle is missing teeth
It goes something like this: Jenelle announces a vague launch schedule (a certain month or season); said month or season comes and goes; Jenelle never explains why the launch didn't happen.

4. But This Time ...

Jenelle is cut
This time, however, things are somewhat different, in that Jenelle has announced a specific date for the release of her long-, long-awaited makeup line.

5. Start Getting In Line Now!

Jenelle evans just chills
According to announcements made on her Instagram page and some event called Miami Swim Week, JE Cosmetics will be available for purchase on September 19!

6. Inauspicious Start

Jenelle site 6
Unfortunately, the launch is already off to a rocky start, as the announcement has been deleted from Jenelle's Instagram page.
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