Jenelle Evans: Is She Still In Love With Nathan Griffith?!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you're probably aware that the custody battle between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith seems to get uglier by the day.

And if you have even a cursory knowledge of how our legal system works, you also know that it would be wise of Jenelle to refrain from publicly commenting on her relationship with her ex until after the courts have had their say.

But for some reason, Mrs. Evans-Eason is chronically incapable of keeping her mouth shut on the topic of Nathan.

We're used to Jenelle making bad decisions, but the frequency with which she repeats this one idiotic choice borders on astonishing.

Some fans have concluded that Jenelle is "obsessed" with Nathan.

And others insist they know exactly why that is.

Check out the gallery below for some information that might help you to make sense of this baffling situation ...

1. Happier Times

Jenelle evans and nathan griffith photograph
Jenelle and Nathan's relationship may have been brief, but it yielded a child -- 4-year-old Kaiser -- which means these two are forever bound to one another.

2. Stuck In the Middle

Nathan and kaiser being tough
Sadly, young Kaiser has been caught in the middle of a custody battle that now ranks as one of the most bitter in Teen Mom history.

3. Airing Her Laundry

Jenelle evans photoshopped ad
Earlier this week, Jenelle publicly complained about Nathan yet again, this time alleging that he had skipped a scheduled visit with Kaiser.

4. The Right Move

Nathan griffith profile pic
Nathan is doing the smart thing in this situation by waiting until his day in court to hash things out with Jenelle. But hat doesn't mean the Carolina Hurricane isn't getting roasted on Twitter.

5. Ashley Steps In

Ashley lanhardt image
Nathan has been dating Ashley Lanhardt for over a year, and she happily stepped in to put Jenelle in her place this week.

6. What Really Happened

What really happened
"Tell him bc he’s always 'sick' u won’t let him see his daddy on his scheduled weekends," Ashley tweeted in response to Jenelle's claims.
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