Khloé Kardashian Reveals Where She Stands With Caitlyn Jenner & Reveals Her Thoughts On Sophia Hutchins!

Sounds like it’s all water under a bridge for Khloé Kardashian — at least as far as some of the rocky past times with Caitlyn Jenner are concerned!

And while True Thompson‘s mom isn’t exactly going so far as to be Caitlyn’s BFF right now, the pair seems to be on much better terms than they have been for the past few years, according to comments Khlo made this week on super-lawyer Laura Wasser‘s Divorce Sucks podcast.

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In an advance clip of the full podcast interview, first obtained by E! News, the 34-year-old new mother opens up about the rift that grew between the Kardashians and Caitlyn over the past couple years, after Jenner’s 2015 transition.

Khloé broke it down for Wasser, saying (below):

“I’m fine with Caitlyn. I saw Caitlyn recently, trying to think when, but yeah when I see Caitlyn it’s fine. I think we’ve really come a long way. It was a struggle for all of us … not because she was transitioning. I think from just how it was all handled. But I also think, when your emotions die down, you’re able to really look at everything and be like, ‘We’re all humans and we’re all trying to figure this out.�

Amen to that last part!!!

Khlo-money definitely seemed guarded through all that, but it’s a big step forward that maybe at least signals some kind of truce between the family and Caitlyn.

Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins have largely opted to keep a low profile recently. / (c) WENN

As you’ll recall, Jenner made major waves when her autobiography was released post-transition, in 2017, and some of the things she wrote about family life with Kris Jenner were not well-received by the girls.

Khloé expanded on that whole time period, too, telling Wasser (below):

“I can only imagine how difficult it had to be [for Caitlyn to open up about her transition], but information was withheld from us. We had to find out through either media channels or other things, and all our feelings were hurt. Now I think we’re all in a really good place, and we all just want everybody to just be happy with whoever they are.â€�

So, all’s well that ends well? Close enough? Great!

Remember, too — Caitlyn once revealed she went without speaking to Khloé for TWO YEARS at one point… and Khlo previously said Caitlyn would never be allowed to see True… so this is definitely progress!!!

Speaking of who people are — and who they’re with — Khlo also touched on Sophia Hutchins, Caitlyn’s young business parter and “friend”, telling Wasser she has met the transgender woman, adding (below):

“She’s really sweet — she’s younger, but she’s not bothering anyone. She’s super sweet.”

OK then!

What do U think about Khloé’s comments here about her relationship with Caitlyn, y’all?! Do you think Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West feel the same way as Khloé?? Sound OFF on everything in the comment section (below)…

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