Kaley Cuoco: I KNOW My Nipples Are Showing! Grow Up!

Kaley Cuoco posted a series of glimpses at her post-surgery workout on Instagram so that her fans could watch the progress that she makes with her recovery.

Unfortunately, some trolls with the emotional intelligence of a 12-year-old and the boundaries of a toddler decided to give her a hard time about her nipples being visible.

Kaley saw those comments and hit back. You can see her workout and her clapback below.

At the end of June, Kaley Cuoco was hospitalized for shoulder surgery just days after her wedding.. It wasn't the most romantic honeymoon in history.

To keep fans updated on her recovery, she decided to share a series of short videos of her workouts, which have been modified as she recovers from surgery.

Unfortunately, some commenters decided to troll her because they could see her nipples.

"Where’s your bra," one troll asked inappropriately.

Even worse, another commented: "I like your nipples."

Kaley Cuoco Hits Back on Instagram

Asoundingly, instead of ignoring or blocking these people, Kaley elected to respond.

"FYI because of my shoulder, I can only get certain bras over my head,” she wrote in the comments. “NOT THAT ITS ANYONES BUSINESS."

She's right -- whether they were lusting, body-shaming, or both, it's absolutely none of their business.

"Don’t be jealous," Kaley wrote in response to a now-deleted comment. "It's not flattering."

We can only guess as to what that person could have written.

Kaley Cuoco Post-Surgery Workout With Rope

In the series of three short videos, Kaley does a number of exercises.

The first is almost unimaginably simple -- she simply sits and stands repeatedly. That said, do it enough times, and your legs will feel how much work you're doing.

In the second, she uses her free hand to manipulate a thick rope. This allows her to exercise that one arm without straining herself in a way that might impact her shoulder's healing.

In the third, she appears to be doing resistance training, walking sideways. When she steps, her legs work.

When she moves farther from the wall, her entire body feels increased tension.

Kaley Cuoco Post-Surgery Resistance Workout

Paola's shoulder surgery was, at least, not emergency surgery.

She had planned it more than a year in advance.

Given the choice, she elected to get the surgery after her wedding. Better that than to possibly still be recovering when she walked down the aisle.

Her new husband, Karl Cook, was there to take care of her (and of the couple's many dogs) during her recovery.

She got to have her perfect wedding and fix her shoulder. That is what we call a win-win.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook, Hospital Honeymoon

It is terrible to see the level of harassment that female celebrities on Instagram can receive from countless trolls.

Some want nothing more than to elicit a reaction.

Others simply have no filter or impulse-control and just blurt out what thoughts enter their terrible minds.

The result is that some stars deactivate comments. Others ignore them.

Good for Kaley for standing up for herself. She did provide an honest explanation for why her nipples were visible, but she didn't owe that explanation to anyone.

Please comment like adults.