Jennifer Garner ‘Slowed Down’ Relationship With John Miller — Find Out Why!

They would never have worked out anyway. Their celeb couple name is “Jennifer.”

Yes, it looks like Jennifer Garner and John Miller aren’t going to be getting more serious over the holidays after all…

We can’t exactly call this yet another in the laundry list of celeb breakups we’ve seen this year since TECHNICALLY Jen wouldn’t even call him her “boyfriend.”

(That’s a red flag, guys!)

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So why has the relationship stalled? It’s partially down to the time she needs to be a coparent and responsible ex with Ben Affleck.

A source spilled to ET:

“Jen has slowed things down with John Miller since the word got out they were dating. Jen’s children, career and Ben are her main focus at the moment and she is not ready for anything too serious.”

“Slow things down” is totally code for ended, right? We mean, have YOU ever slowed things down and then got serious again? No way! It kills the momentum!

Inneresting how the public learning about it made it stop existing, too. It’s like a quantum courtship.

The insider continued:

“Privately, she has told friends she doesn’t want to be deeply committed at the moment. She wants to focus on family, career and getting Ben back on track. She enjoys her time with John but she has concerns of moving too quickly because she doesn’t want to be disappointed. Her friends are in full support of her stepping back a bit because they all know relationships take a lot of work and right now her plate is full.”


You know what? We’re just going to say it. She made the right call.


If you have to end a relationship because it feels like too much work, it wasn’t important enough to you to be in at all.

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