Jonathan Rivera: 90 Day Fiance Star Goes Instagram Official With New Girlfriend!

About a month ago, 90 Day Fiance alum Jonathan Rivera revealed his girlfriend to the world.

Well, he revealed that he had a girlfriend -- and that she was hot af. He kept her face hidden, almost to the point of absurdity.

This week, Jonathan is showing her off to the world, face included. They've gone Instagram official.

Jonathan Rivera

Jonathan has spent weeks building up hype for his new girlfriend.

An entire month ago, they were on a sexy, romantic cruise.

He didn't shy away from showing her bikini-clad skin or flaunting her curves.

But her face remained a mystery.

Now, the sometimes-literal mask comes off. Take a look:

Jonathan Rivera and WCW Girlfriend

Jonathan shared this photo on Wednesday, June 13.

"WCW," he tagged the photo, using a common acronym that means "Woman Crush Wednesday."

We can see why he's crushing hard on this gorgeous woman.

While her identity remains unknown, now that we've seen her face, it's only a matter of time before someone comes forward with a name.

And, if fans are lucky, she and Jonathan will be forthcoming about their relationship.

Jonathan Rivera Reveals His Girlfriend

Obviously, the two of them have made it clear that they both enjoy being beautiful people on a sexy cruise.

But fans want to know more about them.

How did the two of them meet?

Is she another gal from Lumberton, NC?

Or did Jonathan meet her while he was on vacation, like how he met his ex-wife, Fernanda Flores?

Jonathan Rivera new girlfriend glimpse - bikini bottom

For ages, rumors about Jonathan and Fernanda's split have claimed that he was cheating on them before their separation.

Specifically, rumors claimed that it was common knowledge in Lumberton that he was stepping out on her.

But Jonathan has made it clear that he never cheated on Fernanda.

And while there's no love lost between these exes anymore, Fernanda has not contradicted Jonathan's statement.

Not publicly, anyway. Who knows what either of them may be saying about the other behind closed doors.

Jonathan Rivera at the Beach

That's not to say that they haven't been taking shots at one another over social media.

Recently, Fernanda made a lot of claims about Jonathan, including that he's not actually as wealthy as he appears.

She says that he owes more than he actually makes in taxes (unless he got big into cryptocurrency, we're not sure how that went down).

Some assumed that Fernanda making these claims was brought on by jealousy after seeing Jonathan with his new lady love.

But Jonathan explained that he had just signed the divorce papers.

Which means that Fernanda was waiting until she knew that she was free to speak out.

Jonathan Rivera Celebrates

But they're both free of each other. Why do they keep speaking out?

Honestly, we think that this is because neither of them have sat down and told all, in an interview or an essay, to explain their breakup.

We have bits and pieces -- including claims that Fernanda wanted to live in a city while Jonathan preferred working in the town where he lives.

But with so much fan speculation, it's natural that they're both frustrated that they haven't told the "whole story," so fans don't know the truth.

We hope that they find a way to move on emotionally from their marriage, now that the paperwork is out of the way.

Congrats to Jonathan on his gorgeous new girlfriend!