Kailyn Lowry Talks Business, Desire to Punch Farrah Abraham

Kailyn Lowry is a fan-favorite in the Teen Mom franchise for a reason.

It's not just that she's real or that she's a little bit of a mess but manages to ace that whole co-parenting thing.

She's also a good person who's trying her best.

In a new interview with Too Fab, Kailyn is opening up about what inspired her business and expanding upon her future plans.

She also shares exactly why she's so eager to face Farrah Abraham in a fight.

1. First, Kailyn talks about her Pothead product line

Kailyn lowry looks pretty
"I wanted to get into hair products for a while but I wanted to differentiate my company from other products," Kail tells TooFab.

2. Then, she thought of a way to make it stand out

Lowry kail pic
"So," Kailyn explains. "Knowing some of the benefits of CBD oil, I thought merging the two was perfect."

3. Did she realize how many opportunities Teen Mom would bring her?

Kailyn lowry ad
"No!" Kail answers. "Even with the network and contacts I'll start doing something like writing or starting hair products and I'll think to myself, 'Will this actually happen?' It's all still so surreal to me."

4. She doesn't take it for granted

Kailyn lowry and her sons
"I'm so thankful," Kailyn says. "And hope the boys will benefit from it one day."

5. Is she planning any new business ventures?

Kailyn lowry burgundy bikini
"I think I'm set for now," Kail says. "I want to focus on growing my hair line and podcast."

6. How many years does she plan to say with Teen Mom?

Kailyn lowry supporting elephants
"I have as many years as it'll take me or until Pothead takes off," Kailyn replies with a wink.
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