Jenelle Evans: Sure, I Lost My Kids, But Life on The Land Is Still AWESOME!

In many cases, the ability to smile in the face of hardship is a valuable virtue.

But in some cases -- say, at a funeral, or when you've recently lost custody of your kids -- it pays to demonstrate appropriate solemnity.

That's why so many are side-eyeing the f--k out of Jenelle Evans this week.

As you've likely heard by now, Jenelle has lost custody of all of her kids following a CPS investigation.

It's a situation that would bring most parents to the brink of insanity -- but Jenelle seems happy and relaxed for, like, the first time ever.

Does she have the exact opposite of the appropriate emotional response in every situation?

It's certainly starting to look that way.

Check it out:

1. Country Gal

Jenelles chicks
Jenelle assumes a new personality with each new relationship, and ever since she began dating David Eason, she's devoted herself to creating a down-home farmer girl facade.

2. The Rebranding Process

Jenelle takes a selfie
Like just about every reality star these days, Jenelle is attempting to create her own lifestyle brand, and it's directly linked to "aw, shucks" homesteader image she adopted when she met David.

3. Priorities

Jenelle with ensley on instagram
While she should be laser-focused on getting her kids back, Jenelle is instead producing lengthy YouTube videos in which she shows off her farming skills and attempts to create the impression that she's already won her kids back.

4. Visual Torture

Jenelle evans homesteader
Evans' latest is over 21 minutes long (!!!) and it's mostly just shots of animals scored to some generic acoustic guitar music. Fortunately, Jenelle uploaded this preview to Instagram that pretty much tells you all you need to know.

5. You're Welcome

Look heres a goose
Being the martyrs that we are, we watched the whole damn thing in order to update to on the latest developments in Jenelle's tortured mind.

6. No Surprises

Jenelles chicken coop
Mostly, it's just Jenelle attempting to impress fans with her ability to raise chickens.
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