Kailyn Lowry Speaks Out After Teen Mom 2 Reunion Fight: I Am DONE With This Show!

Well, another Teen Mom 2 reunion weekend is in the books.

And just like in years past, it seems that the event was pretty much a nightmare for everyone involved.

For starters, the taping took place on the heels of news that Jenelle Evans, had flown to New York for a meeting with MTV execs, a move that was taken by many as a sign that Evans will soon be returning to the show on a full-time basis.

That development might partially explain why Kailyn Lowry had such a horrendous time at the reunion.

But the Jenelle news was just one of many factors that led Lowry to swear off reunions for good, and the more we find out about this year's event, the more it sounds like the most bonkers taping to date.

Take a look at what Kail had to say on Twitter:

1. Kail Fail

Kailyn lowry style
We think it's safe to say that Kailyn Lowry didn't have a good time at this year's Teen Mom 2 reunion. In fact, she took to Twitter and promised fans that this was the last reunion she'll ever attend!

2. Speaking Out

Kailyn lowry of teen mom 2
Kail has long been critical of the reunion shows, but this time it seems she's really had it -- and we believe her when she says she won't be participating in next year's taping.

3. Just Say No

Kail reunion 4
“Say no to things that are not good for your mental health. I.e. teen mom reunions,” Kail began her post-show rant on Twitter.

4. Pure BS

Kail reunion 3
“Every year I say I’m not going,” she continued. “Every year I give in. This time I’ve reflected, accepted responsibility & wanted to do better. This year, I get dragged into bulls--t that has NOTHING to do with me.”

5. She Went There

Kail lowry fashion
From there, Kail bit the hand that feeds and lashed out at her bosses.

6. Not Holding Back

Kail reunion 2
“@MTV,” she tweeted, “stop putting girls who do not like each other on the same stage. Stop putting girls in a situation where ether feel like they need to prove themselves.”
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