Kailyn Lowry to Fans: THIS Is How You Co-Parent With Your Exes!

Kailyn Lowry is a woman of many talents.

In addition to starring on one of TV's most successful reality shows, Kail is a bestselling author, a podcast host, and a popular social media figure.

But we're sure Kail considers raising three boys to be her most significant achievement.

And now, she's offering up some important advice on how to ensure that your kids have the best possible upbringing, particularly in situations in which their parents are no longer together.

Take a look:

1. Queen Mom

Kailyn lowry and her sons
Kail is one of the most highly-regarded moms in the Teen Mom franchise.

2. Making It Work

Kail and son
It hasn't always been easy, but Kail has managed to provide a stable home environment for her three boys despite some major hurdles.

3. A Complex Situation

Kailyn lowry and three sons family photo
Kail has three kids by three different baby daddies, which can create some major complications in her life.

4. Trolls Gonna Troll

Kail and isaac
Haters have attacked Kail for the fact that her kids all have different fathers, but to her credit, she's never let all that shaming get her down.

5. Taking a Toll

Kailyn lowry for good american
We're sure there are times when the negative comments have upset her, but she's never let the haters stop her from connecting with her fans.

6. Refreshingly Candid

Kail on teen mom 2
Instead, Kail has remained honest and forthcoming about the many challenges created by her arrangement.
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