Mackenzie McKee Now Thinks Her Husband is a "Horrible Person"

So much for an amicable split between Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee.

This past Friday, the new Teen Mom OG cast member announced she was leaving her husband, at least for the time being, amid rumors that he had cheated on her with possibly more than one woman.

When she confirmed this development on Instagram, however, Mackenzie did not really say anything negative about the father of her kids.

Fast forward about 24 hours, though, and McKee was penning a different tune.

What changed? And how did we end up here?

Scroll down for a runthrough of this romance, including an update on where it now stands:

1. Where Did Things Go Wrong?

Where did things go wrong
Let's start with where they went right: Mackenzie and Josh got married on August 17, 2013, having already welcomed a son named Gannon together.

2. The Family Then Expanded

The family then expanded
Gannon McKee was born -- via C-section -- on September 12, 2011. On February 7, 2014, Mackenzie gave birth to a girl named Jaxie Taylor; and on August 14, 2016, she gave birth to a baby boy named Broncs Weston.

3. Was Everything Smooth Sailing from There?

Mackenzie mckee josh
No. McKee admitted in an interview with Radar Online in March 2018 that she was hesitant to star in a one-off special about her life and had to talk to Josh about it first because "we were split up and seeing other people during Teen Mom 3.”

4. Really? That Sucks.

Mackenzie mckee looks sad
“It was honestly horrible," she said in this same interview, adding: “Then I had Broncs and it got even worse. He actually left and ended up filing for divorce. I think we were separated for two months.”

5. Whoa, Mac!

Mackenzie mckee and her family
"Since then we opened up our own businesses and we got a house that’s a very nice home for our kids,” she said, claiming things were now just fine between the pair before joking: “But we’re still a hot mess."

6. Guess It Wasn't a Joke, Though

Mackenzie mckee weight loss lollipop
Not entirely at least.
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