Lori Loughlin ‘Processing’ News Of Felicity Huffman’s Prison Sentence — Now She Knows ‘Her Only Move’

In case you hadn’t heard, Felicity Huffman became the first parent to get her sentence in the college admissions scandal.

The Desperate Housewives star, who plead guilty almost immediately, will serve just 14 days in prison, along with a $30k fine and 250 hours of community service.

All in all, it’s a very light sentence. Kind of makes ya wonder how Lori Loughlin is feeling right about now, huh?

Photo: Lori’s Daughter Is The Spitting Image Of Her ’80s Look

The Full House star chose to plead NOT GUILTY instead, and in doing so she and husband Mossimo Giannulli invoked the wrath of federal prosecutors — who tacked on a felony charge of money laundering to go along with the fraud indictment.

So how does she feel about Felicity’s fate? A source told People shortly after the news dropped:

“Lori is aware of Felicity’s sentence, and is processing what that means for her.”

And in a few short months, the system will be processing her

In all seriousness, does this change anything for Lori? Not really, according to the insider, who says:

“Her only move now is to take this to court and to prove that she is not guilty of what she’s charged with.”

If that’s her only move, it’s not a good one.

We’ve read over the indictment, and the government has a pretty rock solid case.

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They started by flipping William “Rick” Singer, the middleman who connected parents to school officials and funneled bribes through his phony charity. Rick then contacted everyone involved and got them to talk about what they did; in Lori and Mossimo’s case, he recorded them on the phone.

So what chance does she have?

“If she’s found guilty, she will go to jail; that is clear. And if another deal is offered to her, which I don’t think it will be, she will go to jail.”

That’s right.

The fact even Felicity got some prison time spells doom for Lori, who has to get the commensurate sentence of someone who fought the system every step of the way. After all, if she gets off nearly as easy as Felicity, why would anyone plead guilty??

Even if she had plead guilty when the feds first added money laundering, the minimum sentencing for the charges would have been two years. And she did not do that.

The insider says she’s going for the long shot, the one way to avoid any prison time at all:

“Her only chance of avoiding jail is to beat these charges. Lori is a smart woman; she understands that. She’s scared and upset, but she’s resolved to be strong and to fight this. She will do what she has to do to protect herself and her family.”

Again, we do not like her chances here. And if she fights it all out and fails, she’s looking at a 20 YEAR prison sentence now.

Oof. Why didn’t she just plead guilty from the start???

“She didn’t understand the entire nature of the charges against her, and she wasn’t even sure if or how she had broken the law. It was very early, and she didn’t have all the information that she has now. Based on what she understood at the time, she made the best choice for herself.”

Sorry, but they have her on tape discussing lying to the federal government and telling them it’s a charity donation — which she knows is not true.

You’re really going to tell us she slipped officials half a million bucks under the table, hid it in a fake charity, and didn’t realize that was a crime??

The source continues:

“Now there is no deal on the table, and she has to have faith that the courts and the prosecution will move fairly and not make an example out of her.”

You mean, by giving her the prison sentence allotted to the crime? That’s unfair, huh? Hell, even if she gets the minimum, you know they’re going to be crying foul and claim she’s only getting that treatment because she’s rich and famous.

And you know what? That’s total B.S. Because now her only shot is getting a jury of diehard Aunt Becky fans because goodness knows the evidence is not in her favor.

The insider concludes:

“This has been a rough day. Lori is going to move forward as best as she can, but now she has a little more clarity about what will happen next”

What do YOU think will happen to Aunt Becky??

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