Little Life on the Prairie Recap: The Journey Begins…

With Little People, Big World currently on hiatus, TLC would like you to meet Nate and Lauren Webnar.

The parents of a four-year old daughter named Juniper, these are ex-urban dwellers who now reside in Chino Valley Arizona.

Nate is eager to attempt to live life as a farmer, while providing a simple life for his loved ones.

Little Life on the Prairie Cast

Both he and Lauren were born with achondroplasia dwarfism and, tragically, they've also lost two children after they had double-dominant syndrome.

"Fitting in perfectly with our network’s mission to celebrate families from all walks of life, TLC is proud to share this emotional journey,” Howard Lee, President and General Manager of TLC, said in a press release weeks ago, adding:

“Little Life on the Prairie follows a period of major transition for the endearing Webnar family, including extreme highs, lows and relatable moments that our viewers love to connect with most.

So now you're all caught up.

This brings up to Season 1 Episode 2, which aired on Monday evening and which focused on the couple's urge to have a second child.

They've decided to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) so they can select the genes for their baby.

Nate Webnar

"My IVF medications have arrived and it’s time to start my first injection," Lauren says at one point, explaining:

"In order to create a whole lot of eggs for the egg retrieval process, I have to pump my body full of hormones, which means I might be emotional, bloated, tired and can’t have any coffee to help with the caffeine headaches."

As anyone who has gone through this process can confirm, it is not an easy one.

It is expensive and stressful and, at times, dangerous.

With Nate nervous to give his wife her shot, Lauren gets impatient and actually takes the needle from her husband, sticking it into her own stomach while he cringes.

"Any little hiccup could mess up the entire process," she tells the camera.

"I might not have enough eggs for the retrieval, which means enough embryos to be genetically tested. It’s a big deal."

It's a very very big deal, but it's also one the couple thinks will be worthwhile.

"Our journey to grow our family has had a lot of heartbreak,” Nate added on air. “We pretty much sunk a majority of our life savings into this process to get a child to bring home."

such a cutie girl

Thankfully, Nate and Lauren do have one child already...

... and she is SO very cute!

On this episode, Juniper starts ballet, beyond excited to try on her shoes and tights.

Her parents are excited for her as well, but also afraid she'll be made fun of for her condition and that Juniper will soon have it tough because she doesn't know she has achondroplasia.

She doesn't know she will not grow up to be an average size person.

Little Life on the Prairie Picture

Nate remembers being pushed in the pool when he was little just because he was different.

Lauren admits that junior high was a challenge from on her.

Both come from families of big people and sort of had to adjust on their own as kids.

Fortunately for Juniper, she has a mother and a father who can relate to her situation and be there for her when she has questions or concerns.

On the way to ballet, Lauren is nervous, but Juniper is simply psyched -- and, in the end, all goes very well on her first day.

Little Life on the Prairie airs Mondays at 10/9c on TLC. Will you keep tuning infor it?