Kailyn Lowry: Javi Marroquin Has Been Cheating on Lauren Comeau Since She Was Pregnant!

Last month, Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau broke up after he was caught cheating on her in the couple's Delaware home.

Adding insult to injury was the fact that Javi barely made an effort to conceal his infidelity, hooking up with his side-piece while Lauren was asleep upstairs.

But hey, at least he used to be more stealthy about his cheating!

At least that's the claim being made by Kailyn Lowry, who says that Javi has been hooking up with other women since the time when Lauren was pregnant with his baby.

We're guessing Comeau is starting to have some regrets about getting back together with Javi so soon!

Here's what happened:

1. Past and Present

Kailyn lowry lauren comeau split
If anyone can empathize with Lauren's plight, it's Kailyn. Lowry used to be married to Javi, and she says he cheated on her repeatedly over the course of their brief marriage.

2. Shady Baby Daddy

Lauren comeau with javi marroquin
Javi and Lauren welcomed a child back in November. Shortly thereafter, they got engaged and bought a house together.

3. Thrown Away

Javi and comeau
That all came tumbling down when Lauren opened her bathroom door and caught Javi hooking up with a woman who belongs to the gym that he owns.

4. What a Scene

Javi marroquin 911 call
To make matters worse, Javi and Lauren's house was full of guests at the time. The situation escalated so quickly that Marroquin wound up calling the police to have his sister removed from the premises.

5. Kail Gets the Call

Kailyn lowry and all kids
One person who wasn't on hand for this debacle was Kailyn, who was at home sleeping -- at least until her phone started to ring.

6. A Different Perspective

Kail lowry fashion
Kail opened up about the incident during a recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast -- and her commentary came as a major surprise to some fans.
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