Jersey Shore Recap: Ready to Ruuuumble!


The gloves came off on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation this week -- but not between Ronnie Jen Harley for a change.

Instead, some loser/jerk/douchebag at a club insulted Deena, which brought the cast together in retribution against this loser/jerk/douchebag .

Where did things go from where? How ugly and/or violent did it get?

And do we have an update on Jen and Ronnie???

Scroll down to find out!

1. Keeping Things Chill

Keeping things chill
Deena Cortese was pregnant and back in town early in this episode. As a result, the ladies decided to do a low-key, "classy" wine night. What could go wrong from there, right?

2. No, He Didn't Mean Phat

No he didnt mean phat
Together, they drank, they ate "17 pounds of cheese. And they laughed. And they had a fun time overall. However, on their way out of the restaurant, some dude in white linen pants slammed as Deena fat.

3. Take It Away, JWOWW!

Take it away jwoww
"Oh, hell no!" Jenni told the camera. "You can come after me all day, but the moment you talk about my friends, game over. I will annihilate you."

4. What the Eff is Wrong with You?!?

What the eff is wrong with you
JWOWW then charged at the dude and asked him: "Were you just making fun of a pregnant girl?!" Without missing a beat, he replied, "I was. I did. I called her fat."

5. And Then It... Was... On!

And then it was on
BOOM! "You're a piece of shit! You're a f-cking bitch, bro!" she yelled in the loser's face. White Linen Pants Man called Jenni a bitch and suggested she should go party with him.

6. Wanna Get Whooped?!?

Jwoww lip injections
"You wanna get whooped by a f-ckin bitch?! This is what's wrong with America. Piece of shits like you going after pregnant girls," Jenni added before the girls managed to pull her away. "He's lucky that I'm full of brie and have Louboutins on." HA!
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