Lamar Odom Gets Candid About His ‘Horrible Memory Loss’ & ‘Poo’-Like Balance From 2015 Overdose!

Lamar Odom is still feeling the effects of his near-fatal overdose.

In a new interview with People, the former NBA star opened up about the road to recovery he’s been on since he overdosed in a Las Vegas brothel in 2015. While he’s come a long way since his days in a hospital bed, where he remained on life support and was in a coma for nearly a week, he’s still far from a full physical recovery.

The most debilitating lasting repercussions of the overdose, the 39-year-old explained, involve his memory and balance — which he currently describes as “poo,â€� telling People:

“I have horrible memory loss. And my long-term memory was affected as well. Athletically, my balance is poo. I was shocked how weak my body became.�

These new revelations come as part of promotion for Odom’s new book, Darkness to Light, in which he chronicles his life of addiction and goes into detail on what he remembers about that fateful night at the Love Ranch.

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As he wrote in the book, Odom anticipated another retreat filled with beautiful women and mounds of drugs when he checked into the Sin City brothel on October 10. Due to an “unholy� combination of substances, however, he ended up on the floor of his room “dying.�  

In an excerpt of Darkness to Light, he wrote:

“I decided to spend the weekend of Oct. 10, 2015, at the Love Ranch, a brothel in Las Vegas. The number of days that blended into nights that I’ve spent with a beautiful woman and a mound of drugs … My getaway weekend would be no different… On Tuesday morning, I lay on the floor in my room at the Ranch, dying. My body was convulsing. The women who kept me company screamed and called 911. I was taken to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. There was an unholy concoction of cocaine, cognac and cannabis coursing through my veins. My heart stopped twice. I had twelve seizures and six strokes. My lungs collapsed and my kidneys ruptured. I was on life support. Everyone I’d ever loved was looking at me through bleary eyes.�

Odom told People he doesn’t remember much about the early days of his three-month stint in the hospital, aside from being absolutely terrified that he wouldn’t make it out alive:

“Waking up [on Oct. 16], I was pulling the tubes out of my throat. And I was trying to talk but I couldn’t get the words out. That was the scariest part. And not being able to walk. I’m a big athlete you know?�

But there’s one thing he can remember as clear as day: the undying support of his ex-wife Khloé Kardashian, who, as you may recall, immediately flew to Las Vegas when she heard the news, despite the fact that they were separated at the time and close to divorce finalization. 

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He wrote of his ex (while giving a shout out to good sis, Kim Kardashian West):

“Khloé never left my side. She didn’t shower for days. Kim’s resiliency was incredible too. They put chairs together for her to sleep across at night.�

Nowadays, the NBA champ is drug-free and grateful to be alive.

Although every day is still a struggle, Odom admits that the near death experience gave him a new outlook on life, telling People:

“[The overdose] made me realize I couldn’t live the way I’d been living. Life is too good.�

That’s the spirit! Keep fighting and keep living, Odie.

Darkness to Light hits shelves on May 28.

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