Larissa Lima: Did She Just Accuse Colt Johnson of Abuse?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Larissa Lima has been through so much during her relatively short time in the United States.

Now, she's sharing pieces of information with fans on social media -- passages about abuse.

Followers are alarmed and worried.

Is she just trying to educate fans about what she learned after her assault trial?

Or is Larissa exposing what really went down with Colt and why she's so, so grateful to be out of that toxic marraige.

Take a look and decide for yourself:

1. Larissa Lima posted a callout

Larissa and colt
At least, that's what it looks like to fans. You'll have to decide for yourself whether Larissa is just trying to educate her followers ... or inform them of what was happening behind closed doors.

2. Is this about Colt?

Larissa lima ig stories breaking the cycle of abuse
On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, Larissa shared snapshots of her pamphlet on breaking the cycles of abuse.

3. Control is a form of abuse

Larissa lima ig stories control as a form of abuse
Larissa drew the attention of fans to certain parts of the pamphlet. She didn't name her ex-husband, but to many, the implication seemed clear: she was calling out Colt for his behavior during their turbulent marriage.

4. She also editorialized

Larissa lima ig stories healthy communication self love
Larissa wrote about the importance of self-love over passages about healthy communication styles.

5. It's no secret that there was some unhealthy communication

Larissa lima says who is against the queen will die
In addition to loud verbal fights, Larissa and Colt both spoke unkindly to each other and seemed to disregard the other's feelings and dignity. Sometimes, viewers (yes, us included) gave Colt a pass on that because he spoke in a quieter voice.

6. She also clashed a lot with Debbie

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 larissa lima says colt should mediate
Debbie and Colt have a transparently dysfunctional relationship. Many believe that they are codependent. It was not surprising that she and Larissa argued, but the intensity of their animosity was a little alarming.
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