Kailyn Lowry: This is How MTV Did Me Dirty! [Exclusive]

Kailyn Lowry ... she's been through some stuff, to say the least.

Especially during her time on MTV.

Like, she kicked off her reality show career as a pregnant teenager living with her boyfriend and his family with no real family support of her own.

It's understandable that she's sometimes not handled her hardships in the best way, you know?

And that's why we're getting a brand new Teen Mom 2 special called Kailyn's Biggest Blow-Ups, to review all of her biggest outbursts, and to see Kailyn review them at the same time.

But in an exclusive interview, she reveals her issue with the special, and honestly, we wouldn't blame her for having a blow-up over this, too.

1. Rude!

Kailyn lowry at the vmas
OK, so tonight, MTV is airing a little special called Kailyn's Biggest Blow-Ups.

2. The Memories!

Kailyn lowry pose
The average Teen Mom 2 viewer could come up with a few on their own, right?

3. Such a Special Special!

Kailyn lowry on a set
But the magic is in the fact that in addition to seeing a compilation of those scenes, we'll also see Kailyn herself reacting to them and explaining them from her point of view.

4. Yes, Please!

Kailyn lowry supporting elephants
It should be pretty fun -- Teen Mom drama always is, right?

5. The Promo

Kailyn lowrys biggest blow ups teaser
To get an idea of what the special will be like, you can check out the promo here.

6. Thanks, Girl!

Kailyn lowry on season 8
You can see Kailyn giving tons of background information about the scenes featured, her classic "Hold my foot, Jo!" moment while giving birth to Isaac, and some other quick little clips of some of these blow-ups.
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