Mama June: Going to Prison for Drug Charges?!

Mama June done messed up.

Or, well, she's been messing up basically for her whole entire life, but this time she messed up. Badly.

We're talking really, really badly. Like so badly that the unlikely reality star could be going to prison.

And honestly? It would probably be for the best at this point, given the controversy surrounding her.

We'll get into that - she's been indicted on freakin' federal charges - but to kick things off, just know that ol' June Shannon has definitely seen better days ... to say the absolute least.

1. Bad Times

June shannon looks odd
June ... well, June isn't exactly having a good time right now.

2. Well ...

June shannon at the growing up hip hop atlanta premiere
And that's because June is a drug addict who makes unbelievably terrible choices.

3. Memories

June shannon on anderson
The bad choices thing has been happening for a long time -- remember when she dated that guy who had just gotten out of prison for molesting her own daughter?

4. This Guy

Geno doak at lunch
But the drugs seem to be a relatively new addition, all thanks to her gross boyfriend, Geno Doak.

5. Ugh

Geno doak with mama
Yep, Geno only came into the picture at the beginning of last year, and before that, June had been working on her new body and having a fun time with her daughters while doing it.

6. Sad

Alana thompson in pink
Now, her daughters want nothing to do with her -- but more on that in a minute.
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