Katy Perry Spills All About Having A ‘Type’, Her Upcoming Wedding To Orlando Bloom, & More!

Katy Perry very much has a type, in case you haven’t noticed!

The pop superstar opened up about the type of man who tickles her fancy during a radio appearance on the UK’s Heart FM Friday. 

During the chat, the Small Talk singer also opened up about her upcoming wedding to Orlando Bloom, revealing she’s eager to get the ball rolling on their nuptials. She said of the couple’s wedding date:

“I mean tick tock, I hope sooner than later.” 

Katy noted she “can’t say” whether or not her wedding would take place in the UK, but she does hold the region — and the blokes it produces — in high regard.

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The 34-year-old went on to explain how, when it comes to dating, she’s usually drawn to an “English gentleman” — a not so surprising revelation given her current English gentleman of a fiancé and English gentleman of an ex-husband, Russell Brand.

She dished:

“I obviously have a type. I like English gentlemen. I think I like English gentlemen because of the kind of sarcastic, dark sense of humor. I like that they sound really eloquent. There’s more history in the U.K. than there is in America. They’ve got tradition. Actually they have more tradition and I like that. There’s tea time.”

We guess she made an exception for John Mayer? LOLz!

Perry’s love for England goes so deep, she revealed there was once a time she was considering moving there. But now with all that Brexit drama, she and Lando have apparently set their sights on another country.

She joked:

“[Moving to England] was a back-up plan for a minute and then… you know. So I guess we’re going to the Netherlands!” 

Go where the wind takes you, girl!

KP also discussed the recently surfaced photos of her being helped out of a boat by Bradley Cooper during a vacation she and Bloom took with the A Star Is Born actor and Oprah Winfrey. (What a group!)

Taking the embarrassing moment in stride, Perry reflected:

“It was bizarre, and I didn’t mean to basically starfish onto that boat, but I did. I’m not so graceful sometimes and I’m kind of OK with being an idiot sometimes and it comes out. It was definitely like, ‘Whoa, this is a moment!’”

The songstress will have more moments to come, as a source previously revealed she and her soon-to-be husband are “thinking about a destination wedding.” Watch out, Netherlands?

Watch a clip from Katy’s radio interview(below) for more tea!

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