Kailyn Lowry: Teen Mom is a Mess and It’s All MTV’s Fault!

If you keep up with Teen Mom news, then you know that the Teen Mom 2 reunion that was filmed over the weekend turned into an actual nightmare.

It was exceptionally messy, even by Teen Mom standards.

Our girl Kailyn Lowry was in the middle of it all, and so when she recorded her podcast for the week, of course she wanted to fill her listeners in.

Suffice it to say, she did not mince words (does she ever?) when it came to everything that happened on that stage (and behind the scenes).

Buckle your seatbelts, grab a hat and hold the hell onto it because the truth bombs are about to get dropped ... and the feelings, you guys.

All the feelings.

1. Goodness

Kailyn lowry looks sad
Yeah, so let's talk about that reunion, all right? Because from what we've heard so far, it sounds like it was an absolute disaster.

2. Hey, Jade!

Jade cline on the gram
The new girl on Teen Mom 2, Jade Cline, was originally on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, so MTV thought it would be cool to bring some of her old cast members to the reunion for, you know, reasons.

3. Uh Oh

Ashley jones on instagram
Except one of the Young and Pregnant girls, Ashley Jones, is not friendly with Jade, not one bit, and rumor has it that she's extra mad because she didn't get chosen to be on the much more popular Teen Mom 2 when Jenelle left.

4. Getting Physical

Ashley jones modeling
So during the Young and Pregnant segment, Ashley tried to start a big ol' fight, and she nearly succeeded -- while there wasn't an all-out brawl, security did have to storm the stage, and Ashley and her baby daddy had to be escorted out of the building altogether.

5. No Envy Here

Kailyn lowry style
And who happened to be in the middle of that big mess? Kailyn, of course! That's why she had so much to say about it on her podcast, because she was right there for the whole thing.

6. Beats Us Too!

Kailyn lowry chillin
As for why she was there in the first place, she explained "They have me with Jade onstage with the entire Young and Pregnant cast. And I’m like okay, why are we here? I don’t get it. There’s 7 of us on here. I have to physically like move my entire body to look down the entire couch at Nessa and Drew."
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