Justin & Hailey Bieber STILL ‘Don’t Have A Wedding Date’ Set

Justin and Hailey Bieber STILL don’t have a date set for their wedding ceremony, and at this point we’re just not surprised!

While it’s been speculated on numerous occasions we’d be hearing wedding bells for Mr. and Mrs. Bieber as soon as next month, a ceremony has yet to be revealed, and it sounds like it’s still not top of mind for the young couple.

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A source spilled to Us Weekly:

“Justin and Hailey still don’t have a wedding date but they are starting to look at fall dates. … It will be very small.”

Not only that, but the insider also shared the love birds don’t have a location set either!

While we could ask what they’ve been doing over the past year since secretly tying the knot in a New York City courthouse last September, the pair have been open about dealing with mental health issues and anxiety as of late, so we can’t blame ’em for not having a party as their first priority.

Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin and cousin to Hailey, spilled to the publication earlier this month about what the young couple are REALLY like together:

“I think that they really complement each other. I think that they’ve really helped each other grow because before … they started off having a lot of growing to do. They were just not ready. They were really young and they had a lot of growing to do and a lot of life to experience, and I think they both now are experiencing things together and learning the ways of love and marriage — not that I know those ways.”


The 23-year-old continued, sharing:

“They’re really cool together and they are best friends.”

While Ireland isn’t “really doing much” to help Hailey with wedding planning, she’s open to assist:

“I am so happy for whatever they are deciding to do. I love Justin and I love Hailey. I love spending time with them. … She’s my little cousin, like my little baby, so I’m so excited to see her growth and her beautiful house that she’s living in. She’s full wife mode now, so I love it.”

While we’re excited to see Hailey walk down the aisle, we’re not holding out breath that it’s going down anytime soon.

Their one-year wedding anniversary will be here and gone before they even know it!

Now taking bets on the date from U, Perezcious readers! Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your thoughts!

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